ubuntu-advantage <command> [parameters]

       This tool is used to enable or disable specific Ubuntu Advantage offer-
       ings  from  Canonical.  The  available  modules  and their commands are
       described below.  It must be run with root privileges.

       status Show the status of Ubuntu Advantage offerings.

ESM (Extended Security Maintenance)
       Ubuntu     Extended     Security     Maintenance      archive.      See
       https://ubuntu.com/esm for more information.

       enable-esm token
              Enable  the  ESM  repository.  The token argument must be in the
              form "user:password".

              Disable the ESM repository.

Livepatch (Canonical Livepatch Service)
       Managed   live   kernel   patching.   For   more   information,   visit

       enable-livepatch <token>
              Enable  the Livepatch service. The token can be obtained by vis-
              iting https://ubuntu.com/livepatch

       disable-livepatch [-r]
              Disable the Livepatch service. If the -r option  is  given,  the
              canonical-livepatch  snap  will  be  removed after the sevice is

FIPS (Canonical FIPS 140-2 certified modules)
       Install, Configure, and Enable FIPS 140-2 certified modules.

       enable-fips token
              Enable the FIPS PPA repository, install the FIPS  modules,  con-
              figure  the bootloader and enable fips on the system. After suc-
              cessfully executing the ubuntu-advantage script to enable  fips,
              the  system MUST be rebooted to complete the enablement process.
              Failing to reboot will result  in  the  system  not  being  fips
              enabled.   The  token  argument  must be in the form "user:pass-

              The following FIPS certified modules will be installed  and  put
              in   fips   mode;  openssh-server,  openssh-client,  strongswan,
              openssl, and the kernel cryptoapi.

       0      Command succeded

       1      Invalid command or option

       If apt commands run by the tool fail,  the  exit  status  from  apt  is

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