SVNWRAP(1)                  General Commands Manual                 SVNWRAP(1)

       svnwrap - Umask wrapper for subversion client commands

       svnwrap {program} [args...]

       svnwrap  is  a  simple  shell script to work around permission problems
       when sharing Subversion  repositories  between  multiple  local  users.
       svnwrap can be used either by specifying a particular subversion client
       command on the command line, or by invoking it by the same name as  the
       desired client command, via a symlink.

       svnwrap sets the umask to 002, then launches the appropriate subversion
       client command.  For complicated reasons, this is needed when using the
       clients with BDB-format repositories, but not for FSFS-format ones.

       To  create  a  new  BDB-format shared repository (note that FSFS-format
       shared repositories should also be created this way):

       svnwrap svnadmin create --fs-type=bdb /path/to/repo
       chgrp -R shared_group /path/to/repo

       The following line in /etc/inetd.conf can be used to serve svn:// URLs:

       svn stream tcp nowait             my_svn_user             /usr/bin/svn-
       wrap svnserve svnserve -i -r /srv/svn

       The  following  commands  enable  use of svnwrap for local file:/// and
       remote svn+ssh:// URLs:

       ln -s /usr/bin/svnwrap /usr/local/bin/svn
       ln -s /usr/bin/svnwrap /usr/local/bin/svnserve

       svn is used for local file:/// URLs, and svnserve is invoked by  remote
       users of svn+ssh:// URLs.

       If  you symlink the svn binary to svnwrap, as shown in one of the exam-
       ples, all local users' working copies will also use the new umask.   Be
       sure  to  warn your users about this, as security-related surprises are
       rarely pleasant.

       svnserve(8), svn(1), svnlook(1).

       svnwrap and this manual were written by Peter Samuelson for the  Debian
       Project (but may be used by others).

                                  2006-04-21                        SVNWRAP(1)
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