rc-alert  [inclusion  options]  [--debtags  [tag[,tag ...]]] [--popcon]
       [package ...]
       rc-alert --help|--version

       rc-alert downloads the list of release-critical bugs  from  the  Debian
       BTS webpages, and then outputs a list of packages installed on the sys-
       tem, or given on the command-line, which are in that list.

       If the directory ~/.devscripts_cache exists or the  --cache  option  is
       given, then the (sizable) downloaded list will be cached, and will only
       be downloaded again on a second invocation if it has changed.

              Force the creation of the ~/.devscripts_cache cache directory.

       --help, -h
              Show a summary of options.

       --version, -v
              Show version and copyright information.

       It is also possible to filter the list of bugs reported  based  on  the
       tags  and  distributions  associated  with  the  package. The filtering
       options are:

       --include-tags, -f
              A list of tags which the bug must have, in the format  used  for
              output.   For  example,  to include bugs tagged security or help
              wanted, use "SH".

       --include-tag-op, -t
              If set to and, a bug must have all  of  the  tags  specified  by

              A  list  of tags which the bug must not have, in the same format
              as --include-tags.

              If set to and, a bug must have none of  the  tags  specified  by
              --exclude-tags.  By default, the bug will be excluded if any tag

       --include-dists, -d
              A list of distributions which the bug must apply to, in the for-
              mat  used  for  output.   For example, to include bugs affecting
              testing or unstable, use "TU".

       --include-dist-op, -o
              If set to and, a bug must apply to all of the specified  distri-

       Note  that  you  need  to have debtags installed and also that it's not
       mandatory for maintainers to set proper debtags. The produced list will
       thus probably be incomplete.

              Match packages based on the listed tags. Each package is matched
              only if it has all the listed tags; in the case of multiple tags
              within the same facet, a package is matched if it has any of the
              listed tags within the facet.

              Use  a  non-standard   debtags   database.    The   default   is

       Popularity-contest collects data about installation and usage of Debian
       packages. You can additionally sort the bugs by the popcon rank of  the
       related packages.

              Sort bugs by the popcon rank of the package the bug belongs to.

              By  default, packages are sorted according to the number of peo-
              ple who have the package installed. This option enables  sorting
              by  the  number  of  people regularly using the package instead.
              This option has no effect in combination with --pc-local.

              Instead of requesting remote data the information from the  last
              popcon run is used (/var/log/popularity-contest).

       --include-dists OS
              The bug must apply to at least one of oldstable or stable

       --include-dists TU --include-dist-op and
              The bug must apply to both testing and unstable

       --include-dists O --include-tags S --exclude-tags +
              The  bug  must apply to oldstable and be tagged security but not

       --exclude-dists SOT --include-tags R
              The bug must apply to only unstable or  experimental  (or  both)
              and be tagged unreproducible

       --debtags implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python
              The  bug  must apply to packages matching the specified debtags,
              i.e.  the  match  will  only  include  packages  that  have  the
              'role::plugin'  tag  and  that  have  either of the tags 'imple-
              mented-in::perl' or 'implemented-in::python'.

       --popcon --pc-local
              Read /var/log/popularity-contest and sort bugs by your  personal

       for the devscripts package. Debtags and popcon functionality was  added
       by Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de>.

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