TIDY_CHANGELOG(1p)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   TIDY_CHANGELOG(1p)

       tidy_changelog - command-line tool for CPAN::Changes

           $ tidy_changelog Changelog

       Takes a changelog file, parse it using CPAN::Changes and prints out the
       resulting output.  If a file is not given, the program will see if
       there is one file in the current directory beginning by 'change' (case-
       insensitive) and, if so, assume it to be the changelog.

       If provided, assumes that there is a placeholder header for an upcoming
       next release. The placeholder token is given via --token.

       Regular expression to use to detect the token for an upcoming release
       if --next is used. If not explicitly given, defaults to

       If given, only print out the release header lines, without any of the

       Prints the releases in reverse order (from the oldest to latest).

       Only check if the changelog is formatted properly using the
       changes_file_ok function of Test::CPAN::Changes.

       This help

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