This document can be read as is: as README.uts, or you can read it
       after you build your package using "man perluts".

       The purpose is to help you build Perl for UTS, which, if you follow
       these instructions, should be easy, and result in a solidly working

       Perl 5.7.2 (Developmental) or Perl 5.8.x (forthcoming) for UTS

       NOTE: Some sites have redefined the way uname works, and if yours does
       this, special steps must be taken so that Configure can recognize your
       system as a UTS system.  To see if you are in this category, issue the
       command "uname -a".  It should look something like:

         uts juno 4 4.4 9672 370

       At any rate, the first field should be "uts".  If this is not the case;
       supposing it is, say telcoUTS, create a script, uts/uname (i.e. uname,
       in the subdirectory "uts" of the main Perl source dir):
          # uname
          /usr/bin/uname "$@" | sed -e 's/^telcoUTS/uts/'

       and when you execute Configure, do it as below, except for adding
       PATH=uts:$PATH as a prefix.  I.e. do:

          PATH=uts:$PATH ./Configure ...

       There is no need to do an interactive configure, just type

         ./Configure -de [-Dusedevel] [-Doptimize=-g ] 2>&1 | tee Conf.out

       "-Dusedevel" may be required to configure Perl 5.7.2 non-interactively.
       Use -Doptimize=-g if you want to run Perl under sdb or gdb, OR if you
       want to be able to use the -D command line flags to perl, which are
       occasionally useful in debugging perl scripts.

       In this and the following steps, the "2>&1 | tee XXX.out" records all
       output from the process, which will be useful if anything unexpected
       goes wrong.

       Then do the compilation with

         make 2>&1 | tee make.out

       Finally, test using

         make test 2>&1 | tee make-test.out

       In the output, the only failures you should see should look like:

          lib/Net/servent....................FAILED at test 0

       This means that everything passes except for some problems in the
       packages "Math::BigInt", "Math::Complex", and "Math::Trig".  The
       lib/Net/servent failure seems to be a bug in the test program.  To
       confirm this, from the main Perl source dir, do:

          LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd` ./perl -Ilib lib/Net/servent.t

       and it should output

          ok 1
          ok 2
          ok 3

Installing the built perl on UTS
       Run the command "make install"

          Hal Morris
          UTS Global LLC

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