SMBINFO(1)                                                          SMBINFO(1)

       smbinfo - Userspace helper to display SMB-specific file information for
       the Linux SMB client file system (CIFS)

          smbinfo [-v] [-h] [-V] {command} {file system object}

       This tool is part of the cifs-utils suite.

       smbinfo is a userspace helper program for the  Linux  SMB  client  file
       system (CIFS). It is intended to display SMB-specific file informations
       such as Security Descriptors and Quota.

       This tool works by making an CIFS_QUERY_INFO IOCTL call  to  the  Linux
       SMB  client  which  in turn issues a SMB Query Info request and returns
       the result. This differs  from  getcifsacl  which  uses  extended  file

       -v     Print version number and exit.

       -V     Verbose output.

       -h     Print help explaining the command line options.

       fileaccessinfo: Prints the FileAccessInformation class

       filealigninfo: Prints the FileAlignmentInformation class

       fileallinfo: Prints the FileAllInformation class

       filebasicinfo: Prints the FileBasicInformation class

       fileeainfo: Prints the FileEaInformation class

       filefsfullsizeinfo: Prints the FileFsFullSizeInformation class

       fileinternalinfo: Prints the FileInternalInformation class

       filemodeinfo: Prints the FileModeInformation class

       filepositioninfo: Prints the FilePositionInformation class

       filestandardinfo: Prints the FileStandardInformation class

       fsctl-getobjid: Prints the ObjectID

       getcompression: Prints the compression setting for the file.

       setcompression  -c <no|default|lznt1>: Sets the compression setting for
       the file.

       list-snapshots: Lists the previous versions of the  volume  that  backs
       this file

       quota: Print the quota for the volume in the form - SID Length - Change
       Time - Quota Used - Quota Threshold - Quota Limit - SID

       secdesc: Print the security descriptor in the form - Revision - Control
       - Owner SID - Group SID - ACL - File types - File flags

       keys:  Dump session id, encryption keys and decryption keys so that the
       SMB3 traffic of this mount can be decryped e.g. via wireshark (requires

       Kernel support for smbinfo utilities requires the CIFS_QUERY_INFO IOCTL
       which was initially introduced in the 4.20 kernel and  is  only  imple-
       mented  for  mount  points  using SMB2 or above (see mount.cifs(8) vers

       mount.cifs(8), getcifsacl(1)

       Ronnie Sahlberg wrote the smbinfo program.

       The Linux CIFS Mailing list is the preferred  place  to  ask  questions
       regarding these programs.

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