shtool arx [-t|--trace] [-C|--command cmd] op archive file [file ...]

       shtool arx is a wrapper around the archiving tool ar(1). It provides
       the ability to create archives out of existing archives, i.e., if one
       of file matches ""*.a"", the archive member files of file are used
       instead of file itself.

       The trick of this command is the automatic handling of archive members
       which is especially interesting if one wants to construct a (usually
       top-level) library archive out of pre-built sub-library archives
       (usually staying inside subdirs) in a large source tree. For GNU
       libtool based projects, a similar functionality is provided by GNU
       libtool internally, too.

       The following command line options are available.

       -t, --trace
           Shows the actually involved shell commands.

       -C, --command cmd
           Set the used ar(1) command to cmd instead of just "ar" (searched in

        #   Makefile
        OBJS=foo.o bar.o
        LIBS=baz/libbaz.a quux/libquux.a
        libfoo.a: $(OBJS) $(LIBS)
            shtool arx -C $(AR) rc libfoo.a $(OBJS) $(LIBS)
            $(RANLIB) libfoo.a

       The GNU shtool arx command was originally written by Ralf S.
       Engelschall <> in 1999 for GNU shtool. It was
       prompted by need to build libraries out of sub-libraries inside the
       OSSP project.

       shtool(1), ar(1).

18-Jul-2008                      shtool 2.0.8                SHTOOL-ARX.TMP(1)
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