TRANSITION-CHECK(1)                                        TRANSITION-CHECK(1)

       transition-check - check a package list for involvement in transitions

       transition-check --help|--version

       transition-check [-f|--filename=FILENAME] [source package list]

       transition-check checks whether any of the listed source packages are
       involved in a transition for which uploads to unstable are currently

       If neither a filename nor a list of packages is supplied, transition-
       check will use the source package name from debian/control.

       -f, --filename=filename
           Read a source package name from filename, which should be a Debian
           package control file or .changes file, and add that package to the
           list of packages to check.

       The exit status indicates whether any of the packages examined were
       found to be involved in a transition.

       0   Either --help or --version was used, or none of the packages
           examined was involved in a transition.

       1   At least one package examined is involved in a current transition.

       This code is copyright by Adam D. Barratt <>,
       all rights reserved.

       This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  You are free to
       redistribute this code under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License, version 2 or later.

       Adam D. Barratt <>

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