This  manual page explains how you can use the tzselect utility to view
       the installed timezone. It comes handy when you want to know what  time
       it is in other countries, or if you just wonder what timezones exist.

       tzselect  is  called  without any parameters from the shell. It shows a
       list of about one dozen geographic areas one can roughly  recognize  as
       continents. After choosing a geographic area by number, a list of coun-
       tries and cities in this area will be shown.

       You can press the Enter key to reprint the list. To choose a  timezone,
       just  press  the number left to it.  If your input is invalid, the list
       will be reprinted.

       You may press Ctrl-C to interrupt the script at any time.

       Note that tzselect will not actually change the timezone for  you.  Use
       'dpkg-reconfigure tzdata' to achieve this.



       Copyright 1998 Marcus Brinkmann <>

       Please see nroff source for legal notice.

Debian                           12 June 1998                      TZSELECT(1)
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