sq < infile > outfile

       unsq < infile > outfile

       sq compresses a sorted list of words (a dictionary).  For example:
              sort -u /usr/share/dict/words | sq | gzip -9 > words.sq.gz
       will compress dict by about a factor of 5.

       unsq uncompress the output of sq.  For example:
              gunzip < words.sq.gz | unsq | sort -f -o words
       will uncompress a dictionary compressed with sq.

       The squeezing is achieved by eliminating common prefixes, and replacing
       them with a single character which encodes  the  number  of  characters
       shared with the preceding word.  The prefix size is encoded as a single
       printable character: 0-9 represent 0-9, A-Z represent  10-35,  and  a-z
       represent 36-61.

       sq  and  unsq can only handle words of up to 256 characters.  The input
       must be sorted, and duplicates must be suppressed.

       Mike Wexler

       compress(1), sort(1).

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