plymouth [OPTION...]

       plymouth COMMAND [OPTION...]

       The plymouth sends commands to a running plymouthd. This is used during
       the boot process to control the display of the graphical boot splash.

       The following options are understood. These options are supported for
       compatibility with the old rhgb-client interface, and have been
       replaced by the commands that are described in the next section.

           Show summary of options.

           Enable verbose debug logging.

           Get directory where splash plugins are installed.

           Tell plymouthd that the new root filesystem is mounted.

           Tell plymouthd to quit.

           Check if plymouthd is running.

           Check if plymouthd has an active vt.

           Tell plymouthd root filesystem is mounted read-write.

           Show the splash screen.

           Hide the splash screen.

           Ask the user for a password.

           Remove sensitivity to a keystroke.

           Tell plymouthd an update about boot progress.

           Tell plymouthd there were errors during boot.

               Shutting the system up

               Applying updates

       system-update OPTION
           Tell plymouthd about boot progress.

               The percentage progress of the updates

       update OPTION
           Tell plymouthd about boot status changes.

               Tell plymouthd the current boot status

       update-root-fs OPTION
           Tell plymouthd about root filesystem changes.

               Root filesystem is about to change

               Root filesystem is no longer read-only

           Tell plymouthd to show splash screen.

           Tell plymouthd to hide splash screen.

       ask-for-password OPTION
           Ask the user for a password.

               Command to send password to via standard input

               Message to display when asking for password

               Number of times to ask before giving up (requires --command)

               Don't pause boot progress bar while asking

           Ask the user a question.

               Command to send the answer to via standard input

       hide-message OPTION
           Hide a message.

               The message text

       watch-keystroke OPTION
           Become sensitive to a keystroke.

               Command to send keystroke to via standard input

               Keys to become sensitive to

       ignore-keystroke OPTION
           Remove sensitivity to a keystroke.

               Keys to remove sensitivitiy from

           Pause boot progress bar.

           Unpause boot progress bar.

           Tell plymouthd there were errors during boot.

           Tell plymouthd to deactivate.

           Tell plymouthd to reactivate.

       quit OPTION
           Tell plymouthd to quit.

               Don't explicitly hide boot splash on exit

       grub(8), plymouth(8), plymouthd(8),

plymouth                                                           PLYMOUTH(1)
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