ttf2afm [OPTIONS] FONTFILE

       ttf2afm is used to generate Adobe Font Metrics (AFM) files for TrueType
       (TTF) fonts to allow them to be used with TeX.

       ttf2afm takes the name of a TrueType font file as a required  argument.
       It may also take one or more options from the list below (-i and -u are
       mutually exclusive).

       -i     force printing glyph names in form `index'decnum

       -u     force printing glyph names in form `uni'hexnum

       -c name
              write encoding tables to file name.eMN, where M is the  platform
              ID and N is the encoding ID

       -v     print program version

       -e enc encode AFM output using encoding vector from enc

       -o outfile
              output to file outfile instead of standard output

       -m num

       Platform numbers can be one of

       0      Apple Unicode

       1      Macintosh

       2      ISO

       3      Microsoft

       Encodings can be

       0      Roman (if platform is Macintosh)

       0      Symbol (if platform is Microsoft)

       1      Unicode (if platform is Microsoft)

       afm2tfm(1),   afm2pl(1).   FontForge  (   LCDF
       TypeTools (  A closer look at TrueType fonts and  pdf-
       TeX, Han The Thanh (

       Send bug reports to <> (public mailing list).
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