SUSPICIOUS-SOURCE(1)        General Commands Manual       SUSPICIOUS-SOURCE(1)

       suspicious-source  - search for files that are not the GPL's "preferred
       form of modification"

       suspicious-source [options]

       suspicious-source is a script that outputs a list of  files  which  are
       not  common  source  files.  This should be run in the root of a source
       tree to find files which might not be the "preferred form of  modifica-
       tion" that the GPL and other licenses require.

       The  files  inside  version  control  system directories (like .bzr/ or
       CVS/) are not considered.

       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -v, --verbose
              Print more information.

       -d directory, --directory=directory
              Check the files in the specified directory instead of  the  cur-
              rent directory.

       -m mimetype, --mimetype=mimetype
              Add mimetype to list of white-listed MIME types.

       -e extension, --extension=extension
              Add extension to list of white-listed extensions.

       suspicious-source  and this manpage have been written by Benjamin Drung

       Both are released under the ISC license.

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