RREDTOOL(1)                        REPREPRO                        RREDTOOL(1)

       rredtool - merge or apply a very restricted subset of ed patches

       rredtool --help

       rredtool [ options ] --merge patches...

       rredtool [ options ] --patch file-to-patch patches...

       rredtool directory newfile oldfile mode

       rredtool  is a tool to handle a subset of ed patches in a safe way.  It
       is especially targeted at ed  patches  as  used  in  Packages.diff  and
       Sources.diff.   Is  also has a mode supposed to be called from reprepro
       as Index Hook to generate and update a Packages.diff/Index file.

       One of the following has to be given, so that rredtool know that to do.

              Print the version of this tool (or rather the version of  repre-
              pro which it is coming with).

       --help Print a short overview of the modi.

              The  first  argument of rredtool is the file to patch, the other
              arguments are ed patches to apply on this one.

              The arguments are treated as ed patches, which are merged into a
              single one.

       --reprepro-hook (or no other mode flag)
              Act as reprepro index hook to manage a Packages.diff/index file.
              That means it expects to get exactly 4 arguments and writes  the
              names of files to place into filedescriptor 3.

              If  neither  --patch nor --merge is given, this mode is used, so
              you can just put

               DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz /usr/bin/rredtool

              into reprepro's conf/distributions file to have a  Packages.diff
              directory  generated.  (Note that you have to generate an uncom-
              pressed file (the single dot).  You will  need  to  have  patch,
              gzip and gunzip available in your path.)

              Print intermediate results or other details that might be inter-
              esting when trying to  track  down  bugs  in  rredtool  but  not
              intresting otherwise.

              When  generating  a  Packages.diff/Index file, put at most count
              patches in it (not counting possible apt workaround patches).

              Not yet implemented.

              temporary files are created in $TEMPDIR  if  set,  otherwise  in
              $TMPDIR if set, otherwise in /tmp/.

       Report  bugs or wishlist requests the Debian BTS (e.g. by using report-
       bug reperepro) or directly to <brlink@debian.org>.

       Copyright (C) 2009 Bernhard R. Link
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There  is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

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