TTFDUMP(1)                  General Commands Manual                 TTFDUMP(1)

       ttfdump - Dumping the contents of a TrueType Font file

       ttfdump  [-h] [-t tablename] [-g glyphnumber] [-c collection] [-o dump-
       file] [-i] ttfile

       ttfdump dumps the contents of a TrueType font file in  ASCII  form.   A
       TrueType  font  file  is  consist  of  various  tables. Those table are
       divided into two categories -  Required  Tables  and  Optional  Tables.
       Mulitiple TrueType fonts can be merged to a TrueType Collection.

       -h     Print a help message on standard output and exit.

       -t tablename
              If  this  option  is  specified then dump the table "tablename",
              otherwise dump every tables in ttfile.  Tablename can be one  of
              the following:

              Required Tables

              cmap   character to glyph mapping table

              glyf   glyph data

              head   font header

              hhea   horizontal header

              hmtx   horizontal metrics

              loca   index to location

              maxp   maximum profile

              name   naming table

              post   PostScript information

              OS/2   OS/2 and windows specific metrics

              Optional Tables

              cvt    control value table

              fpgm   font program; not implemented yet.

              gasp   grid-fitting and scan conversion procedure (grayscale)

              hdmx   horizontal device metrics

              kern   kerning table

              LTSH   Linear threshold table

              prep   CVT program; not implemented yet

              PCLT   PCL5 table

              VDMX   Vertical Device Metrics table

              vhea   vertical metrics header

              vmtx   vertical metrics

              Additional OpenType Tables

              GPOS   glyph positioning table

              GSUB   glyph substitution table

       -g glyphnumber
              If  this  option  is  specified  then  dump the glyph with index
              glyphnumber, otherwise dump all glyphs in ttfile.

       -c collection
              Select a TrueType font in a TrueType Collection.

       -o dumpfile
              Output of the dump. If this option is  not  specified,  dump  to

       -i ttfile
              TrueType font file to be dumped.

       To dump all information in the TrueType font file times.ttf:
              ttfdump times.ttf

       To dump the required table cmap in the file:
              ttfdump -t cmap times.ttf

       To dump a single glyph with index 50:
              ttfdump -g 50 times.ttf

       TrueType  1.0 Font Files,  Technical Specification Revision 1.66 Novem-
       ber 1995

       Instruction disassembler in not implemented.

       Li-Da Lho,

ILX Project                    14 November 2011                     TTFDUMP(1)
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