PFB2PFA(1)                  General Commands Manual                 PFB2PFA(1)

       pfb2pfa - convert a type1 pfb file (binary MSDOS) into a pfa (ASCII)

       pfb2pfa [-v] pfbfile [pfafile]

       Program  converts  a binary MSDOS representation for a type1 PostScript
       font into a readable ASCII version.  The MSDOS  newline  (\r)  is  con-
       verted  into  the  UNIX  newline (\n).  The output is written in a file
       whose name is the name that is provided on  the  command  line  or  the
       basename of the input file plus extension ".pfa".

       With  the  -v option you get some information about what the program is

       Piet Tutelaers
       Maintained in TeX Live; please send bug reports or other correspondence
       to (

                                  1 Feb 2016                        PFB2PFA(1)
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