./sqlt-graph -d|--db|-f|--from=db_parser [options] schema.sql


           -l|--layout        Layout schema for GraphViz
                              ("dot," "neato," "twopi"; default "dot")
           -n|--node-shape    Shape of the nodes ("record," "plaintext,"
                              "ellipse," "circle," "egg," "triangle," "box,"
                              "diamond," "trapezium," "parallelogram," "house,"
                              "hexagon," "octagon," default "record")
           -o|--output        Output file name (default STDOUT)
           -t|--output-type   Output file type ("canon", "text," "ps," "hpgl,"
                              "pcl," "mif," "pic," "gd," "gd2," "gif," "jpeg,"
                              "png," "wbmp," "cmap," "ismap," "imap," "vrml,"
                              "vtx," "mp," "fig," "svg," "plain," default "png")
           -c|--color         Add colors
           --cluster          Cluster tables
           --no-fields        Don't show field names
           --height           Image height (in inches, default "11",
                              set to "0" to undefine)
           --width            Image width (in inches, default "8.5",
                              set to "0" to undefine)
           --fontsize         custom font size for node and edge labels
           --fontname         name of custom font (or full path to font file) for
                              node, edge, and graph labels
           --nodeattr         attribute name and value (in key=val syntax) for
                              nodes; this option may be repeated to specify
                              multiple node attributes
           --edgeattr         same as --nodeattr, but for edge attributes
           --graphattr        same as --nodeattr, but for graph attributes
           --natural-join     Perform natural joins
           --natural-join-pk  Perform natural joins from primary keys only
           --show-datatypes   Show datatype of each field
           --show-sizes       Show column sizes for VARCHAR and CHAR fields
           --show-constraints Show list of constraints for each field
           -s|--skip          Fields to skip in natural joins
           --skip-tables      Comma-separated list of table names to exclude
           --skip-tables-like Comma-separated list of regexen to exclude tables
           --debug            Print debugging information
           --trace            Print parser trace info

       This script will create a graph of your schema.  Only the database
       driver argument (for SQL::Translator) is required.  If no output file
       name is given, then image will be printed to STDOUT, so you should
       redirect the output into a file.

       The default action is to assume the presence of foreign key
       relationships defined via "REFERNCES" or "FOREIGN KEY" constraints on
       the tables.  If you are parsing the schema of a file that does not have
       these, you will find the natural join options helpful.  With natural
       joins, like-named fields will be considered foreign keys.  This can
       prove too permissive, however, as you probably don't want a field
       called "name" to be considered a foreign key, so you could include it
       clustering tables is:


       Ken Youens-Clark <kclark@cpan.org>.

       perl, SQL::Translator.

perl v5.20.2                      2014-11-24                    SQLT-GRAPH(1p)
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