version 3.003

           # parse STDIN, print to STDOUT
           $ pod2markdown < POD_File > Markdown_File

           # parse file, print to STDOUT
           $ pod2markdown input.pod

           # parse file, print to file
           $ pod2markdown input.pod output.mkdn

           # parse STDIN, print to file
           $ pod2markdown - output.mkdn

       This program uses Pod::Markdown to convert POD into Markdown sources.

       UTF-8 is the default output encoding if no encoding options are
       specified (see "OPTIONS").

       It accepts two optional arguments:

       o   input pod file (defaults to "STDIN")

       o   output markdown file (defaults to "STDOUT")

           A list of characters to encode as HTML entities.  Pass a regexp
           character class, or 1 to mean control chars, high-bit chars, and

           See "html_encode_chars" in Pod::Markdown for more information.

       --match-encoding (-m)
           Use the same "=encoding" as the input pod for the output file.

       --output-encoding (-e)
           Specify the encoding for the output file.

       --utf8 (-u)
           Alias for "-e UTF-8".

       This program is strongly based on "pod2mdwn" from

       o   Marcel Gruenauer <marcel@cpan.org>

       o   Victor Moral <victor@taquiones.net>

       o   Ryan C. Thompson <rct at thompsonclan d0t org>

perl v5.20.2                      2015-09-28                  POD2MARKDOWN(1p)
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