rstart [-c context] [-g] [-l username] [-v] hostname command args ...

       Rstart  is  a simple implementation of a Remote Start client as defined
       in "A Flexible Remote Execution Protocol Based on rsh".  It uses rsh as
       its underlying remote execution mechanism.

       -c context
               This option specifies the context in which the command is to be
               run.  A context specifies a general environment the program  is
               to  be  run  in.  The details of this environment are host-spe-
               cific; the intent is that the client  need  not  know  how  the
               environment  must  be  configured.   If  omitted,  the  context
               defaults to X.  This should be suitable for running X  programs
               from the host's "usual" X installation.

       -g      Interprets  command  as  a generic command, as discussed in the
               protocol document.  This is intended to allow  common  applica-
               tions to be invoked without knowing what they are called on the
               remote system.  Currently, the only  generic  commands  defined
               are  Terminal,  LoadMonitor,  ListContexts, and ListGenericCom-

       -l username
               This option is passed to the underlying rsh; it  requests  that
               the command be run as the specified user.

       -v      This  option  requests that rstart be verbose in its operation.
               Without this option, rstart discards output from  the  remote's
               rstart helper, and directs the rstart helper to detach the pro-
               gram from the rsh connection  used  to  start  it.   With  this
               option, responses from the helper are displayed and the result-
               ing program is not detached from the connection.

       This is a trivial implementation.  Far more  sophisticated  implementa-
       tions are possible and should be developed.

       Error  handling  is  nonexistent.   Without  -v, error reports from the
       remote are discarded silently.  With -v, error reports are displayed.

       The $DISPLAY environment variable is  passed.   If  it  starts  with  a
       colon,  the  local hostname is prepended.  The local domain name should
       be appended to unqualified host names, but isn't.

       The $SESSION_MANAGER environment variable should be passed, but isn't.

       X11 authority information is passed for the current display.

       ICE authority information should be passed, but isn't.  It  isn't  com-
       pletely  clear  how rstart should select what ICE authority information
       rstartd(1), rsh(1), A Flexible Remote Execution Protocol Based on rsh

       Jordan Brown, Quarterdeck Office Systems

X Version 11                     rstart 1.0.5                        RSTART(1)
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