SMEW(1)                     General Commands Manual                    SMEW(1)

       smew - search related messages from Mew's database file

       smew myid [mydb [mydir]]

       The  smew  utility searches related messages from a Message-ID database
       file with SQLite 3 for Mew.

       myid is a Message-ID of the message to search.

       mydb is a database file name.  (default: "~/Mail/id.db")

       mydir is a directory part of the message in  the  database.  Note  that
       messages  are  contained  as a relative path from "~/Mail". If multiple
       messages are found by myid , the first found one is preferred. However,
       the message whose directory is mydir is preferred to the first one.

       The options are as follows:

       -c      Search a parent message only.

       -p      Search a child message only.

                               February 17, 2008                       SMEW(1)
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