This document provides information about the portion of the Unicode
       database that deals with character properties, that is the portion that
       is defined on single code points.  ("Other information in the Unicode
       data base" below briefly mentions other data that Unicode provides.)

       Perl can provide access to all non-provisional Unicode character
       properties, though not all are enabled by default.  The omitted ones
       are the Unihan properties (accessible via the CPAN module
       Unicode::Unihan) and certain deprecated or Unicode-internal properties.
       (An installation may choose to recompile Perl's tables to change this.
       See "Unicode character properties that are NOT accepted by Perl".)

       For most purposes, access to Unicode properties from the Perl core is
       through regular expression matches, as described in the next section.
       For some special purposes, and to access the properties that are not
       suitable for regular expression matching, all the Unicode character
       properties that Perl handles are accessible via the standard
       Unicode::UCD module, as described in the section "Properties accessible
       through Unicode::UCD".

       Perl also provides some additional extensions and short-cut synonyms
       for Unicode properties.

       This document merely lists all available properties and does not
       attempt to explain what each property really means.  There is a brief
       description of each Perl extension; see "Other Properties" in
       perlunicode for more information on these.  There is some detail about
       Blocks, Scripts, General_Category, and Bidi_Class in perlunicode, but
       to find out about the intricacies of the official Unicode properties,
       refer to the Unicode standard.  A good starting place is

       Note that you can define your own properties; see "User-Defined
       Character Properties" in perlunicode.

Properties accessible through "\p{}" and "\P{}"
       The Perl regular expression "\p{}" and "\P{}" constructs give access to
       most of the Unicode character properties.  The table below shows all
       these constructs, both single and compound forms.

       Compound forms consist of two components, separated by an equals sign
       or a colon.  The first component is the property name, and the second
       component is the particular value of the property to match against, for
       example, "\p{Script: Greek}" and "\p{Script=Greek}" both mean to match
       characters whose Script property is Greek.

       Single forms, like "\p{Greek}", are mostly Perl-defined shortcuts for
       their equivalent compound forms.  The table shows these equivalences.
       (In our example, "\p{Greek}" is a just a shortcut for
       "\p{Script=Greek}".)  There are also a few Perl-defined single forms
       that are not shortcuts for a compound form.  One such is "\p{Word}".
       expression.  But a 'T' at the beginning of an entry in the table below
       means that tighter (stricter) rules are used for that entry:

       Single form ("\p{name}") tighter rules:
           White space, hyphens, and underscores ARE significant except for:

           o   white space adjacent to a non-word character

           o   underscores separating digits in numbers

           That means, for example, that you can freely add or remove white
           space adjacent to (but within) the braces without affecting the

       Compound form ("\p{name=value}" or "\p{name:value}") tighter rules:
           The tighter rules given above for the single form apply to
           everything to the right of the colon or equals; the looser rules
           still apply to everything to the left.

           That means, for example, that you can freely add or remove white
           space adjacent to (but within) the braces and the colon or equal

       Some properties are considered obsolete by Unicode, but still
       available.  There are several varieties of obsolescence:

           A property may be stabilized.  Such a determination does not
           indicate that the property should or should not be used; instead it
           is a declaration that the property will not be maintained nor
           extended for newly encoded characters.  Such properties are marked
           with an 'S' in the table.

           A property may be deprecated, perhaps because its original intent
           has been replaced by another property, or because its specification
           was somehow defective.  This means that its use is strongly
           discouraged, so much so that a warning will be issued if used,
           unless the regular expression is in the scope of a
           "no warnings 'deprecated'" statement.  A 'D' flags each such entry
           in the table, and the entry there for the longest, most descriptive
           version of the property will give the reason it is deprecated, and
           perhaps advice.  Perl may issue such a warning, even for properties
           that aren't officially deprecated by Unicode, when there used to be
           characters or code points that were matched by them, but no longer.
           This is to warn you that your program may not work like it did on
           earlier Unicode releases.

           A deprecated property may be made unavailable in a future Perl
           version, so it is best to move away from them.

           A deprecated property may also be stabilized, but this fact is not

       Matches in the Block property have shortcuts that begin with "In_".
       For example, "\p{Block=Latin1}" can be written as "\p{In_Latin1}".  For
       backward compatibility, if there is no conflict with another shortcut,
       these may also be written as "\p{Latin1}" or "\p{Is_Latin1}".  But,
       N.B., there are numerous such conflicting shortcuts.  Use of these
       forms for Block is discouraged, and are flagged as such, not only
       because of the potential confusion as to what is meant, but also
       because a later release of Unicode may preempt the shortcut, and your
       program would no longer be correct.  Use the "In_" form instead to
       avoid this, or even more clearly, use the compound form, e.g.,
       "\p{blk:latin1}".  See "Blocks" in perlunicode for more information
       about this.

       The table below has two columns.  The left column contains the "\p{}"
       constructs to look up, possibly preceded by the flags mentioned above;
       and the right column contains information about them, like a
       description, or synonyms.  It shows both the single and compound forms
       for each property that has them.  If the left column is a short name
       for a property, the right column will give its longer, more descriptive
       name; and if the left column is the longest name, the right column will
       show any equivalent shortest name, in both single and compound forms if

       The right column will also caution you if a property means something
       different than what might normally be expected.

       All single forms are Perl extensions; a few compound forms are as well,
       and are noted as such.

       Numbers in (parentheses) indicate the total number of code points
       matched by the property.  For emphasis, those properties that match no
       code points at all are listed as well in a separate section following
       the table.

       Most properties match the same code points regardless of whether "/i"
       case-insensitive matching is specified or not.  But a few properties
       are affected.  These are shown with the notation

        (/i= other_property)

       in the second column.  Under case-insensitive matching they match the
       same code pode points as the property "other_property".

       There is no description given for most non-Perl defined properties (See
       <> for that).

       For compactness, '*' is used as a wildcard instead of showing all
       possible combinations.  For example, entries like:

        \p{Gc: *}                                  \p{General_Category: *}

       mean that 'Gc' is a synonym for 'General_Category', and anything that
       is valid for the latter is also valid for the former.  Similarly,

       values 'Yes' and 'No' are binary, and they have all their values
       spelled out without using this wild card, and a "NOT" clause in their
       description that highlights their not being binary.  These also require
       the compound form to match them, whereas true binary properties have
       both single and compound forms available.

       Note that all non-essential underscores are removed in the display of
       the short names below.

       Legend summary:

       * is a wild-card
       (\d+) in the info column gives the number of code points matched by
       this property.
       D means this is deprecated.
       O means this is obsolete.
       S means this is stabilized.
       T means tighter (stricter) name matching applies.
       X means use of this form is discouraged, and may not be stable.

              NAME                           INFO

        X \p{Aegean_Numbers}      \p{Block=Aegean_Numbers} (64)
        T \p{Age: 1.1}            \p{Age=V1_1} (33_979)
        T \p{Age: 2.0}            \p{Age=V2_0} (144_521)
        T \p{Age: 2.1}            \p{Age=V2_1} (2)
        T \p{Age: 3.0}            \p{Age=V3_0} (10_307)
        T \p{Age: 3.1}            \p{Age=V3_1} (44_978)
        T \p{Age: 3.2}            \p{Age=V3_2} (1016)
        T \p{Age: 4.0}            \p{Age=V4_0} (1226)
        T \p{Age: 4.1}            \p{Age=V4_1} (1273)
        T \p{Age: 5.0}            \p{Age=V5_0} (1369)
        T \p{Age: 5.1}            \p{Age=V5_1} (1624)
        T \p{Age: 5.2}            \p{Age=V5_2} (6648)
        T \p{Age: 6.0}            \p{Age=V6_0} (2088)
        T \p{Age: 6.1}            \p{Age=V6_1} (732)
        T \p{Age: 6.2}            \p{Age=V6_2} (1)
          \p{Age: NA}             \p{Age=Unassigned} (864_348)
          \p{Age: Unassigned}     Code point's usage has not been assigned
                                    in any Unicode release thus far. (Short:
                                    \p{Age=NA}) (864_348)
          \p{Age: V1_1}           Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    1.1 (33_979)
          \p{Age: V2_0}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 2.0; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (144_521)
          \p{Age: V2_1}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 2.1; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (2)
          \p{Age: V3_0}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 3.0; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (10_307)
          \p{Age: V3_1}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 3.1; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (1369)
          \p{Age: V5_1}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 5.1; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (1624)
          \p{Age: V5_2}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 5.2; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (6648)
          \p{Age: V6_0}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 6.0; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (2088)
          \p{Age: V6_1}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 6.1; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (732)
          \p{Age: V6_2}           Code point's usage was introduced in
                                    version 6.2; See also Property
                                    'Present_In' (1)
          \p{AHex}                \p{PosixXDigit} (= \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit=Y})
          \p{AHex: *}             \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit: *}
        X \p{Alchemical}          \p{Alchemical_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Alchemical_Symbols}) (128)
        X \p{Alchemical_Symbols}  \p{Block=Alchemical_Symbols} (Short:
                                    \p{InAlchemical}) (128)
          \p{All}                 \p{Any} (1_114_112)
          \p{Alnum}               Alphabetic and (decimal) Numeric (102_619)
          \p{Alpha}               \p{Alphabetic=Y} (102_159)
          \p{Alpha: *}            \p{Alphabetic: *}
          \p{Alphabetic}          \p{Alpha} (= \p{Alphabetic=Y}) (102_159)
          \p{Alphabetic: N*}      (Short: \p{Alpha=N}, \P{Alpha}) (1_011_953)
          \p{Alphabetic: Y*}      (Short: \p{Alpha=Y}, \p{Alpha}) (102_159)
        X \p{Alphabetic_PF}       \p{Alphabetic_Presentation_Forms} (=
        X \p{Alphabetic_Presentation_Forms} \p{Block=
                                    Alphabetic_Presentation_Forms} (Short:
                                    \p{InAlphabeticPF}) (80)
        X \p{Ancient_Greek_Music} \p{Ancient_Greek_Musical_Notation} (=
                                    Ancient_Greek_Musical_Notation}) (80)
        X \p{Ancient_Greek_Musical_Notation} \p{Block=
                                    Ancient_Greek_Musical_Notation} (Short:
                                    \p{InAncientGreekMusic}) (80)
        X \p{Ancient_Greek_Numbers} \p{Block=Ancient_Greek_Numbers} (80)
        X \p{Ancient_Symbols}     \p{Block=Ancient_Symbols} (64)
          \p{Any}                 [\x{0000}-\x{10FFFF}] (1_114_112)
          \p{Arab}                \p{Arabic} (= \p{Script=Arabic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Arabic}) (1235)
          \p{Arabic}              \p{Script=Arabic} (Short: \p{Arab}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Arabic}) (1235)
        X \p{Arabic_Ext_A}        \p{Arabic_Extended_A} (= \p{Block=
                                    Arabic_Extended_A}) (96)
        X \p{Arabic_Extended_A}   \p{Block=Arabic_Extended_A} (Short:
                                    \p{InArabicExtA}) (96)
        X \p{Arabic_Math}         \p{Arabic_Mathematical_Alphabetic_Symbols}
        X \p{Arabic_Presentation_Forms_A} \p{Block=
                                    Arabic_Presentation_Forms_A} (Short:
                                    \p{InArabicPFA}) (688)
        X \p{Arabic_Presentation_Forms_B} \p{Block=
                                    Arabic_Presentation_Forms_B} (Short:
                                    \p{InArabicPFB}) (144)
        X \p{Arabic_Sup}          \p{Arabic_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Arabic_Supplement}) (48)
        X \p{Arabic_Supplement}   \p{Block=Arabic_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InArabicSup}) (48)
          \p{Armenian}            \p{Script=Armenian} (Short: \p{Armn}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Armenian}) (91)
          \p{Armi}                \p{Imperial_Aramaic} (= \p{Script=
                                    Imperial_Aramaic}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Imperial_Aramaic}) (31)
          \p{Armn}                \p{Armenian} (= \p{Script=Armenian}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Armenian}) (91)
        X \p{Arrows}              \p{Block=Arrows} (112)
          \p{ASCII}               \p{Block=Basic_Latin} [[:ASCII:]] (128)
          \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit}     \p{PosixXDigit} (= \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit=Y})
          \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit: N*} (Short: \p{AHex=N}, \P{AHex}) (1_114_090)
          \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit: Y*} (Short: \p{AHex=Y}, \p{AHex}) (22)
          \p{Assigned}            All assigned code points (249_698)
          \p{Avestan}             \p{Script=Avestan} (Short: \p{Avst}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Avestan}) (61)
          \p{Avst}                \p{Avestan} (= \p{Script=Avestan}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Avestan}) (61)
          \p{Bali}                \p{Balinese} (= \p{Script=Balinese}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Balinese}) (121)
          \p{Balinese}            \p{Script=Balinese} (Short: \p{Bali}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Balinese}) (121)
          \p{Bamu}                \p{Bamum} (= \p{Script=Bamum}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Bamum}) (657)
          \p{Bamum}               \p{Script=Bamum} (Short: \p{Bamu}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Bamum}) (657)
        X \p{Bamum_Sup}           \p{Bamum_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Bamum_Supplement}) (576)
        X \p{Bamum_Supplement}    \p{Block=Bamum_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InBamumSup}) (576)
        X \p{Basic_Latin}         \p{ASCII} (= \p{Block=Basic_Latin}) (128)
          \p{Batak}               \p{Script=Batak} (Short: \p{Batk}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Batak}) (56)
          \p{Batk}                \p{Batak} (= \p{Script=Batak}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Batak}) (56)
          \p{Bc: *}               \p{Bidi_Class: *}
          \p{Beng}                \p{Bengali} (= \p{Script=Bengali}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Bengali}) (92)
          \p{Bengali}             \p{Script=Bengali} (Short: \p{Beng}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Bengali}) (92)
          \p{Bidi_C}              \p{Bidi_Control} (= \p{Bidi_Control=Y}) (7)
          \p{Bidi_C: *}           \p{Bidi_Control: *}
          \p{Bidi_Class: AL}      \p{Bidi_Class=Arabic_Letter} (1438)
          \p{Bidi_Class: AN}      \p{Bidi_Class=Arabic_Number} (49)
          \p{Bidi_Class: European_Terminator} (Short: \p{Bc=ET}) (66)
          \p{Bidi_Class: L}       \p{Bidi_Class=Left_To_Right} (1_098_530)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Left_To_Right} (Short: \p{Bc=L}) (1_098_530)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Left_To_Right_Embedding} (Short: \p{Bc=LRE}) (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Left_To_Right_Override} (Short: \p{Bc=LRO}) (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: LRE}     \p{Bidi_Class=Left_To_Right_Embedding} (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: LRO}     \p{Bidi_Class=Left_To_Right_Override} (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Nonspacing_Mark} (Short: \p{Bc=NSM}) (1290)
          \p{Bidi_Class: NSM}     \p{Bidi_Class=Nonspacing_Mark} (1290)
          \p{Bidi_Class: ON}      \p{Bidi_Class=Other_Neutral} (4447)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Other_Neutral} (Short: \p{Bc=ON}) (4447)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Paragraph_Separator} (Short: \p{Bc=B}) (7)
          \p{Bidi_Class: PDF}     \p{Bidi_Class=Pop_Directional_Format} (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Pop_Directional_Format} (Short: \p{Bc=PDF}) (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: R}       \p{Bidi_Class=Right_To_Left} (4086)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Right_To_Left} (Short: \p{Bc=R}) (4086)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Right_To_Left_Embedding} (Short: \p{Bc=RLE}) (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Right_To_Left_Override} (Short: \p{Bc=RLO}) (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: RLE}     \p{Bidi_Class=Right_To_Left_Embedding} (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: RLO}     \p{Bidi_Class=Right_To_Left_Override} (1)
          \p{Bidi_Class: S}       \p{Bidi_Class=Segment_Separator} (3)
          \p{Bidi_Class: Segment_Separator} (Short: \p{Bc=S}) (3)
          \p{Bidi_Class: White_Space} (Short: \p{Bc=WS}) (18)
          \p{Bidi_Class: WS}      \p{Bidi_Class=White_Space} (18)
          \p{Bidi_Control}        \p{Bidi_Control=Y} (Short: \p{BidiC}) (7)
          \p{Bidi_Control: N*}    (Short: \p{BidiC=N}, \P{BidiC}) (1_114_105)
          \p{Bidi_Control: Y*}    (Short: \p{BidiC=Y}, \p{BidiC}) (7)
          \p{Bidi_M}              \p{Bidi_Mirrored} (= \p{Bidi_Mirrored=Y})
          \p{Bidi_M: *}           \p{Bidi_Mirrored: *}
          \p{Bidi_Mirrored}       \p{Bidi_Mirrored=Y} (Short: \p{BidiM})
          \p{Bidi_Mirrored: N*}   (Short: \p{BidiM=N}, \P{BidiM}) (1_113_567)
          \p{Bidi_Mirrored: Y*}   (Short: \p{BidiM=Y}, \p{BidiM}) (545)
          \p{Blank}               \h, Horizontal white space (19)
          \p{Blk: *}              \p{Block: *}
          \p{Block: Aegean_Numbers} (Single: \p{InAegeanNumbers}) (64)
          \p{Block: Alchemical}   \p{Block=Alchemical_Symbols} (128)
          \p{Block: Alchemical_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=Alchemical},
                                    \p{InAlchemical}) (128)
          \p{Block: Alphabetic_PF} \p{Block=Alphabetic_Presentation_Forms}
          \p{Block: Alphabetic_Presentation_Forms} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    AlphabeticPF}, \p{InAlphabeticPF}) (80)
          \p{Block: Ancient_Greek_Music} \p{Block=
                                    Ancient_Greek_Musical_Notation} (80)
          \p{Block: Ancient_Greek_Musical_Notation} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InAncientGreekMusic}) (80)
          \p{Block: Ancient_Greek_Numbers} (Single:
                                    \p{InAncientGreekNumbers}) (80)
          \p{Block: Ancient_Symbols} (Single: \p{InAncientSymbols}) (64)
          \p{Block: Arabic}       (Single: \p{InArabic}; NOT \p{Arabic} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Arabic}) (256)

          \p{Block: Arabic_Presentation_Forms_B} (Short: \p{Blk=ArabicPFB},
                                    \p{InArabicPFB}) (144)
          \p{Block: Arabic_Sup}   \p{Block=Arabic_Supplement} (48)
          \p{Block: Arabic_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=ArabicSup},
                                    \p{InArabicSup}) (48)
          \p{Block: Armenian}     (Single: \p{InArmenian}; NOT \p{Armenian}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Armenian}) (96)
          \p{Block: Arrows}       (Single: \p{InArrows}) (112)
          \p{Block: ASCII}        \p{Block=Basic_Latin} (128)
          \p{Block: Avestan}      (Single: \p{InAvestan}; NOT \p{Avestan}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Avestan}) (64)
          \p{Block: Balinese}     (Single: \p{InBalinese}; NOT \p{Balinese}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Balinese}) (128)
          \p{Block: Bamum}        (Single: \p{InBamum}; NOT \p{Bamum} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Bamum}) (96)
          \p{Block: Bamum_Sup}    \p{Block=Bamum_Supplement} (576)
          \p{Block: Bamum_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=BamumSup},
                                    \p{InBamumSup}) (576)
          \p{Block: Basic_Latin}  (Short: \p{Blk=ASCII}, \p{ASCII}) (128)
          \p{Block: Batak}        (Single: \p{InBatak}; NOT \p{Batak} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Batak}) (64)
          \p{Block: Bengali}      (Single: \p{InBengali}; NOT \p{Bengali}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Bengali}) (128)
          \p{Block: Block_Elements} (Single: \p{InBlockElements}) (32)
          \p{Block: Bopomofo}     (Single: \p{InBopomofo}; NOT \p{Bopomofo}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Bopomofo}) (48)
          \p{Block: Bopomofo_Ext} \p{Block=Bopomofo_Extended} (32)
          \p{Block: Bopomofo_Extended} (Short: \p{Blk=BopomofoExt},
                                    \p{InBopomofoExt}) (32)
          \p{Block: Box_Drawing}  (Single: \p{InBoxDrawing}) (128)
          \p{Block: Brahmi}       (Single: \p{InBrahmi}; NOT \p{Brahmi} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Brahmi}) (128)
          \p{Block: Braille}      \p{Block=Braille_Patterns} (256)
          \p{Block: Braille_Patterns} (Short: \p{Blk=Braille},
                                    \p{InBraille}) (256)
          \p{Block: Buginese}     (Single: \p{InBuginese}; NOT \p{Buginese}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Buginese}) (32)
          \p{Block: Buhid}        (Single: \p{InBuhid}; NOT \p{Buhid} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Buhid}) (32)
          \p{Block: Byzantine_Music} \p{Block=Byzantine_Musical_Symbols}
          \p{Block: Byzantine_Musical_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    ByzantineMusic}, \p{InByzantineMusic})
          \p{Block: Canadian_Syllabics} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Carian}       (Single: \p{InCarian}; NOT \p{Carian} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Carian}) (64)
          \p{Block: Chakma}       (Single: \p{InChakma}; NOT \p{Chakma} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Chakma}) (80)
          \p{Block: Cham}         (Single: \p{InCham}; NOT \p{Cham} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Cham}) (96)
          \p{Block: Cherokee}     (Single: \p{InCherokee}; NOT \p{Cherokee}
                                    \p{InCJKCompatForms}) (32)
          \p{Block: CJK_Compatibility_Ideographs} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InCJKCompatIdeographs}) (512)
          \p{Block: CJK_Compatibility_Ideographs_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InCJKCompatIdeographsSup}) (544)
          \p{Block: CJK_Ext_A}    \p{Block=
          \p{Block: CJK_Ext_B}    \p{Block=
          \p{Block: CJK_Ext_C}    \p{Block=
          \p{Block: CJK_Ext_D}    \p{Block=
                                    CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_D} (224)
          \p{Block: CJK_Radicals_Sup} \p{Block=CJK_Radicals_Supplement} (128)
          \p{Block: CJK_Radicals_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=CJKRadicalsSup},
                                    \p{InCJKRadicalsSup}) (128)
          \p{Block: CJK_Strokes}  (Single: \p{InCJKStrokes}) (48)
          \p{Block: CJK_Symbols}  \p{Block=CJK_Symbols_And_Punctuation} (64)
          \p{Block: CJK_Symbols_And_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Blk=CJKSymbols},
                                    \p{InCJKSymbols}) (64)
          \p{Block: CJK_Unified_Ideographs} (Short: \p{Blk=CJK}, \p{InCJK})
          \p{Block: CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_A} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    CJKExtA}, \p{InCJKExtA}) (6592)
          \p{Block: CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_B} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    CJKExtB}, \p{InCJKExtB}) (42_720)
          \p{Block: CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_C} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    CJKExtC}, \p{InCJKExtC}) (4160)
          \p{Block: CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_D} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    CJKExtD}, \p{InCJKExtD}) (224)
          \p{Block: Combining_Diacritical_Marks} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    Diacriticals}, \p{InDiacriticals}) (112)
          \p{Block: Combining_Diacritical_Marks_For_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InDiacriticalsForSymbols}) (48)
          \p{Block: Combining_Diacritical_Marks_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    DiacriticalsSup}, \p{InDiacriticalsSup})
          \p{Block: Combining_Half_Marks} (Short: \p{Blk=HalfMarks},
                                    \p{InHalfMarks}) (16)
          \p{Block: Combining_Marks_For_Symbols} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Common_Indic_Number_Forms} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InIndicNumberForms}) (16)
          \p{Block: Compat_Jamo}  \p{Block=Hangul_Compatibility_Jamo} (96)
          \p{Block: Control_Pictures} (Single: \p{InControlPictures}) (64)
          \p{Block: Coptic}       (Single: \p{InCoptic}; NOT \p{Coptic} NOR
          \p{Block: Currency_Symbols} (Single: \p{InCurrencySymbols}) (48)
          \p{Block: Cypriot_Syllabary} (Single: \p{InCypriotSyllabary}) (64)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic}     (Single: \p{InCyrillic}; NOT \p{Cyrillic}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Cyrillic}) (256)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Ext_A} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Extended_A} (32)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Ext_B} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Extended_B} (96)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Extended_A} (Short: \p{Blk=CyrillicExtA},
                                    \p{InCyrillicExtA}) (32)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Extended_B} (Short: \p{Blk=CyrillicExtB},
                                    \p{InCyrillicExtB}) (96)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Sup} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Supplement} (48)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=CyrillicSup},
                                    \p{InCyrillicSup}) (48)
          \p{Block: Cyrillic_Supplementary} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Supplement}
          \p{Block: Deseret}      (Single: \p{InDeseret}) (80)
          \p{Block: Devanagari}   (Single: \p{InDevanagari}; NOT
                                    \p{Devanagari} NOR \p{Is_Devanagari})
          \p{Block: Devanagari_Ext} \p{Block=Devanagari_Extended} (32)
          \p{Block: Devanagari_Extended} (Short: \p{Blk=DevanagariExt},
                                    \p{InDevanagariExt}) (32)
          \p{Block: Diacriticals} \p{Block=Combining_Diacritical_Marks} (112)
          \p{Block: Diacriticals_For_Symbols} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Diacriticals_Sup} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Dingbats}     (Single: \p{InDingbats}) (192)
          \p{Block: Domino}       \p{Block=Domino_Tiles} (112)
          \p{Block: Domino_Tiles} (Short: \p{Blk=Domino}, \p{InDomino}) (112)
          \p{Block: Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} (Single:
                                    \p{InEgyptianHieroglyphs}; NOT
                                    \p{Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Egyptian_Hieroglyphs}) (1072)
          \p{Block: Emoticons}    (Single: \p{InEmoticons}) (80)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_Alphanum} \p{Block=Enclosed_Alphanumerics} (160)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_Alphanum_Sup} \p{Block=
                                    Enclosed_Alphanumeric_Supplement} (256)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_Alphanumeric_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InEnclosedAlphanumSup}) (256)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_Alphanumerics} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InEnclosedAlphanum}) (160)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_CJK} \p{Block=Enclosed_CJK_Letters_And_Months}
          \p{Block: Enclosed_CJK_Letters_And_Months} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    EnclosedCJK}, \p{InEnclosedCJK}) (256)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_Ideographic_Sup} \p{Block=
                                    Enclosed_Ideographic_Supplement} (256)
          \p{Block: Enclosed_Ideographic_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=

          \p{Block: General_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Blk=Punctuation},
                                    \p{InPunctuation}; NOT \p{Punct} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Punctuation}) (112)
          \p{Block: Geometric_Shapes} (Single: \p{InGeometricShapes}) (96)
          \p{Block: Georgian}     (Single: \p{InGeorgian}; NOT \p{Georgian}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Georgian}) (96)
          \p{Block: Georgian_Sup} \p{Block=Georgian_Supplement} (48)
          \p{Block: Georgian_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=GeorgianSup},
                                    \p{InGeorgianSup}) (48)
          \p{Block: Glagolitic}   (Single: \p{InGlagolitic}; NOT
                                    \p{Glagolitic} NOR \p{Is_Glagolitic})
          \p{Block: Gothic}       (Single: \p{InGothic}; NOT \p{Gothic} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Gothic}) (32)
          \p{Block: Greek}        \p{Block=Greek_And_Coptic} (NOT \p{Greek}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Greek}) (144)
          \p{Block: Greek_And_Coptic} (Short: \p{Blk=Greek}, \p{InGreek};
                                    NOT \p{Greek} NOR \p{Is_Greek}) (144)
          \p{Block: Greek_Ext}    \p{Block=Greek_Extended} (256)
          \p{Block: Greek_Extended} (Short: \p{Blk=GreekExt},
                                    \p{InGreekExt}) (256)
          \p{Block: Gujarati}     (Single: \p{InGujarati}; NOT \p{Gujarati}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Gujarati}) (128)
          \p{Block: Gurmukhi}     (Single: \p{InGurmukhi}; NOT \p{Gurmukhi}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Gurmukhi}) (128)
          \p{Block: Half_And_Full_Forms} \p{Block=
                                    Halfwidth_And_Fullwidth_Forms} (240)
          \p{Block: Half_Marks}   \p{Block=Combining_Half_Marks} (16)
          \p{Block: Halfwidth_And_Fullwidth_Forms} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InHalfAndFullForms}) (240)
          \p{Block: Hangul}       \p{Block=Hangul_Syllables} (NOT \p{Hangul}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Hangul}) (11_184)
          \p{Block: Hangul_Compatibility_Jamo} (Short: \p{Blk=CompatJamo},
                                    \p{InCompatJamo}) (96)
          \p{Block: Hangul_Jamo}  (Short: \p{Blk=Jamo}, \p{InJamo}) (256)
          \p{Block: Hangul_Jamo_Extended_A} (Short: \p{Blk=JamoExtA},
                                    \p{InJamoExtA}) (32)
          \p{Block: Hangul_Jamo_Extended_B} (Short: \p{Blk=JamoExtB},
                                    \p{InJamoExtB}) (80)
          \p{Block: Hangul_Syllables} (Short: \p{Blk=Hangul}, \p{InHangul};
                                    NOT \p{Hangul} NOR \p{Is_Hangul})
          \p{Block: Hanunoo}      (Single: \p{InHanunoo}; NOT \p{Hanunoo}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Hanunoo}) (32)
          \p{Block: Hebrew}       (Single: \p{InHebrew}; NOT \p{Hebrew} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Hebrew}) (112)
          \p{Block: High_Private_Use_Surrogates} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InHighPUSurrogates}) (128)
          \p{Block: High_PU_Surrogates} \p{Block=
                                    High_Private_Use_Surrogates} (128)
          \p{Block: High_Surrogates} (Single: \p{InHighSurrogates}) (896)
          \p{Block: Hiragana}     (Single: \p{InHiragana}; NOT \p{Hiragana}
          \p{Block: Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (Single:
                                    \p{InInscriptionalPahlavi}; NOT
                                    \p{Inscriptional_Pahlavi} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Inscriptional_Pahlavi}) (32)
          \p{Block: Inscriptional_Parthian} (Single:
                                    \p{InInscriptionalParthian}; NOT
                                    \p{Inscriptional_Parthian} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Inscriptional_Parthian}) (32)
          \p{Block: IPA_Ext}      \p{Block=IPA_Extensions} (96)
          \p{Block: IPA_Extensions} (Short: \p{Blk=IPAExt}, \p{InIPAExt})
          \p{Block: Jamo}         \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo} (256)
          \p{Block: Jamo_Ext_A}   \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo_Extended_A} (32)
          \p{Block: Jamo_Ext_B}   \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo_Extended_B} (80)
          \p{Block: Javanese}     (Single: \p{InJavanese}; NOT \p{Javanese}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Javanese}) (96)
          \p{Block: Kaithi}       (Single: \p{InKaithi}; NOT \p{Kaithi} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Kaithi}) (80)
          \p{Block: Kana_Sup}     \p{Block=Kana_Supplement} (256)
          \p{Block: Kana_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=KanaSup}, \p{InKanaSup})
          \p{Block: Kanbun}       (Single: \p{InKanbun}) (16)
          \p{Block: Kangxi}       \p{Block=Kangxi_Radicals} (224)
          \p{Block: Kangxi_Radicals} (Short: \p{Blk=Kangxi}, \p{InKangxi})
          \p{Block: Kannada}      (Single: \p{InKannada}; NOT \p{Kannada}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Kannada}) (128)
          \p{Block: Katakana}     (Single: \p{InKatakana}; NOT \p{Katakana}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Katakana}) (96)
          \p{Block: Katakana_Ext} \p{Block=Katakana_Phonetic_Extensions} (16)
          \p{Block: Katakana_Phonetic_Extensions} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    KatakanaExt}, \p{InKatakanaExt}) (16)
          \p{Block: Kayah_Li}     (Single: \p{InKayahLi}) (48)
          \p{Block: Kharoshthi}   (Single: \p{InKharoshthi}; NOT
                                    \p{Kharoshthi} NOR \p{Is_Kharoshthi})
          \p{Block: Khmer}        (Single: \p{InKhmer}; NOT \p{Khmer} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Khmer}) (128)
          \p{Block: Khmer_Symbols} (Single: \p{InKhmerSymbols}) (32)
          \p{Block: Lao}          (Single: \p{InLao}; NOT \p{Lao} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Lao}) (128)
          \p{Block: Latin_1}      \p{Block=Latin_1_Supplement} (128)
          \p{Block: Latin_1_Sup}  \p{Block=Latin_1_Supplement} (128)
          \p{Block: Latin_1_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=Latin1},
                                    \p{InLatin1}) (128)
          \p{Block: Latin_Ext_A}  \p{Block=Latin_Extended_A} (128)
          \p{Block: Latin_Ext_Additional} \p{Block=
                                    Latin_Extended_Additional} (256)
          \p{Block: Latin_Ext_B}  \p{Block=Latin_Extended_B} (208)
          \p{Block: Latin_Ext_C}  \p{Block=Latin_Extended_C} (32)
          \p{Block: Latin_Ext_D}  \p{Block=Latin_Extended_D} (224)
          \p{Block: Latin_Extended_A} (Short: \p{Blk=LatinExtA},
                                    \p{InLatinExtA}) (128)
          \p{Block: Latin_Extended_Additional} (Short: \p{Blk=
          \p{Block: Limbu}        (Single: \p{InLimbu}; NOT \p{Limbu} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Limbu}) (80)
          \p{Block: Linear_B_Ideograms} (Single: \p{InLinearBIdeograms})
          \p{Block: Linear_B_Syllabary} (Single: \p{InLinearBSyllabary})
          \p{Block: Lisu}         (Single: \p{InLisu}) (48)
          \p{Block: Low_Surrogates} (Single: \p{InLowSurrogates}) (1024)
          \p{Block: Lycian}       (Single: \p{InLycian}; NOT \p{Lycian} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Lycian}) (32)
          \p{Block: Lydian}       (Single: \p{InLydian}; NOT \p{Lydian} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Lydian}) (32)
          \p{Block: Mahjong}      \p{Block=Mahjong_Tiles} (48)
          \p{Block: Mahjong_Tiles} (Short: \p{Blk=Mahjong}, \p{InMahjong})
          \p{Block: Malayalam}    (Single: \p{InMalayalam}; NOT
                                    \p{Malayalam} NOR \p{Is_Malayalam}) (128)
          \p{Block: Mandaic}      (Single: \p{InMandaic}; NOT \p{Mandaic}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Mandaic}) (32)
          \p{Block: Math_Alphanum} \p{Block=
                                    Mathematical_Alphanumeric_Symbols} (1024)
          \p{Block: Math_Operators} \p{Block=Mathematical_Operators} (256)
          \p{Block: Mathematical_Alphanumeric_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    MathAlphanum}, \p{InMathAlphanum}) (1024)
          \p{Block: Mathematical_Operators} (Short: \p{Blk=MathOperators},
                                    \p{InMathOperators}) (256)
          \p{Block: Meetei_Mayek} (Single: \p{InMeeteiMayek}; NOT
                                    \p{Meetei_Mayek} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Meetei_Mayek}) (64)
          \p{Block: Meetei_Mayek_Ext} \p{Block=Meetei_Mayek_Extensions} (32)
          \p{Block: Meetei_Mayek_Extensions} (Short: \p{Blk=MeeteiMayekExt},
                                    \p{InMeeteiMayekExt}) (32)
          \p{Block: Meroitic_Cursive} (Single: \p{InMeroiticCursive}; NOT
                                    \p{Meroitic_Cursive} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Meroitic_Cursive}) (96)
          \p{Block: Meroitic_Hieroglyphs} (Single:
                                    \p{InMeroiticHieroglyphs}) (32)
          \p{Block: Miao}         (Single: \p{InMiao}; NOT \p{Miao} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Miao}) (160)
          \p{Block: Misc_Arrows}  \p{Block=Miscellaneous_Symbols_And_Arrows}
          \p{Block: Misc_Math_Symbols_A} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Misc_Math_Symbols_B} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Misc_Pictographs} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Misc_Symbols} \p{Block=Miscellaneous_Symbols} (256)
          \p{Block: Misc_Technical} \p{Block=Miscellaneous_Technical} (256)
          \p{Block: Miscellaneous_Mathematical_Symbols_A} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    \p{InMiscTechnical}) (256)
          \p{Block: Modifier_Letters} \p{Block=Spacing_Modifier_Letters} (80)
          \p{Block: Modifier_Tone_Letters} (Single:
                                    \p{InModifierToneLetters}) (32)
          \p{Block: Mongolian}    (Single: \p{InMongolian}; NOT
                                    \p{Mongolian} NOR \p{Is_Mongolian}) (176)
          \p{Block: Music}        \p{Block=Musical_Symbols} (256)
          \p{Block: Musical_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=Music}, \p{InMusic})
          \p{Block: Myanmar}      (Single: \p{InMyanmar}; NOT \p{Myanmar}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Myanmar}) (160)
          \p{Block: Myanmar_Ext_A} \p{Block=Myanmar_Extended_A} (32)
          \p{Block: Myanmar_Extended_A} (Short: \p{Blk=MyanmarExtA},
                                    \p{InMyanmarExtA}) (32)
          \p{Block: NB}           \p{Block=No_Block} (860_672)
          \p{Block: New_Tai_Lue}  (Single: \p{InNewTaiLue}; NOT
                                    \p{New_Tai_Lue} NOR \p{Is_New_Tai_Lue})
          \p{Block: NKo}          (Single: \p{InNKo}; NOT \p{Nko} NOR
                                    \p{Is_NKo}) (64)
          \p{Block: No_Block}     (Short: \p{Blk=NB}, \p{InNB}) (860_672)
          \p{Block: Number_Forms} (Single: \p{InNumberForms}) (64)
          \p{Block: OCR}          \p{Block=Optical_Character_Recognition}
          \p{Block: Ogham}        (Single: \p{InOgham}; NOT \p{Ogham} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Ogham}) (32)
          \p{Block: Ol_Chiki}     (Single: \p{InOlChiki}) (48)
          \p{Block: Old_Italic}   (Single: \p{InOldItalic}; NOT
                                    \p{Old_Italic} NOR \p{Is_Old_Italic})
          \p{Block: Old_Persian}  (Single: \p{InOldPersian}; NOT
                                    \p{Old_Persian} NOR \p{Is_Old_Persian})
          \p{Block: Old_South_Arabian} (Single: \p{InOldSouthArabian}) (32)
          \p{Block: Old_Turkic}   (Single: \p{InOldTurkic}; NOT
                                    \p{Old_Turkic} NOR \p{Is_Old_Turkic})
          \p{Block: Optical_Character_Recognition} (Short: \p{Blk=OCR},
                                    \p{InOCR}) (32)
          \p{Block: Oriya}        (Single: \p{InOriya}; NOT \p{Oriya} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Oriya}) (128)
          \p{Block: Osmanya}      (Single: \p{InOsmanya}; NOT \p{Osmanya}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Osmanya}) (48)
          \p{Block: Phags_Pa}     (Single: \p{InPhagsPa}; NOT \p{Phags_Pa}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Phags_Pa}) (64)
          \p{Block: Phaistos}     \p{Block=Phaistos_Disc} (48)
          \p{Block: Phaistos_Disc} (Short: \p{Blk=Phaistos}, \p{InPhaistos})
          \p{Block: Phoenician}   (Single: \p{InPhoenician}; NOT
                                    \p{Phoenician} NOR \p{Is_Phoenician})
          \p{Block: Phonetic_Ext} \p{Block=Phonetic_Extensions} (128)
          \p{Block: Phonetic_Ext_Sup} \p{Block=
                                    Phonetic_Extensions_Supplement} (64)

          \p{Block: PUA}          \p{Block=Private_Use_Area} (NOT
                                    \p{Private_Use} NOR \p{Is_Private_Use})
          \p{Block: Punctuation}  \p{Block=General_Punctuation} (NOT
                                    \p{Punct} NOR \p{Is_Punctuation}) (112)
          \p{Block: Rejang}       (Single: \p{InRejang}; NOT \p{Rejang} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Rejang}) (48)
          \p{Block: Rumi}         \p{Block=Rumi_Numeral_Symbols} (32)
          \p{Block: Rumi_Numeral_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=Rumi}, \p{InRumi})
          \p{Block: Runic}        (Single: \p{InRunic}; NOT \p{Runic} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Runic}) (96)
          \p{Block: Samaritan}    (Single: \p{InSamaritan}; NOT
                                    \p{Samaritan} NOR \p{Is_Samaritan}) (64)
          \p{Block: Saurashtra}   (Single: \p{InSaurashtra}; NOT
                                    \p{Saurashtra} NOR \p{Is_Saurashtra})
          \p{Block: Sharada}      (Single: \p{InSharada}; NOT \p{Sharada}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Sharada}) (96)
          \p{Block: Shavian}      (Single: \p{InShavian}) (48)
          \p{Block: Sinhala}      (Single: \p{InSinhala}; NOT \p{Sinhala}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Sinhala}) (128)
          \p{Block: Small_Form_Variants} (Short: \p{Blk=SmallForms},
                                    \p{InSmallForms}) (32)
          \p{Block: Small_Forms}  \p{Block=Small_Form_Variants} (32)
          \p{Block: Sora_Sompeng} (Single: \p{InSoraSompeng}; NOT
                                    \p{Sora_Sompeng} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Sora_Sompeng}) (48)
          \p{Block: Spacing_Modifier_Letters} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    ModifierLetters}, \p{InModifierLetters})
          \p{Block: Specials}     (Single: \p{InSpecials}) (16)
          \p{Block: Sundanese}    (Single: \p{InSundanese}; NOT
                                    \p{Sundanese} NOR \p{Is_Sundanese}) (64)
          \p{Block: Sundanese_Sup} \p{Block=Sundanese_Supplement} (16)
          \p{Block: Sundanese_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=SundaneseSup},
                                    \p{InSundaneseSup}) (16)
          \p{Block: Sup_Arrows_A} \p{Block=Supplemental_Arrows_A} (16)
          \p{Block: Sup_Arrows_B} \p{Block=Supplemental_Arrows_B} (128)
          \p{Block: Sup_Math_Operators} \p{Block=
          \p{Block: Sup_PUA_A}    \p{Block=Supplementary_Private_Use_Area_A}
          \p{Block: Sup_PUA_B}    \p{Block=Supplementary_Private_Use_Area_B}
          \p{Block: Sup_Punctuation} \p{Block=Supplemental_Punctuation} (128)
          \p{Block: Super_And_Sub} \p{Block=Superscripts_And_Subscripts} (48)
          \p{Block: Superscripts_And_Subscripts} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    SuperAndSub}, \p{InSuperAndSub}) (48)
          \p{Block: Supplemental_Arrows_A} (Short: \p{Blk=SupArrowsA},
                                    \p{InSupArrowsA}) (16)
          \p{Block: Supplemental_Arrows_B} (Short: \p{Blk=SupArrowsB},
                                    \p{InSupArrowsB}) (128)
                                    \p{Is_Syloti_Nagri}) (48)
          \p{Block: Syriac}       (Single: \p{InSyriac}; NOT \p{Syriac} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Syriac}) (80)
          \p{Block: Tagalog}      (Single: \p{InTagalog}; NOT \p{Tagalog}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Tagalog}) (32)
          \p{Block: Tagbanwa}     (Single: \p{InTagbanwa}; NOT \p{Tagbanwa}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Tagbanwa}) (32)
          \p{Block: Tags}         (Single: \p{InTags}) (128)
          \p{Block: Tai_Le}       (Single: \p{InTaiLe}; NOT \p{Tai_Le} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Tai_Le}) (48)
          \p{Block: Tai_Tham}     (Single: \p{InTaiTham}; NOT \p{Tai_Tham}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Tai_Tham}) (144)
          \p{Block: Tai_Viet}     (Single: \p{InTaiViet}; NOT \p{Tai_Viet}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Tai_Viet}) (96)
          \p{Block: Tai_Xuan_Jing} \p{Block=Tai_Xuan_Jing_Symbols} (96)
          \p{Block: Tai_Xuan_Jing_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=TaiXuanJing},
                                    \p{InTaiXuanJing}) (96)
          \p{Block: Takri}        (Single: \p{InTakri}; NOT \p{Takri} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Takri}) (80)
          \p{Block: Tamil}        (Single: \p{InTamil}; NOT \p{Tamil} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Tamil}) (128)
          \p{Block: Telugu}       (Single: \p{InTelugu}; NOT \p{Telugu} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Telugu}) (128)
          \p{Block: Thaana}       (Single: \p{InThaana}; NOT \p{Thaana} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Thaana}) (64)
          \p{Block: Thai}         (Single: \p{InThai}; NOT \p{Thai} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Thai}) (128)
          \p{Block: Tibetan}      (Single: \p{InTibetan}; NOT \p{Tibetan}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Tibetan}) (256)
          \p{Block: Tifinagh}     (Single: \p{InTifinagh}; NOT \p{Tifinagh}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Tifinagh}) (80)
          \p{Block: Transport_And_Map} \p{Block=Transport_And_Map_Symbols}
          \p{Block: Transport_And_Map_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    TransportAndMap}, \p{InTransportAndMap})
          \p{Block: UCAS}         \p{Block=
          \p{Block: UCAS_Ext}     \p{Block=
                                    Extended} (80)
          \p{Block: Ugaritic}     (Single: \p{InUgaritic}; NOT \p{Ugaritic}
                                    NOR \p{Is_Ugaritic}) (32)
          \p{Block: Unified_Canadian_Aboriginal_Syllabics} (Short: \p{Blk=
                                    UCAS}, \p{InUCAS}) (640)
          \p{Block: Unified_Canadian_Aboriginal_Syllabics_Extended} (Short:
                                    \p{Blk=UCASExt}, \p{InUCASExt}) (80)
          \p{Block: Vai}          (Single: \p{InVai}; NOT \p{Vai} NOR
                                    \p{Is_Vai}) (320)
          \p{Block: Variation_Selectors} (Short: \p{Blk=VS}, \p{InVS}; NOT
                                    \p{Variation_Selector} NOR \p{Is_VS})
          \p{Block: Variation_Selectors_Supplement} (Short: \p{Blk=VSSup},
          \p{Block: Yijing}       \p{Block=Yijing_Hexagram_Symbols} (64)
          \p{Block: Yijing_Hexagram_Symbols} (Short: \p{Blk=Yijing},
                                    \p{InYijing}) (64)
        X \p{Block_Elements}      \p{Block=Block_Elements} (32)
          \p{Bopo}                \p{Bopomofo} (= \p{Script=Bopomofo}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Bopomofo}) (70)
          \p{Bopomofo}            \p{Script=Bopomofo} (Short: \p{Bopo}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Bopomofo}) (70)
        X \p{Bopomofo_Ext}        \p{Bopomofo_Extended} (= \p{Block=
                                    Bopomofo_Extended}) (32)
        X \p{Bopomofo_Extended}   \p{Block=Bopomofo_Extended} (Short:
                                    \p{InBopomofoExt}) (32)
        X \p{Box_Drawing}         \p{Block=Box_Drawing} (128)
          \p{Brah}                \p{Brahmi} (= \p{Script=Brahmi}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Brahmi}) (108)
          \p{Brahmi}              \p{Script=Brahmi} (Short: \p{Brah}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Brahmi}) (108)
          \p{Brai}                \p{Braille} (= \p{Script=Braille}) (256)
          \p{Braille}             \p{Script=Braille} (Short: \p{Brai}) (256)
        X \p{Braille_Patterns}    \p{Block=Braille_Patterns} (Short:
                                    \p{InBraille}) (256)
          \p{Bugi}                \p{Buginese} (= \p{Script=Buginese}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Buginese}) (30)
          \p{Buginese}            \p{Script=Buginese} (Short: \p{Bugi}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Buginese}) (30)
          \p{Buhd}                \p{Buhid} (= \p{Script=Buhid}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Buhid}) (20)
          \p{Buhid}               \p{Script=Buhid} (Short: \p{Buhd}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Buhid}) (20)
        X \p{Byzantine_Music}     \p{Byzantine_Musical_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Byzantine_Musical_Symbols}) (256)
        X \p{Byzantine_Musical_Symbols} \p{Block=Byzantine_Musical_Symbols}
                                    (Short: \p{InByzantineMusic}) (256)
          \p{C}                   \p{Other} (= \p{General_Category=Other})
          \p{Cakm}                \p{Chakma} (= \p{Script=Chakma}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Chakma}) (67)
          \p{Canadian_Aboriginal} \p{Script=Canadian_Aboriginal} (Short:
                                    \p{Cans}) (710)
        X \p{Canadian_Syllabics}  \p{Unified_Canadian_Aboriginal_Syllabics}
                                    (= \p{Block=
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 0} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Not_Reordered} (1_113_459)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 1} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Overlay} (26)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 7} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Nukta} (13)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 8} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Kana_Voicing} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 9} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Virama} (37)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 10} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC16} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 17} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC17} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 18} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC18} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 19} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC19} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 20} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC20} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 21} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC21} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 22} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC22} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 23} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC23} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 24} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC24} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 25} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC25} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 26} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC26} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 27} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC27} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 28} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC28} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 29} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC29} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 30} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC30} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 31} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC31} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 32} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC32} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 33} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC33} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 34} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC34} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 35} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC35} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 36} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC36} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 84} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC84} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 91} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC91} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 103} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC103} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 107} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC107} (4)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 118} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC118} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 122} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    CCC122} (4)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 129} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Attached_Above} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 216} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Attached_Above_Right} (9)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 218} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Below_Left} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 220} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Below} (129)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 222} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Below_Right} (4)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 224} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Left} (2)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 226} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Right} (1)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 228} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above_Left} (3)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 230} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above} (349)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 232} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above_Right} (4)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 233} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Double_Below} (4)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 234} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Double_Above} (5)
        T \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: 240} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Iota_Subscript} (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: A} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above} (349)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Above} (Short: \p{Ccc=A}) (349)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Above_Left} (Short: \p{Ccc=AL}) (3)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Above_Right} (Short: \p{Ccc=AR}) (4)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: AL} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above_Left} (3)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: AR} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above_Right} (4)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: ATA} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Attached_Above} (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: ATAR} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Attached_Above_Right} (9)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: ATB} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Attached_Below} (5)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: ATBL} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Attached_Below_Left} (0)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Attached_Above} (Short: \p{Ccc=ATA})
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Attached_Above_Right} (Short:
                                    \p{Ccc=ATAR}) (9)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Attached_Below} (Short: \p{Ccc=ATB})
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Attached_Below_Left} (Short: \p{Ccc=
                                    ATBL}) (0)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: B} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Below} (129)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Below} (Short: \p{Ccc=B}) (129)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Below_Left} (Short: \p{Ccc=BL}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC129} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC129}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC13} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC13}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC130} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC130}) (6)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC132} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC132}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC133} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC133}) (0)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC14} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC14}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC15} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC15}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC16} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC16}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC17} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC17}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC18} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC18}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC19} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC19}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC20} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC20}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC21} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC21}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC22} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC22}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC23} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC23}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC24} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC24}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC25} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC25}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC26} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC26}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC27} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC27}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC28} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC28}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC29} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC29}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC30} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC30}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC31} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC31}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC32} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC32}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC33} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC33}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC34} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC34}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC35} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC35}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC36} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC36}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC84} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC84}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: CCC91} (Short: \p{Ccc=CCC91}) (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: DA} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Double_Above} (5)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: DB} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Double_Below} (4)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Double_Above} (Short: \p{Ccc=DA}) (5)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Double_Below} (Short: \p{Ccc=DB}) (4)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Iota_Subscript} (Short: \p{Ccc=IS})
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: IS} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Iota_Subscript} (1)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Kana_Voicing} (Short: \p{Ccc=KV}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: KV} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Kana_Voicing} (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: L} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Left} (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Left} (Short: \p{Ccc=L}) (2)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: NK} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Nukta} (13)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Not_Reordered} (Short: \p{Ccc=NR})
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: NR} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Not_Reordered} (1_113_459)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: Nukta} (Short: \p{Ccc=NK}) (13)
          \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: OV} \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
          \p{Carian}              \p{Script=Carian} (Short: \p{Cari}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Carian}) (49)
          \p{Case_Ignorable}      \p{Case_Ignorable=Y} (Short: \p{CI}) (1799)
          \p{Case_Ignorable: N*}  (Short: \p{CI=N}, \P{CI}) (1_112_313)
          \p{Case_Ignorable: Y*}  (Short: \p{CI=Y}, \p{CI}) (1799)
          \p{Cased}               \p{Cased=Y} (3448)
          \p{Cased: N*}           (Single: \P{Cased}) (1_110_664)
          \p{Cased: Y*}           (Single: \p{Cased}) (3448)
          \p{Cased_Letter}        \p{General_Category=Cased_Letter} (Short:
                                    \p{LC}) (3223)
          \p{Category: *}         \p{General_Category: *}
          \p{Cc}                  \p{Cntrl} (= \p{General_Category=Control})
          \p{Ccc: *}              \p{Canonical_Combining_Class: *}
          \p{CE}                  \p{Composition_Exclusion} (=
                                    \p{Composition_Exclusion=Y}) (81)
          \p{CE: *}               \p{Composition_Exclusion: *}
          \p{Cf}                  \p{Format} (= \p{General_Category=Format})
          \p{Chakma}              \p{Script=Chakma} (Short: \p{Cakm}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Chakma}) (67)
          \p{Cham}                \p{Script=Cham} (NOT \p{Block=Cham}) (83)
          \p{Changes_When_Casefolded} \p{Changes_When_Casefolded=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{CWCF}) (1107)
          \p{Changes_When_Casefolded: N*} (Short: \p{CWCF=N}, \P{CWCF})
          \p{Changes_When_Casefolded: Y*} (Short: \p{CWCF=Y}, \p{CWCF})
          \p{Changes_When_Casemapped} \p{Changes_When_Casemapped=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{CWCM}) (2138)
          \p{Changes_When_Casemapped: N*} (Short: \p{CWCM=N}, \P{CWCM})
          \p{Changes_When_Casemapped: Y*} (Short: \p{CWCM=Y}, \p{CWCM})
          \p{Changes_When_Lowercased} \p{Changes_When_Lowercased=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{CWL}) (1043)
          \p{Changes_When_Lowercased: N*} (Short: \p{CWL=N}, \P{CWL})
          \p{Changes_When_Lowercased: Y*} (Short: \p{CWL=Y}, \p{CWL}) (1043)
          \p{Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded} \p{Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded=
                                    Y} (Short: \p{CWKCF}) (9944)
          \p{Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded: N*} (Short: \p{CWKCF=N},
                                    \P{CWKCF}) (1_104_168)
          \p{Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded: Y*} (Short: \p{CWKCF=Y},
                                    \p{CWKCF}) (9944)
          \p{Changes_When_Titlecased} \p{Changes_When_Titlecased=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{CWT}) (1099)
          \p{Changes_When_Titlecased: N*} (Short: \p{CWT=N}, \P{CWT})
          \p{Changes_When_Titlecased: Y*} (Short: \p{CWT=Y}, \p{CWT}) (1099)
          \p{Changes_When_Uppercased} \p{Changes_When_Uppercased=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{CWU}) (1126)
          \p{Changes_When_Uppercased: N*} (Short: \p{CWU=N}, \P{CWU})

        X \p{CJK_Compat_Forms}    \p{CJK_Compatibility_Forms} (= \p{Block=
                                    CJK_Compatibility_Forms}) (32)
        X \p{CJK_Compat_Ideographs} \p{CJK_Compatibility_Ideographs} (=
        X \p{CJK_Compat_Ideographs_Sup}
                                    Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Supplement}) (544)
        X \p{CJK_Compatibility}   \p{Block=CJK_Compatibility} (Short:
                                    \p{InCJKCompat}) (256)
        X \p{CJK_Compatibility_Forms} \p{Block=CJK_Compatibility_Forms}
                                    (Short: \p{InCJKCompatForms}) (32)
        X \p{CJK_Compatibility_Ideographs} \p{Block=
                                    CJK_Compatibility_Ideographs} (Short:
                                    \p{InCJKCompatIdeographs}) (512)
        X \p{CJK_Compatibility_Ideographs_Supplement} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InCJKCompatIdeographsSup})
        X \p{CJK_Ext_A}           \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_A} (=
        X \p{CJK_Ext_B}           \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_B} (=
        X \p{CJK_Ext_C}           \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_C} (=
        X \p{CJK_Ext_D}           \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_D} (=
        X \p{CJK_Radicals_Sup}    \p{CJK_Radicals_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    CJK_Radicals_Supplement}) (128)
        X \p{CJK_Radicals_Supplement} \p{Block=CJK_Radicals_Supplement}
                                    (Short: \p{InCJKRadicalsSup}) (128)
        X \p{CJK_Strokes}         \p{Block=CJK_Strokes} (48)
        X \p{CJK_Symbols}         \p{CJK_Symbols_And_Punctuation} (=
        X \p{CJK_Symbols_And_Punctuation} \p{Block=
                                    CJK_Symbols_And_Punctuation} (Short:
                                    \p{InCJKSymbols}) (64)
        X \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs} \p{Block=CJK_Unified_Ideographs}
                                    (Short: \p{InCJK}) (20_992)
        X \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_A} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InCJKExtA}) (6592)
        X \p{CJK_Unified_Ideographs_Extension_B} \p{Block=
          \p{Cntrl}               \p{General_Category=Control} Control
                                    characters (Short: \p{Cc}) (65)
          \p{Co}                  \p{Private_Use} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Private_Use}) (NOT \p{Private_Use_Area})
        X \p{Combining_Diacritical_Marks} \p{Block=
                                    Combining_Diacritical_Marks} (Short:
                                    \p{InDiacriticals}) (112)
        X \p{Combining_Diacritical_Marks_For_Symbols} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InDiacriticalsForSymbols})
        X \p{Combining_Diacritical_Marks_Supplement} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InDiacriticalsSup}) (64)
        X \p{Combining_Half_Marks} \p{Block=Combining_Half_Marks} (Short:
                                    \p{InHalfMarks}) (16)
          \p{Combining_Mark}      \p{Mark} (= \p{General_Category=Mark})
        X \p{Combining_Marks_For_Symbols}
                                    Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Symbols}) (48)
          \p{Common}              \p{Script=Common} (Short: \p{Zyyy}) (6413)
        X \p{Common_Indic_Number_Forms} \p{Block=Common_Indic_Number_Forms}
                                    (Short: \p{InIndicNumberForms}) (16)
          \p{Comp_Ex}             \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion} (=
                                    \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion=Y}) (1120)
          \p{Comp_Ex: *}          \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion: *}
        X \p{Compat_Jamo}         \p{Hangul_Compatibility_Jamo} (= \p{Block=
                                    Hangul_Compatibility_Jamo}) (96)
          \p{Composition_Exclusion} \p{Composition_Exclusion=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{CE}) (81)
          \p{Composition_Exclusion: N*} (Short: \p{CE=N}, \P{CE}) (1_114_031)
          \p{Composition_Exclusion: Y*} (Short: \p{CE=Y}, \p{CE}) (81)
          \p{Connector_Punctuation} \p{General_Category=
                                    Connector_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Pc})
          \p{Control}             \p{Cntrl} (= \p{General_Category=Control})
        X \p{Control_Pictures}    \p{Block=Control_Pictures} (64)
          \p{Copt}                \p{Coptic} (= \p{Script=Coptic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Coptic}) (137)
          \p{Coptic}              \p{Script=Coptic} (Short: \p{Copt}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Coptic}) (137)
        X \p{Counting_Rod}        \p{Counting_Rod_Numerals} (= \p{Block=
                                    Counting_Rod_Numerals}) (32)
        X \p{Counting_Rod_Numerals} \p{Block=Counting_Rod_Numerals} (Short:
                                    \p{InCountingRod}) (32)
          \p{Cprt}                \p{Cypriot} (= \p{Script=Cypriot}) (55)
          \p{Cs}                  \p{Surrogate} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Surrogate}) (2048)
          \p{Cuneiform}           \p{Script=Cuneiform} (Short: \p{Xsux}; NOT
          \p{CWCF: *}             \p{Changes_When_Casefolded: *}
          \p{CWCM}                \p{Changes_When_Casemapped} (=
                                    \p{Changes_When_Casemapped=Y}) (2138)
          \p{CWCM: *}             \p{Changes_When_Casemapped: *}
          \p{CWKCF}               \p{Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded} (=
          \p{CWKCF: *}            \p{Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded: *}
          \p{CWL}                 \p{Changes_When_Lowercased} (=
                                    \p{Changes_When_Lowercased=Y}) (1043)
          \p{CWL: *}              \p{Changes_When_Lowercased: *}
          \p{CWT}                 \p{Changes_When_Titlecased} (=
                                    \p{Changes_When_Titlecased=Y}) (1099)
          \p{CWT: *}              \p{Changes_When_Titlecased: *}
          \p{CWU}                 \p{Changes_When_Uppercased} (=
                                    \p{Changes_When_Uppercased=Y}) (1126)
          \p{CWU: *}              \p{Changes_When_Uppercased: *}
          \p{Cypriot}             \p{Script=Cypriot} (Short: \p{Cprt}) (55)
        X \p{Cypriot_Syllabary}   \p{Block=Cypriot_Syllabary} (64)
          \p{Cyrillic}            \p{Script=Cyrillic} (Short: \p{Cyrl}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Cyrillic}) (417)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Ext_A}      \p{Cyrillic_Extended_A} (= \p{Block=
                                    Cyrillic_Extended_A}) (32)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Ext_B}      \p{Cyrillic_Extended_B} (= \p{Block=
                                    Cyrillic_Extended_B}) (96)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Extended_A} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Extended_A} (Short:
                                    \p{InCyrillicExtA}) (32)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Extended_B} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Extended_B} (Short:
                                    \p{InCyrillicExtB}) (96)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Sup}        \p{Cyrillic_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Cyrillic_Supplement}) (48)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Supplement} \p{Block=Cyrillic_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InCyrillicSup}) (48)
        X \p{Cyrillic_Supplementary} \p{Cyrillic_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Cyrillic_Supplement}) (48)
          \p{Cyrl}                \p{Cyrillic} (= \p{Script=Cyrillic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Cyrillic}) (417)
          \p{Dash}                \p{Dash=Y} (27)
          \p{Dash: N*}            (Single: \P{Dash}) (1_114_085)
          \p{Dash: Y*}            (Single: \p{Dash}) (27)
          \p{Dash_Punctuation}    \p{General_Category=Dash_Punctuation}
                                    (Short: \p{Pd}) (23)
          \p{Decimal_Number}      \p{Digit} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Decimal_Number}) (460)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Can} \p{Decomposition_Type=Canonical}
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Canonical} (Short: \p{Dt=Can}) (13_225)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Circle} (Short: \p{Dt=Enc}) (240)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Com} \p{Decomposition_Type=Compat} (720)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Compat} (Short: \p{Dt=Com}) (720)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Enc} \p{Decomposition_Type=Circle} (240)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Fin} \p{Decomposition_Type=Final} (240)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Final} (Short: \p{Dt=Fin}) (240)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Font} (Short: \p{Dt=Font}) (1184)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Non_Canon} \p{Decomposition_Type=
                                    Non_Canonical} (Perl extension) (3655)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Non_Canonical} Union of all non-canonical
                                    decompositions (Short: \p{Dt=NonCanon})
                                    (Perl extension) (3655)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: None} (Short: \p{Dt=None}) (1_097_232)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Small} (Short: \p{Dt=Sml}) (26)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Sml} \p{Decomposition_Type=Small} (26)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Sqr} \p{Decomposition_Type=Square} (284)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Square} (Short: \p{Dt=Sqr}) (284)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Sub} (Short: \p{Dt=Sub}) (38)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Sup} \p{Decomposition_Type=Super} (146)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Super} (Short: \p{Dt=Sup}) (146)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Vert} \p{Decomposition_Type=Vertical} (35)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Vertical} (Short: \p{Dt=Vert}) (35)
          \p{Decomposition_Type: Wide} (Short: \p{Dt=Wide}) (104)
          \p{Default_Ignorable_Code_Point} \p{Default_Ignorable_Code_Point=
                                    Y} (Short: \p{DI}) (4167)
          \p{Default_Ignorable_Code_Point: N*} (Short: \p{DI=N}, \P{DI})
          \p{Default_Ignorable_Code_Point: Y*} (Short: \p{DI=Y}, \p{DI})
          \p{Dep}                 \p{Deprecated} (= \p{Deprecated=Y}) (111)
          \p{Dep: *}              \p{Deprecated: *}
          \p{Deprecated}          \p{Deprecated=Y} (Short: \p{Dep}) (111)
          \p{Deprecated: N*}      (Short: \p{Dep=N}, \P{Dep}) (1_114_001)
          \p{Deprecated: Y*}      (Short: \p{Dep=Y}, \p{Dep}) (111)
          \p{Deseret}             \p{Script=Deseret} (Short: \p{Dsrt}) (80)
          \p{Deva}                \p{Devanagari} (= \p{Script=Devanagari})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Devanagari}) (151)
          \p{Devanagari}          \p{Script=Devanagari} (Short: \p{Deva};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Devanagari}) (151)
        X \p{Devanagari_Ext}      \p{Devanagari_Extended} (= \p{Block=
                                    Devanagari_Extended}) (32)
        X \p{Devanagari_Extended} \p{Block=Devanagari_Extended} (Short:
                                    \p{InDevanagariExt}) (32)
          \p{DI}                  \p{Default_Ignorable_Code_Point} (=
          \p{DI: *}               \p{Default_Ignorable_Code_Point: *}
          \p{Dia}                 \p{Diacritic} (= \p{Diacritic=Y}) (693)
          \p{Dia: *}              \p{Diacritic: *}
          \p{Diacritic}           \p{Diacritic=Y} (Short: \p{Dia}) (693)
          \p{Diacritic: N*}       (Short: \p{Dia=N}, \P{Dia}) (1_113_419)
          \p{Diacritic: Y*}       (Short: \p{Dia=Y}, \p{Dia}) (693)
        X \p{Diacriticals}        \p{Combining_Diacritical_Marks} (=
        X \p{Diacriticals_For_Symbols}
                                    Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Symbols}) (48)
        X \p{Diacriticals_Sup}    \p{Combining_Diacritical_Marks_Supplement}
          \p{Dt: *}               \p{Decomposition_Type: *}
          \p{Ea: *}               \p{East_Asian_Width: *}
          \p{East_Asian_Width: A} \p{East_Asian_Width=Ambiguous} (138_746)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Ambiguous} (Short: \p{Ea=A}) (138_746)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: F} \p{East_Asian_Width=Fullwidth} (104)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Fullwidth} (Short: \p{Ea=F}) (104)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: H} \p{East_Asian_Width=Halfwidth} (123)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Halfwidth} (Short: \p{Ea=H}) (123)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: N} \p{East_Asian_Width=Neutral} (801_894)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Na} \p{East_Asian_Width=Narrow} (111)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Narrow} (Short: \p{Ea=Na}) (111)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Neutral} (Short: \p{Ea=N}) (801_894)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: W} \p{East_Asian_Width=Wide} (173_134)
          \p{East_Asian_Width: Wide} (Short: \p{Ea=W}) (173_134)
          \p{Egyp}                \p{Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} (= \p{Script=
                                    Egyptian_Hieroglyphs}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Egyptian_Hieroglyphs}) (1071)
          \p{Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} \p{Script=Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} (Short:
                                    \p{Egyp}; NOT \p{Block=
                                    Egyptian_Hieroglyphs}) (1071)
        X \p{Emoticons}           \p{Block=Emoticons} (80)
        X \p{Enclosed_Alphanum}   \p{Enclosed_Alphanumerics} (= \p{Block=
                                    Enclosed_Alphanumerics}) (160)
        X \p{Enclosed_Alphanum_Sup} \p{Enclosed_Alphanumeric_Supplement} (=
                                    Enclosed_Alphanumeric_Supplement}) (256)
        X \p{Enclosed_Alphanumeric_Supplement} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InEnclosedAlphanumSup}) (256)
        X \p{Enclosed_Alphanumerics} \p{Block=Enclosed_Alphanumerics}
                                    (Short: \p{InEnclosedAlphanum}) (160)
        X \p{Enclosed_CJK}        \p{Enclosed_CJK_Letters_And_Months} (=
                                    Enclosed_CJK_Letters_And_Months}) (256)
        X \p{Enclosed_CJK_Letters_And_Months} \p{Block=
                                    Enclosed_CJK_Letters_And_Months} (Short:
                                    \p{InEnclosedCJK}) (256)
        X \p{Enclosed_Ideographic_Sup} \p{Enclosed_Ideographic_Supplement}
                                    (= \p{Block=
                                    Enclosed_Ideographic_Supplement}) (256)
        X \p{Enclosed_Ideographic_Supplement} \p{Block=
                                    Enclosed_Ideographic_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InEnclosedIdeographicSup}) (256)
          \p{Enclosing_Mark}      \p{General_Category=Enclosing_Mark}
                                    (Short: \p{Me}) (12)
          \p{Ethi}                \p{Ethiopic} (= \p{Script=Ethiopic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Ethiopic}) (495)
          \p{Ethiopic}            \p{Script=Ethiopic} (Short: \p{Ethi}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Ethiopic}) (495)
        X \p{Ethiopic_Ext}        \p{Ethiopic_Extended} (= \p{Block=
                                    Ethiopic_Extended}) (96)
        X \p{Ethiopic_Ext_A}      \p{Ethiopic_Extended_A} (= \p{Block=
                                    Ethiopic_Extended_A}) (48)
        X \p{Ethiopic_Extended}   \p{Block=Ethiopic_Extended} (Short:
          \p{Final_Punctuation}   \p{General_Category=Final_Punctuation}
                                    (Short: \p{Pf}) (10)
          \p{Format}              \p{General_Category=Format} (Short:
                                    \p{Cf}) (139)
          \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion} \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion=Y}
                                    (Short: \p{CompEx}) (1120)
          \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion: N*} (Short: \p{CompEx=N},
                                    \P{CompEx}) (1_112_992)
          \p{Full_Composition_Exclusion: Y*} (Short: \p{CompEx=Y},
                                    \p{CompEx}) (1120)
          \p{Gc: *}               \p{General_Category: *}
          \p{GCB: *}              \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: *}
          \p{General_Category: C} \p{General_Category=Other} (1_004_134)
          \p{General_Category: Cased_Letter} [\p{Ll}\p{Lu}\p{Lt}] (Short:
                                    \p{Gc=LC}, \p{LC}) (3223)
          \p{General_Category: Cc} \p{General_Category=Control} (65)
          \p{General_Category: Cf} \p{General_Category=Format} (139)
          \p{General_Category: Close_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Pe}, \p{Pe})
          \p{General_Category: Cn} \p{General_Category=Unassigned} (864_414)
          \p{General_Category: Cntrl} \p{General_Category=Control} (65)
          \p{General_Category: Co} \p{General_Category=Private_Use} (137_468)
          \p{General_Category: Combining_Mark} \p{General_Category=Mark}
          \p{General_Category: Connector_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Pc},
                                    \p{Pc}) (10)
          \p{General_Category: Control} (Short: \p{Gc=Cc}, \p{Cc}) (65)
          \p{General_Category: Cs} \p{General_Category=Surrogate} (2048)
          \p{General_Category: Currency_Symbol} (Short: \p{Gc=Sc}, \p{Sc})
          \p{General_Category: Dash_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Pd}, \p{Pd})
          \p{General_Category: Decimal_Number} (Short: \p{Gc=Nd}, \p{Nd})
          \p{General_Category: Digit} \p{General_Category=Decimal_Number}
          \p{General_Category: Enclosing_Mark} (Short: \p{Gc=Me}, \p{Me})
          \p{General_Category: Final_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Pf}, \p{Pf})
          \p{General_Category: Format} (Short: \p{Gc=Cf}, \p{Cf}) (139)
          \p{General_Category: Initial_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Pi},
                                    \p{Pi}) (12)
          \p{General_Category: L} \p{General_Category=Letter} (101_013)
        X \p{General_Category: L&} \p{General_Category=Cased_Letter} (3223)
        X \p{General_Category: L_} \p{General_Category=Cased_Letter} Note
                                    the trailing '_' matters in spite of
                                    loose matching rules. (3223)
          \p{General_Category: LC} \p{General_Category=Cased_Letter} (3223)
          \p{General_Category: Letter} (Short: \p{Gc=L}, \p{L}) (101_013)
          \p{General_Category: Letter_Number} (Short: \p{Gc=Nl}, \p{Nl})
          \p{General_Category: Line_Separator} (Short: \p{Gc=Zl}, \p{Zl}) (1)
          \p{General_Category: Ll} \p{General_Category=Lowercase_Letter}
          \p{General_Category: Mark} (Short: \p{Gc=M}, \p{M}) (1645)
          \p{General_Category: Math_Symbol} (Short: \p{Gc=Sm}, \p{Sm}) (952)
          \p{General_Category: Mc} \p{General_Category=Spacing_Mark} (353)
          \p{General_Category: Me} \p{General_Category=Enclosing_Mark} (12)
          \p{General_Category: Mn} \p{General_Category=Nonspacing_Mark}
          \p{General_Category: Modifier_Letter} (Short: \p{Gc=Lm}, \p{Lm})
          \p{General_Category: Modifier_Symbol} (Short: \p{Gc=Sk}, \p{Sk})
          \p{General_Category: N} \p{General_Category=Number} (1148)
          \p{General_Category: Nd} \p{General_Category=Decimal_Number} (460)
          \p{General_Category: Nl} \p{General_Category=Letter_Number} (224)
          \p{General_Category: No} \p{General_Category=Other_Number} (464)
          \p{General_Category: Nonspacing_Mark} (Short: \p{Gc=Mn}, \p{Mn})
          \p{General_Category: Number} (Short: \p{Gc=N}, \p{N}) (1148)
          \p{General_Category: Open_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Ps}, \p{Ps})
          \p{General_Category: Other} (Short: \p{Gc=C}, \p{C}) (1_004_134)
          \p{General_Category: Other_Letter} (Short: \p{Gc=Lo}, \p{Lo})
          \p{General_Category: Other_Number} (Short: \p{Gc=No}, \p{No}) (464)
          \p{General_Category: Other_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=Po}, \p{Po})
          \p{General_Category: Other_Symbol} (Short: \p{Gc=So}, \p{So})
          \p{General_Category: P} \p{General_Category=Punctuation} (632)
          \p{General_Category: Paragraph_Separator} (Short: \p{Gc=Zp},
                                    \p{Zp}) (1)
          \p{General_Category: Pc} \p{General_Category=
                                    Connector_Punctuation} (10)
          \p{General_Category: Pd} \p{General_Category=Dash_Punctuation} (23)
          \p{General_Category: Pe} \p{General_Category=Close_Punctuation}
          \p{General_Category: Pf} \p{General_Category=Final_Punctuation}
          \p{General_Category: Pi} \p{General_Category=Initial_Punctuation}
          \p{General_Category: Po} \p{General_Category=Other_Punctuation}
          \p{General_Category: Private_Use} (Short: \p{Gc=Co}, \p{Co})
          \p{General_Category: Ps} \p{General_Category=Open_Punctuation} (72)
          \p{General_Category: Punct} \p{General_Category=Punctuation} (632)
          \p{General_Category: Punctuation} (Short: \p{Gc=P}, \p{P}) (632)
          \p{General_Category: S} \p{General_Category=Symbol} (5520)
          \p{General_Category: Sc} \p{General_Category=Currency_Symbol} (49)
          \p{General_Category: Separator} (Short: \p{Gc=Z}, \p{Z}) (20)
          \p{General_Category: Sk} \p{General_Category=Modifier_Symbol} (115)
          \p{General_Category: Sm} \p{General_Category=Math_Symbol} (952)
          \p{General_Category: So} \p{General_Category=Other_Symbol} (4404)
          \p{General_Category: Space_Separator} (Short: \p{Gc=Zs}, \p{Zs})
          \p{General_Category: Zs} \p{General_Category=Space_Separator} (18)
        X \p{General_Punctuation} \p{Block=General_Punctuation} (Short:
                                    \p{InPunctuation}) (112)
        X \p{Geometric_Shapes}    \p{Block=Geometric_Shapes} (96)
          \p{Geor}                \p{Georgian} (= \p{Script=Georgian}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Georgian}) (127)
          \p{Georgian}            \p{Script=Georgian} (Short: \p{Geor}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Georgian}) (127)
        X \p{Georgian_Sup}        \p{Georgian_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Georgian_Supplement}) (48)
        X \p{Georgian_Supplement} \p{Block=Georgian_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InGeorgianSup}) (48)
          \p{Glag}                \p{Glagolitic} (= \p{Script=Glagolitic})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Glagolitic}) (94)
          \p{Glagolitic}          \p{Script=Glagolitic} (Short: \p{Glag};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Glagolitic}) (94)
          \p{Goth}                \p{Gothic} (= \p{Script=Gothic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Gothic}) (27)
          \p{Gothic}              \p{Script=Gothic} (Short: \p{Goth}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Gothic}) (27)
          \p{Gr_Base}             \p{Grapheme_Base} (= \p{Grapheme_Base=Y})
          \p{Gr_Base: *}          \p{Grapheme_Base: *}
          \p{Gr_Ext}              \p{Grapheme_Extend} (= \p{Grapheme_Extend=
                                    Y}) (1317)
          \p{Gr_Ext: *}           \p{Grapheme_Extend: *}
          \p{Graph}               Characters that are graphical (247_565)
          \p{Grapheme_Base}       \p{Grapheme_Base=Y} (Short: \p{GrBase})
          \p{Grapheme_Base: N*}   (Short: \p{GrBase=N}, \P{GrBase})
          \p{Grapheme_Base: Y*}   (Short: \p{GrBase=Y}, \p{GrBase}) (108_661)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: CN} \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break=Control}
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: Control} (Short: \p{GCB=CN}) (6023)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: CR} (Short: \p{GCB=CR}) (1)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: EX} \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break=Extend}
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: Extend} (Short: \p{GCB=EX}) (1317)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: L} (Short: \p{GCB=L}) (125)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: LF} (Short: \p{GCB=LF}) (1)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: LV} (Short: \p{GCB=LV}) (399)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: LVT} (Short: \p{GCB=LVT}) (10_773)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: Other} (Short: \p{GCB=XX}) (1_094_924)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: PP} \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break=Prepend}
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: Prepend} (Short: \p{GCB=PP}) (0)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: Regional_Indicator} (Short: \p{GCB=RI})
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: RI} \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break=
                                    Regional_Indicator} (26)
          \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break: SM} \p{Grapheme_Cluster_Break=
                                    SpacingMark} (291)
                                    \p{InGreek}) (144)
        X \p{Greek_Ext}           \p{Greek_Extended} (= \p{Block=
                                    Greek_Extended}) (256)
        X \p{Greek_Extended}      \p{Block=Greek_Extended} (Short:
                                    \p{InGreekExt}) (256)
          \p{Grek}                \p{Greek} (= \p{Script=Greek}) (NOT
                                    \p{Greek_And_Coptic}) (511)
          \p{Gujarati}            \p{Script=Gujarati} (Short: \p{Gujr}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Gujarati}) (84)
          \p{Gujr}                \p{Gujarati} (= \p{Script=Gujarati}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Gujarati}) (84)
          \p{Gurmukhi}            \p{Script=Gurmukhi} (Short: \p{Guru}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Gurmukhi}) (79)
          \p{Guru}                \p{Gurmukhi} (= \p{Script=Gurmukhi}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Gurmukhi}) (79)
        X \p{Half_And_Full_Forms} \p{Halfwidth_And_Fullwidth_Forms} (=
        X \p{Half_Marks}          \p{Combining_Half_Marks} (= \p{Block=
                                    Combining_Half_Marks}) (16)
        X \p{Halfwidth_And_Fullwidth_Forms} \p{Block=
                                    Halfwidth_And_Fullwidth_Forms} (Short:
                                    \p{InHalfAndFullForms}) (240)
          \p{Han}                 \p{Script=Han} (75_963)
          \p{Hang}                \p{Hangul} (= \p{Script=Hangul}) (NOT
                                    \p{Hangul_Syllables}) (11_739)
          \p{Hangul}              \p{Script=Hangul} (Short: \p{Hang}; NOT
                                    \p{Hangul_Syllables}) (11_739)
        X \p{Hangul_Compatibility_Jamo} \p{Block=Hangul_Compatibility_Jamo}
                                    (Short: \p{InCompatJamo}) (96)
        X \p{Hangul_Jamo}         \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo} (Short: \p{InJamo})
        X \p{Hangul_Jamo_Extended_A} \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo_Extended_A}
                                    (Short: \p{InJamoExtA}) (32)
        X \p{Hangul_Jamo_Extended_B} \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo_Extended_B}
                                    (Short: \p{InJamoExtB}) (80)
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: L} \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type=Leading_Jamo}
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: Leading_Jamo} (Short: \p{Hst=L}) (125)
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: LV} \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type=LV_Syllable}
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: LV_Syllable} (Short: \p{Hst=LV}) (399)
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: LVT} \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type=
                                    LVT_Syllable} (10_773)
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: LVT_Syllable} (Short: \p{Hst=LVT})
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: NA} \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type=
                                    Not_Applicable} (1_102_583)
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: Not_Applicable} (Short: \p{Hst=NA})
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: T} \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type=Trailing_Jamo}
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: Trailing_Jamo} (Short: \p{Hst=T}) (137)
          \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: V} \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type=Vowel_Jamo}
                                    \p{Block=Hebrew}) (133)
          \p{Hex}                 \p{XDigit} (= \p{Hex_Digit=Y}) (44)
          \p{Hex: *}              \p{Hex_Digit: *}
          \p{Hex_Digit}           \p{XDigit} (= \p{Hex_Digit=Y}) (44)
          \p{Hex_Digit: N*}       (Short: \p{Hex=N}, \P{Hex}) (1_114_068)
          \p{Hex_Digit: Y*}       (Short: \p{Hex=Y}, \p{Hex}) (44)
        X \p{High_Private_Use_Surrogates} \p{Block=
                                    High_Private_Use_Surrogates} (Short:
                                    \p{InHighPUSurrogates}) (128)
        X \p{High_PU_Surrogates}  \p{High_Private_Use_Surrogates} (=
        X \p{High_Surrogates}     \p{Block=High_Surrogates} (896)
          \p{Hira}                \p{Hiragana} (= \p{Script=Hiragana}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Hiragana}) (91)
          \p{Hiragana}            \p{Script=Hiragana} (Short: \p{Hira}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Hiragana}) (91)
          \p{HorizSpace}          \p{Blank} (19)
          \p{Hst: *}              \p{Hangul_Syllable_Type: *}
        D \p{Hyphen}              \p{Hyphen=Y} (11)
        D \p{Hyphen: N*}          Supplanted by Line_Break property values;
                                    (Single: \P{Hyphen}) (1_114_101)
        D \p{Hyphen: Y*}          Supplanted by Line_Break property values;
                                    (Single: \p{Hyphen}) (11)
          \p{ID_Continue}         \p{ID_Continue=Y} (Short: \p{IDC}; NOT
          \p{ID_Continue: N*}     (Short: \p{IDC=N}, \P{IDC}) (1_010_757)
          \p{ID_Continue: Y*}     (Short: \p{IDC=Y}, \p{IDC}) (103_355)
          \p{ID_Start}            \p{ID_Start=Y} (Short: \p{IDS}) (101_240)
          \p{ID_Start: N*}        (Short: \p{IDS=N}, \P{IDS}) (1_012_872)
          \p{ID_Start: Y*}        (Short: \p{IDS=Y}, \p{IDS}) (101_240)
          \p{IDC}                 \p{ID_Continue} (= \p{ID_Continue=Y}) (NOT
          \p{IDC: *}              \p{ID_Continue: *}
          \p{Ideo}                \p{Ideographic} (= \p{Ideographic=Y})
          \p{Ideo: *}             \p{Ideographic: *}
          \p{Ideographic}         \p{Ideographic=Y} (Short: \p{Ideo})
          \p{Ideographic: N*}     (Short: \p{Ideo=N}, \P{Ideo}) (1_038_479)
          \p{Ideographic: Y*}     (Short: \p{Ideo=Y}, \p{Ideo}) (75_633)
        X \p{Ideographic_Description_Characters} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InIDC}) (16)
          \p{IDS}                 \p{ID_Start} (= \p{ID_Start=Y}) (101_240)
          \p{IDS: *}              \p{ID_Start: *}
          \p{IDS_Binary_Operator} \p{IDS_Binary_Operator=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{IDSB}) (10)
          \p{IDS_Binary_Operator: N*} (Short: \p{IDSB=N}, \P{IDSB})

          \p{Imperial_Aramaic}    \p{Script=Imperial_Aramaic} (Short:
                                    \p{Armi}; NOT \p{Block=
                                    Imperial_Aramaic}) (31)
          \p{In: *}               \p{Present_In: *} (Perl extension)
          \p{In_*}                \p{Block: *}
        X \p{Indic_Number_Forms}  \p{Common_Indic_Number_Forms} (= \p{Block=
                                    Common_Indic_Number_Forms}) (16)
          \p{Inherited}           \p{Script=Inherited} (Short: \p{Zinh})
          \p{Initial_Punctuation} \p{General_Category=Initial_Punctuation}
                                    (Short: \p{Pi}) (12)
          \p{Inscriptional_Pahlavi} \p{Script=Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (Short:
                                    \p{Phli}; NOT \p{Block=
                                    Inscriptional_Pahlavi}) (27)
          \p{Inscriptional_Parthian} \p{Script=Inscriptional_Parthian}
                                    (Short: \p{Prti}; NOT \p{Block=
                                    Inscriptional_Parthian}) (30)
        X \p{IPA_Ext}             \p{IPA_Extensions} (= \p{Block=
                                    IPA_Extensions}) (96)
        X \p{IPA_Extensions}      \p{Block=IPA_Extensions} (Short:
                                    \p{InIPAExt}) (96)
          \p{Is_*}                \p{*} (Any exceptions are individually
                                    noted beginning with the word NOT.) If
                                    an entry has flag(s) at its beginning,
                                    like "D", the "Is_" form has the same
          \p{Ital}                \p{Old_Italic} (= \p{Script=Old_Italic})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Old_Italic}) (35)
        X \p{Jamo}                \p{Hangul_Jamo} (= \p{Block=Hangul_Jamo})
        X \p{Jamo_Ext_A}          \p{Hangul_Jamo_Extended_A} (= \p{Block=
                                    Hangul_Jamo_Extended_A}) (32)
        X \p{Jamo_Ext_B}          \p{Hangul_Jamo_Extended_B} (= \p{Block=
                                    Hangul_Jamo_Extended_B}) (80)
          \p{Java}                \p{Javanese} (= \p{Script=Javanese}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Javanese}) (91)
          \p{Javanese}            \p{Script=Javanese} (Short: \p{Java}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Javanese}) (91)
          \p{Jg: *}               \p{Joining_Group: *}
          \p{Join_C}              \p{Join_Control} (= \p{Join_Control=Y}) (2)
          \p{Join_C: *}           \p{Join_Control: *}
          \p{Join_Control}        \p{Join_Control=Y} (Short: \p{JoinC}) (2)
          \p{Join_Control: N*}    (Short: \p{JoinC=N}, \P{JoinC}) (1_114_110)
          \p{Join_Control: Y*}    (Short: \p{JoinC=Y}, \p{JoinC}) (2)
          \p{Joining_Group: Ain}  (Short: \p{Jg=Ain}) (7)
          \p{Joining_Group: Alaph} (Short: \p{Jg=Alaph}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Alef} (Short: \p{Jg=Alef}) (10)
          \p{Joining_Group: Beh}  (Short: \p{Jg=Beh}) (20)
          \p{Joining_Group: Beth} (Short: \p{Jg=Beth}) (2)
          \p{Joining_Group: Burushaski_Yeh_Barree} (Short: \p{Jg=
                                    BurushaskiYehBarree}) (2)
          \p{Joining_Group: Dal}  (Short: \p{Jg=Dal}) (14)
          \p{Joining_Group: Dalath_Rish} (Short: \p{Jg=DalathRish}) (4)
          \p{Joining_Group: E}    (Short: \p{Jg=E}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Heth} (Short: \p{Jg=Heth}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Kaf}  (Short: \p{Jg=Kaf}) (5)
          \p{Joining_Group: Kaph} (Short: \p{Jg=Kaph}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Khaph} (Short: \p{Jg=Khaph}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Knotted_Heh} (Short: \p{Jg=KnottedHeh}) (2)
          \p{Joining_Group: Lam}  (Short: \p{Jg=Lam}) (7)
          \p{Joining_Group: Lamadh} (Short: \p{Jg=Lamadh}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Meem} (Short: \p{Jg=Meem}) (4)
          \p{Joining_Group: Mim}  (Short: \p{Jg=Mim}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: No_Joining_Group} (Short: \p{Jg=NoJoiningGroup})
          \p{Joining_Group: Noon} (Short: \p{Jg=Noon}) (8)
          \p{Joining_Group: Nun}  (Short: \p{Jg=Nun}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Nya}  (Short: \p{Jg=Nya}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Pe}   (Short: \p{Jg=Pe}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Qaf}  (Short: \p{Jg=Qaf}) (5)
          \p{Joining_Group: Qaph} (Short: \p{Jg=Qaph}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Reh}  (Short: \p{Jg=Reh}) (17)
          \p{Joining_Group: Reversed_Pe} (Short: \p{Jg=ReversedPe}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Rohingya_Yeh} (Short: \p{Jg=RohingyaYeh}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Sad}  (Short: \p{Jg=Sad}) (5)
          \p{Joining_Group: Sadhe} (Short: \p{Jg=Sadhe}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Seen} (Short: \p{Jg=Seen}) (11)
          \p{Joining_Group: Semkath} (Short: \p{Jg=Semkath}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Shin} (Short: \p{Jg=Shin}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Swash_Kaf} (Short: \p{Jg=SwashKaf}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Syriac_Waw} (Short: \p{Jg=SyriacWaw}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Tah}  (Short: \p{Jg=Tah}) (4)
          \p{Joining_Group: Taw}  (Short: \p{Jg=Taw}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Teh_Marbuta} (Short: \p{Jg=TehMarbuta}) (3)
          \p{Joining_Group: Teh_Marbuta_Goal} \p{Joining_Group=
                                    Hamza_On_Heh_Goal} (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Teth} (Short: \p{Jg=Teth}) (2)
          \p{Joining_Group: Waw}  (Short: \p{Jg=Waw}) (16)
          \p{Joining_Group: Yeh}  (Short: \p{Jg=Yeh}) (10)
          \p{Joining_Group: Yeh_Barree} (Short: \p{Jg=YehBarree}) (2)
          \p{Joining_Group: Yeh_With_Tail} (Short: \p{Jg=YehWithTail}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Yudh} (Short: \p{Jg=Yudh}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Yudh_He} (Short: \p{Jg=YudhHe}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Zain} (Short: \p{Jg=Zain}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Group: Zhain} (Short: \p{Jg=Zhain}) (1)
          \p{Joining_Type: C}     \p{Joining_Type=Join_Causing} (3)
          \p{Joining_Type: D}     \p{Joining_Type=Dual_Joining} (215)
          \p{Joining_Type: Dual_Joining} (Short: \p{Jt=D}) (215)
          \p{Joining_Type: Join_Causing} (Short: \p{Jt=C}) (3)
          \p{Joining_Type: L}     \p{Joining_Type=Left_Joining} (0)
          \p{Joining_Type: Left_Joining} (Short: \p{Jt=L}) (0)
          \p{Joining_Type: Non_Joining} (Short: \p{Jt=U}) (1_112_389)
          \p{Joining_Type: R}     \p{Joining_Type=Right_Joining} (82)
          \p{Joining_Type: Right_Joining} (Short: \p{Jt=R}) (82)
          \p{Joining_Type: T}     \p{Joining_Type=Transparent} (1423)
          \p{Joining_Type: Transparent} (Short: \p{Jt=T}) (1423)
          \p{Joining_Type: U}     \p{Joining_Type=Non_Joining} (1_112_389)
          \p{Jt: *}               \p{Joining_Type: *}

        X \p{Kangxi_Radicals}     \p{Block=Kangxi_Radicals} (Short:
                                    \p{InKangxi}) (224)
          \p{Kannada}             \p{Script=Kannada} (Short: \p{Knda}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Kannada}) (86)
          \p{Katakana}            \p{Script=Katakana} (Short: \p{Kana}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Katakana}) (300)
        X \p{Katakana_Ext}        \p{Katakana_Phonetic_Extensions} (=
        X \p{Katakana_Phonetic_Extensions} \p{Block=
                                    Katakana_Phonetic_Extensions} (Short:
                                    \p{InKatakanaExt}) (16)
          \p{Kayah_Li}            \p{Script=Kayah_Li} (Short: \p{Kali}) (48)
          \p{Khar}                \p{Kharoshthi} (= \p{Script=Kharoshthi})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Kharoshthi}) (65)
          \p{Kharoshthi}          \p{Script=Kharoshthi} (Short: \p{Khar};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Kharoshthi}) (65)
          \p{Khmer}               \p{Script=Khmer} (Short: \p{Khmr}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Khmer}) (146)
        X \p{Khmer_Symbols}       \p{Block=Khmer_Symbols} (32)
          \p{Khmr}                \p{Khmer} (= \p{Script=Khmer}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Khmer}) (146)
          \p{Knda}                \p{Kannada} (= \p{Script=Kannada}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Kannada}) (86)
          \p{Kthi}                \p{Kaithi} (= \p{Script=Kaithi}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Kaithi}) (66)
          \p{L}                   \p{Letter} (= \p{General_Category=Letter})
        X \p{L&}                  \p{Cased_Letter} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Cased_Letter}) (3223)
        X \p{L_}                  \p{Cased_Letter} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Cased_Letter}) Note the trailing '_'
                                    matters in spite of loose matching
                                    rules. (3223)
          \p{Lana}                \p{Tai_Tham} (= \p{Script=Tai_Tham}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tai_Tham}) (127)
          \p{Lao}                 \p{Script=Lao} (NOT \p{Block=Lao}) (67)
          \p{Laoo}                \p{Lao} (= \p{Script=Lao}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Lao}) (67)
          \p{Latin}               \p{Script=Latin} (Short: \p{Latn}) (1272)
        X \p{Latin_1}             \p{Latin_1_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Latin_1_Supplement}) (128)
        X \p{Latin_1_Sup}         \p{Latin_1_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Latin_1_Supplement}) (128)
        X \p{Latin_1_Supplement}  \p{Block=Latin_1_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InLatin1}) (128)
        X \p{Latin_Ext_A}         \p{Latin_Extended_A} (= \p{Block=
                                    Latin_Extended_A}) (128)
        X \p{Latin_Ext_Additional} \p{Latin_Extended_Additional} (=
        X \p{Latin_Ext_B}         \p{Latin_Extended_B} (= \p{Block=
                                    Latin_Extended_B}) (208)
        X \p{Latin_Ext_C}         \p{Latin_Extended_C} (= \p{Block=
                                    \p{InLatinExtD}) (224)
          \p{Latn}                \p{Latin} (= \p{Script=Latin}) (1272)
          \p{Lb: *}               \p{Line_Break: *}
          \p{LC}                  \p{Cased_Letter} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Cased_Letter}) (3223)
          \p{Lepc}                \p{Lepcha} (= \p{Script=Lepcha}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Lepcha}) (74)
          \p{Lepcha}              \p{Script=Lepcha} (Short: \p{Lepc}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Lepcha}) (74)
          \p{Letter}              \p{General_Category=Letter} (Short: \p{L})
          \p{Letter_Number}       \p{General_Category=Letter_Number} (Short:
                                    \p{Nl}) (224)
        X \p{Letterlike_Symbols}  \p{Block=Letterlike_Symbols} (80)
          \p{Limb}                \p{Limbu} (= \p{Script=Limbu}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Limbu}) (66)
          \p{Limbu}               \p{Script=Limbu} (Short: \p{Limb}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Limbu}) (66)
          \p{Linb}                \p{Linear_B} (= \p{Script=Linear_B}) (211)
          \p{Line_Break: AI}      \p{Line_Break=Ambiguous} (687)
          \p{Line_Break: AL}      \p{Line_Break=Alphabetic} (15_355)
          \p{Line_Break: Alphabetic} (Short: \p{Lb=AL}) (15_355)
          \p{Line_Break: Ambiguous} (Short: \p{Lb=AI}) (687)
          \p{Line_Break: B2}      \p{Line_Break=Break_Both} (3)
          \p{Line_Break: BA}      \p{Line_Break=Break_After} (151)
          \p{Line_Break: BB}      \p{Line_Break=Break_Before} (19)
          \p{Line_Break: BK}      \p{Line_Break=Mandatory_Break} (4)
          \p{Line_Break: Break_After} (Short: \p{Lb=BA}) (151)
          \p{Line_Break: Break_Before} (Short: \p{Lb=BB}) (19)
          \p{Line_Break: Break_Both} (Short: \p{Lb=B2}) (3)
          \p{Line_Break: Break_Symbols} (Short: \p{Lb=SY}) (1)
          \p{Line_Break: Carriage_Return} (Short: \p{Lb=CR}) (1)
          \p{Line_Break: CB}      \p{Line_Break=Contingent_Break} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: CJ}      \p{Line_Break=
                                    Conditional_Japanese_Starter} (51)
          \p{Line_Break: CL}      \p{Line_Break=Close_Punctuation} (87)
          \p{Line_Break: Close_Parenthesis} (Short: \p{Lb=CP}) (2)
          \p{Line_Break: Close_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Lb=CL}) (87)
          \p{Line_Break: CM}      \p{Line_Break=Combining_Mark} (1628)
          \p{Line_Break: Combining_Mark} (Short: \p{Lb=CM}) (1628)
          \p{Line_Break: Complex_Context} (Short: \p{Lb=SA}) (665)
          \p{Line_Break: Conditional_Japanese_Starter} (Short: \p{Lb=CJ})
          \p{Line_Break: Contingent_Break} (Short: \p{Lb=CB}) (1)
          \p{Line_Break: CP}      \p{Line_Break=Close_Parenthesis} (2)
          \p{Line_Break: CR}      \p{Line_Break=Carriage_Return} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: EX}      \p{Line_Break=Exclamation} (34)
          \p{Line_Break: Exclamation} (Short: \p{Lb=EX}) (34)
          \p{Line_Break: GL}      \p{Line_Break=Glue} (18)
          \p{Line_Break: Glue}    (Short: \p{Lb=GL}) (18)
          \p{Line_Break: H2}      (Short: \p{Lb=H2}) (399)
          \p{Line_Break: H3}      (Short: \p{Lb=H3}) (10_773)
          \p{Line_Break: Hebrew_Letter} (Short: \p{Lb=HL}) (74)
          \p{Line_Break: HL}      \p{Line_Break=Hebrew_Letter} (74)
          \p{Line_Break: LF}      \p{Line_Break=Line_Feed} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: Line_Feed} (Short: \p{Lb=LF}) (1)
          \p{Line_Break: Mandatory_Break} (Short: \p{Lb=BK}) (4)
          \p{Line_Break: Next_Line} (Short: \p{Lb=NL}) (1)
          \p{Line_Break: NL}      \p{Line_Break=Next_Line} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: Nonstarter} (Short: \p{Lb=NS}) (26)
          \p{Line_Break: NS}      \p{Line_Break=Nonstarter} (26)
          \p{Line_Break: NU}      \p{Line_Break=Numeric} (452)
          \p{Line_Break: Numeric} (Short: \p{Lb=NU}) (452)
          \p{Line_Break: OP}      \p{Line_Break=Open_Punctuation} (81)
          \p{Line_Break: Open_Punctuation} (Short: \p{Lb=OP}) (81)
          \p{Line_Break: PO}      \p{Line_Break=Postfix_Numeric} (28)
          \p{Line_Break: Postfix_Numeric} (Short: \p{Lb=PO}) (28)
          \p{Line_Break: PR}      \p{Line_Break=Prefix_Numeric} (46)
          \p{Line_Break: Prefix_Numeric} (Short: \p{Lb=PR}) (46)
          \p{Line_Break: QU}      \p{Line_Break=Quotation} (34)
          \p{Line_Break: Quotation} (Short: \p{Lb=QU}) (34)
          \p{Line_Break: Regional_Indicator} (Short: \p{Lb=RI}) (26)
          \p{Line_Break: RI}      \p{Line_Break=Regional_Indicator} (26)
          \p{Line_Break: SA}      \p{Line_Break=Complex_Context} (665)
        D \p{Line_Break: SG}      \p{Line_Break=Surrogate} (2048)
          \p{Line_Break: SP}      \p{Line_Break=Space} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: Space}   (Short: \p{Lb=SP}) (1)
        D \p{Line_Break: Surrogate} Deprecated by Unicode because surrogates
                                    should never appear in well-formed text,
                                    and therefore shouldn't be the basis for
                                    line breaking (Short: \p{Lb=SG}) (2048)
          \p{Line_Break: SY}      \p{Line_Break=Break_Symbols} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: Unknown} (Short: \p{Lb=XX}) (918_337)
          \p{Line_Break: WJ}      \p{Line_Break=Word_Joiner} (2)
          \p{Line_Break: Word_Joiner} (Short: \p{Lb=WJ}) (2)
          \p{Line_Break: XX}      \p{Line_Break=Unknown} (918_337)
          \p{Line_Break: ZW}      \p{Line_Break=ZWSpace} (1)
          \p{Line_Break: ZWSpace} (Short: \p{Lb=ZW}) (1)
          \p{Line_Separator}      \p{General_Category=Line_Separator}
                                    (Short: \p{Zl}) (1)
          \p{Linear_B}            \p{Script=Linear_B} (Short: \p{Linb}) (211)
        X \p{Linear_B_Ideograms}  \p{Block=Linear_B_Ideograms} (128)
        X \p{Linear_B_Syllabary}  \p{Block=Linear_B_Syllabary} (128)
          \p{Lisu}                \p{Script=Lisu} (48)
          \p{Ll}                  \p{Lowercase_Letter} (=
                                    (/i= General_Category=Cased_Letter)
          \p{Lm}                  \p{Modifier_Letter} (=
          \p{Lo}                  \p{Other_Letter} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Other_Letter}) (97_553)
          \p{LOE}                 \p{Logical_Order_Exception} (=
                                    \p{Logical_Order_Exception=Y}) (15)
          \p{LOE: *}              \p{Logical_Order_Exception: *}
          \p{Logical_Order_Exception} \p{Logical_Order_Exception=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{LOE}) (15)

          \p{Lowercase_Letter}    \p{General_Category=Lowercase_Letter}
                                    (Short: \p{Ll}; /i= General_Category=
                                    Cased_Letter) (1751)
          \p{Lt}                  \p{Titlecase_Letter} (=
                                    (/i= General_Category=Cased_Letter) (31)
          \p{Lu}                  \p{Uppercase_Letter} (=
                                    (/i= General_Category=Cased_Letter)
          \p{Lyci}                \p{Lycian} (= \p{Script=Lycian}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Lycian}) (29)
          \p{Lycian}              \p{Script=Lycian} (Short: \p{Lyci}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Lycian}) (29)
          \p{Lydi}                \p{Lydian} (= \p{Script=Lydian}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Lydian}) (27)
          \p{Lydian}              \p{Script=Lydian} (Short: \p{Lydi}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Lydian}) (27)
          \p{M}                   \p{Mark} (= \p{General_Category=Mark})
        X \p{Mahjong}             \p{Mahjong_Tiles} (= \p{Block=
                                    Mahjong_Tiles}) (48)
        X \p{Mahjong_Tiles}       \p{Block=Mahjong_Tiles} (Short:
                                    \p{InMahjong}) (48)
          \p{Malayalam}           \p{Script=Malayalam} (Short: \p{Mlym}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Malayalam}) (98)
          \p{Mand}                \p{Mandaic} (= \p{Script=Mandaic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Mandaic}) (29)
          \p{Mandaic}             \p{Script=Mandaic} (Short: \p{Mand}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Mandaic}) (29)
          \p{Mark}                \p{General_Category=Mark} (Short: \p{M})
          \p{Math}                \p{Math=Y} (2310)
          \p{Math: N*}            (Single: \P{Math}) (1_111_802)
          \p{Math: Y*}            (Single: \p{Math}) (2310)
        X \p{Math_Alphanum}       \p{Mathematical_Alphanumeric_Symbols} (=
        X \p{Math_Operators}      \p{Mathematical_Operators} (= \p{Block=
                                    Mathematical_Operators}) (256)
          \p{Math_Symbol}         \p{General_Category=Math_Symbol} (Short:
                                    \p{Sm}) (952)
        X \p{Mathematical_Alphanumeric_Symbols} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InMathAlphanum}) (1024)
        X \p{Mathematical_Operators} \p{Block=Mathematical_Operators}
                                    (Short: \p{InMathOperators}) (256)
          \p{Mc}                  \p{Spacing_Mark} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Spacing_Mark}) (353)
          \p{Me}                  \p{Enclosing_Mark} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Enclosing_Mark}) (12)
          \p{Meetei_Mayek}        \p{Script=Meetei_Mayek} (Short: \p{Mtei};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Meetei_Mayek}) (79)

          \p{Meroitic_Hieroglyphs} \p{Script=Meroitic_Hieroglyphs} (Short:
                                    \p{Mero}) (32)
          \p{Miao}                \p{Script=Miao} (NOT \p{Block=Miao}) (133)
        X \p{Misc_Arrows}         \p{Miscellaneous_Symbols_And_Arrows} (=
                                    Miscellaneous_Symbols_And_Arrows}) (256)
        X \p{Misc_Math_Symbols_A} \p{Miscellaneous_Mathematical_Symbols_A}
                                    (= \p{Block=
        X \p{Misc_Math_Symbols_B} \p{Miscellaneous_Mathematical_Symbols_B}
                                    (= \p{Block=
        X \p{Misc_Pictographs}    \p{Miscellaneous_Symbols_And_Pictographs}
                                    (= \p{Block=
        X \p{Misc_Symbols}        \p{Miscellaneous_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Miscellaneous_Symbols}) (256)
        X \p{Misc_Technical}      \p{Miscellaneous_Technical} (= \p{Block=
                                    Miscellaneous_Technical}) (256)
        X \p{Miscellaneous_Mathematical_Symbols_A} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InMiscMathSymbolsA}) (48)
        X \p{Miscellaneous_Mathematical_Symbols_B} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InMiscMathSymbolsB}) (128)
        X \p{Miscellaneous_Symbols} \p{Block=Miscellaneous_Symbols} (Short:
                                    \p{InMiscSymbols}) (256)
        X \p{Miscellaneous_Symbols_And_Arrows} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InMiscArrows}) (256)
        X \p{Miscellaneous_Symbols_And_Pictographs} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InMiscPictographs}) (768)
        X \p{Miscellaneous_Technical} \p{Block=Miscellaneous_Technical}
                                    (Short: \p{InMiscTechnical}) (256)
          \p{Mlym}                \p{Malayalam} (= \p{Script=Malayalam})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Malayalam}) (98)
          \p{Mn}                  \p{Nonspacing_Mark} (=
          \p{Modifier_Letter}     \p{General_Category=Modifier_Letter}
                                    (Short: \p{Lm}) (237)
        X \p{Modifier_Letters}    \p{Spacing_Modifier_Letters} (= \p{Block=
                                    Spacing_Modifier_Letters}) (80)
          \p{Modifier_Symbol}     \p{General_Category=Modifier_Symbol}
                                    (Short: \p{Sk}) (115)
        X \p{Modifier_Tone_Letters} \p{Block=Modifier_Tone_Letters} (32)
          \p{Mong}                \p{Mongolian} (= \p{Script=Mongolian})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Mongolian}) (153)
          \p{Mongolian}           \p{Script=Mongolian} (Short: \p{Mong}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Mongolian}) (153)
                                    \p{InMyanmarExtA}) (32)
          \p{Mymr}                \p{Myanmar} (= \p{Script=Myanmar}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Myanmar}) (188)
          \p{N}                   \p{Number} (= \p{General_Category=Number})
        X \p{NB}                  \p{No_Block} (= \p{Block=No_Block})
          \p{NChar}               \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point} (=
                                    \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point=Y}) (66)
          \p{NChar: *}            \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point: *}
          \p{Nd}                  \p{Digit} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Decimal_Number}) (460)
          \p{New_Tai_Lue}         \p{Script=New_Tai_Lue} (Short: \p{Talu};
                                    NOT \p{Block=New_Tai_Lue}) (83)
          \p{NFC_QC: *}           \p{NFC_Quick_Check: *}
          \p{NFC_Quick_Check: M}  \p{NFC_Quick_Check=Maybe} (104)
          \p{NFC_Quick_Check: Maybe} (Short: \p{NFCQC=M}) (104)
          \p{NFC_Quick_Check: N}  \p{NFC_Quick_Check=No} (NOT
                                    \P{NFC_Quick_Check} NOR \P{NFC_QC})
          \p{NFC_Quick_Check: No} (Short: \p{NFCQC=N}; NOT
                                    \P{NFC_Quick_Check} NOR \P{NFC_QC})
          \p{NFC_Quick_Check: Y}  \p{NFC_Quick_Check=Yes} (NOT
                                    \p{NFC_Quick_Check} NOR \p{NFC_QC})
          \p{NFC_Quick_Check: Yes} (Short: \p{NFCQC=Y}; NOT
                                    \p{NFC_Quick_Check} NOR \p{NFC_QC})
          \p{NFD_QC: *}           \p{NFD_Quick_Check: *}
          \p{NFD_Quick_Check: N}  \p{NFD_Quick_Check=No} (NOT
                                    \P{NFD_Quick_Check} NOR \P{NFD_QC})
          \p{NFD_Quick_Check: No} (Short: \p{NFDQC=N}; NOT
                                    \P{NFD_Quick_Check} NOR \P{NFD_QC})
          \p{NFD_Quick_Check: Y}  \p{NFD_Quick_Check=Yes} (NOT
                                    \p{NFD_Quick_Check} NOR \p{NFD_QC})
          \p{NFD_Quick_Check: Yes} (Short: \p{NFDQC=Y}; NOT
                                    \p{NFD_Quick_Check} NOR \p{NFD_QC})
          \p{NFKC_QC: *}          \p{NFKC_Quick_Check: *}
          \p{NFKC_Quick_Check: M} \p{NFKC_Quick_Check=Maybe} (104)
          \p{NFKC_Quick_Check: Maybe} (Short: \p{NFKCQC=M}) (104)
          \p{NFKC_Quick_Check: N} \p{NFKC_Quick_Check=No} (NOT
                                    \P{NFKC_Quick_Check} NOR \P{NFKC_QC})
          \p{NFKC_Quick_Check: No} (Short: \p{NFKCQC=N}; NOT
                                    \P{NFKC_Quick_Check} NOR \P{NFKC_QC})
          \p{NFKC_Quick_Check: Y} \p{NFKC_Quick_Check=Yes} (NOT
                                    \p{NFKC_Quick_Check} NOR \p{NFKC_QC})
          \p{NFKD_Quick_Check: Yes} (Short: \p{NFKDQC=Y}; NOT
                                    \p{NFKD_Quick_Check} NOR \p{NFKD_QC})
          \p{Nko}                 \p{Script=Nko} (NOT \p{NKo}) (59)
          \p{Nkoo}                \p{Nko} (= \p{Script=Nko}) (NOT \p{NKo})
          \p{Nl}                  \p{Letter_Number} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Letter_Number}) (224)
          \p{No}                  \p{Other_Number} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Other_Number}) (464)
        X \p{No_Block}            \p{Block=No_Block} (Short: \p{InNB})
          \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point} \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{NChar}) (66)
          \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point: N*} (Short: \p{NChar=N}, \P{NChar})
          \p{Noncharacter_Code_Point: Y*} (Short: \p{NChar=Y}, \p{NChar})
          \p{Nonspacing_Mark}     \p{General_Category=Nonspacing_Mark}
                                    (Short: \p{Mn}) (1280)
          \p{Nt: *}               \p{Numeric_Type: *}
          \p{Number}              \p{General_Category=Number} (Short: \p{N})
        X \p{Number_Forms}        \p{Block=Number_Forms} (64)
          \p{Numeric_Type: De}    \p{Numeric_Type=Decimal} (460)
          \p{Numeric_Type: Decimal} (Short: \p{Nt=De}) (460)
          \p{Numeric_Type: Di}    \p{Numeric_Type=Digit} (128)
          \p{Numeric_Type: Digit} (Short: \p{Nt=Di}) (128)
          \p{Numeric_Type: None}  (Short: \p{Nt=None}) (1_112_883)
          \p{Numeric_Type: Nu}    \p{Numeric_Type=Numeric} (641)
          \p{Numeric_Type: Numeric} (Short: \p{Nt=Nu}) (641)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: -1}   (Short: \p{Nv=-1}) (2)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: -1/2} (Short: \p{Nv=-1/2}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 0}    (Short: \p{Nv=0}) (60)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/16} (Short: \p{Nv=1/16}) (3)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/10} (Short: \p{Nv=1/10}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/9}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/9}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/8}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/8}) (5)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/7}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/7}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/6}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/6}) (2)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 3/16} (Short: \p{Nv=3/16}) (3)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/5}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/5}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/4}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/4}) (9)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/3}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/3}) (4)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 3/8}  (Short: \p{Nv=3/8}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 2/5}  (Short: \p{Nv=2/5}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1/2}  (Short: \p{Nv=1/2}) (10)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 3/5}  (Short: \p{Nv=3/5}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 5/8}  (Short: \p{Nv=5/8}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 2/3}  (Short: \p{Nv=2/3}) (5)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 3/4}  (Short: \p{Nv=3/4}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 4/5}  (Short: \p{Nv=4/5}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 5/6}  (Short: \p{Nv=5/6}) (2)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 13/2} (Short: \p{Nv=13/2}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 7}    (Short: \p{Nv=7}) (81)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 15/2} (Short: \p{Nv=15/2}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 8}    (Short: \p{Nv=8}) (77)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 17/2} (Short: \p{Nv=17/2}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 9}    (Short: \p{Nv=9}) (81)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 10}   (Short: \p{Nv=10}) (40)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 11}   (Short: \p{Nv=11}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 12}   (Short: \p{Nv=12}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 13}   (Short: \p{Nv=13}) (4)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 14}   (Short: \p{Nv=14}) (4)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 15}   (Short: \p{Nv=15}) (4)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 16}   (Short: \p{Nv=16}) (5)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 17}   (Short: \p{Nv=17}) (5)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 18}   (Short: \p{Nv=18}) (5)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 19}   (Short: \p{Nv=19}) (5)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 20}   (Short: \p{Nv=20}) (19)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 21}   (Short: \p{Nv=21}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 22}   (Short: \p{Nv=22}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 23}   (Short: \p{Nv=23}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 24}   (Short: \p{Nv=24}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 25}   (Short: \p{Nv=25}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 26}   (Short: \p{Nv=26}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 27}   (Short: \p{Nv=27}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 28}   (Short: \p{Nv=28}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 29}   (Short: \p{Nv=29}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 30}   (Short: \p{Nv=30}) (11)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 31}   (Short: \p{Nv=31}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 32}   (Short: \p{Nv=32}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 33}   (Short: \p{Nv=33}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 34}   (Short: \p{Nv=34}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 35}   (Short: \p{Nv=35}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 36}   (Short: \p{Nv=36}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 37}   (Short: \p{Nv=37}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 38}   (Short: \p{Nv=38}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 39}   (Short: \p{Nv=39}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 40}   (Short: \p{Nv=40}) (10)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 41}   (Short: \p{Nv=41}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 42}   (Short: \p{Nv=42}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 43}   (Short: \p{Nv=43}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 44}   (Short: \p{Nv=44}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 45}   (Short: \p{Nv=45}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 46}   (Short: \p{Nv=46}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 47}   (Short: \p{Nv=47}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 48}   (Short: \p{Nv=48}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 49}   (Short: \p{Nv=49}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 50}   (Short: \p{Nv=50}) (20)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 60}   (Short: \p{Nv=60}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 70}   (Short: \p{Nv=70}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 80}   (Short: \p{Nv=80}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 90}   (Short: \p{Nv=90}) (6)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 100}  (Short: \p{Nv=100}) (20)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 200}  (Short: \p{Nv=200}) (2)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 300}  (Short: \p{Nv=300}) (3)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 7000} (Short: \p{Nv=7000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 8000} (Short: \p{Nv=8000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 9000} (Short: \p{Nv=9000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 10000} (= 1.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=10000}) (7)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 20000} (= 2.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=20000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 30000} (= 3.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=30000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 40000} (= 4.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=40000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 50000} (= 5.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=50000}) (4)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 60000} (= 6.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=60000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 70000} (= 7.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=70000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 80000} (= 8.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=80000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 90000} (= 9.0e+04) (Short: \p{Nv=90000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 100000} (= 1.0e+05) (Short: \p{Nv=100000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 216000} (= 2.2e+05) (Short: \p{Nv=216000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 432000} (= 4.3e+05) (Short: \p{Nv=432000}) (1)
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 100000000} (= 1.0e+08) (Short: \p{Nv=100000000})
        T \p{Numeric_Value: 1000000000000} (= 1.0e+12) (Short: \p{Nv=
                                    1000000000000}) (1)
          \p{Numeric_Value: NaN}  (Short: \p{Nv=NaN}) (1_112_883)
          \p{Nv: *}               \p{Numeric_Value: *}
        X \p{OCR}                 \p{Optical_Character_Recognition} (=
          \p{Ogam}                \p{Ogham} (= \p{Script=Ogham}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Ogham}) (29)
          \p{Ogham}               \p{Script=Ogham} (Short: \p{Ogam}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Ogham}) (29)
          \p{Ol_Chiki}            \p{Script=Ol_Chiki} (Short: \p{Olck}) (48)
          \p{Olck}                \p{Ol_Chiki} (= \p{Script=Ol_Chiki}) (48)
          \p{Old_Italic}          \p{Script=Old_Italic} (Short: \p{Ital};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Old_Italic}) (35)
          \p{Old_Persian}         \p{Script=Old_Persian} (Short: \p{Xpeo};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Old_Persian}) (50)
          \p{Old_South_Arabian}   \p{Script=Old_South_Arabian} (Short:
                                    \p{Sarb}) (32)
          \p{Old_Turkic}          \p{Script=Old_Turkic} (Short: \p{Orkh};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Old_Turkic}) (73)
          \p{Open_Punctuation}    \p{General_Category=Open_Punctuation}
                                    (Short: \p{Ps}) (72)
        X \p{Optical_Character_Recognition} \p{Block=
                                    Optical_Character_Recognition} (Short:
                                    \p{InOCR}) (32)
          \p{Oriya}               \p{Script=Oriya} (Short: \p{Orya}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Oriya}) (90)
          \p{Orkh}                \p{Old_Turkic} (= \p{Script=Old_Turkic})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Old_Turkic}) (73)
          \p{Orya}                \p{Oriya} (= \p{Script=Oriya}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Oriya}) (90)
          \p{Osma}                \p{Osmanya} (= \p{Script=Osmanya}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Osmanya}) (40)
          \p{Osmanya}             \p{Script=Osmanya} (Short: \p{Osma}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Osmanya}) (40)
          \p{Other}               \p{General_Category=Other} (Short: \p{C})
          \p{Paragraph_Separator} \p{General_Category=Paragraph_Separator}
                                    (Short: \p{Zp}) (1)
          \p{Pat_Syn}             \p{Pattern_Syntax} (= \p{Pattern_Syntax=
                                    Y}) (2760)
          \p{Pat_Syn: *}          \p{Pattern_Syntax: *}
          \p{Pat_WS}              \p{Pattern_White_Space} (=
                                    \p{Pattern_White_Space=Y}) (11)
          \p{Pat_WS: *}           \p{Pattern_White_Space: *}
          \p{Pattern_Syntax}      \p{Pattern_Syntax=Y} (Short: \p{PatSyn})
          \p{Pattern_Syntax: N*}  (Short: \p{PatSyn=N}, \P{PatSyn})
          \p{Pattern_Syntax: Y*}  (Short: \p{PatSyn=Y}, \p{PatSyn}) (2760)
          \p{Pattern_White_Space} \p{Pattern_White_Space=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{PatWS}) (11)
          \p{Pattern_White_Space: N*} (Short: \p{PatWS=N}, \P{PatWS})
          \p{Pattern_White_Space: Y*} (Short: \p{PatWS=Y}, \p{PatWS}) (11)
          \p{Pc}                  \p{Connector_Punctuation} (=
                                    Connector_Punctuation}) (10)
          \p{Pd}                  \p{Dash_Punctuation} (=
          \p{Pe}                  \p{Close_Punctuation} (=
          \p{PerlSpace}           \s, restricted to ASCII = [ \f\n\r\t] plus
                                    vertical tab (6)
          \p{PerlWord}            \w, restricted to ASCII = [A-Za-z0-9_] (63)
          \p{Pf}                  \p{Final_Punctuation} (=
          \p{Phag}                \p{Phags_Pa} (= \p{Script=Phags_Pa}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Phags_Pa}) (56)
          \p{Phags_Pa}            \p{Script=Phags_Pa} (Short: \p{Phag}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Phags_Pa}) (56)
        X \p{Phaistos}            \p{Phaistos_Disc} (= \p{Block=
                                    Phaistos_Disc}) (48)
        X \p{Phaistos_Disc}       \p{Block=Phaistos_Disc} (Short:
                                    \p{InPhaistos}) (48)
          \p{Phli}                \p{Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (= \p{Script=
                                    Inscriptional_Pahlavi}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Inscriptional_Pahlavi}) (27)
          \p{Phnx}                \p{Phoenician} (= \p{Script=Phoenician})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Phoenician}) (29)
          \p{Phoenician}          \p{Script=Phoenician} (Short: \p{Phnx};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Phoenician}) (29)
        X \p{Phonetic_Ext}        \p{Phonetic_Extensions} (= \p{Block=
                                    Phonetic_Extensions}) (128)
        X \p{Phonetic_Ext_Sup}    \p{Phonetic_Extensions_Supplement} (=
                                    Phonetic_Extensions_Supplement}) (64)
        X \p{Phonetic_Extensions} \p{Block=Phonetic_Extensions} (Short:
          \p{PosixAlnum}          [A-Za-z0-9] (62)
          \p{PosixAlpha}          [A-Za-z] (52)
          \p{PosixBlank}          \t and ' ' (2)
          \p{PosixCntrl}          ASCII control characters: NUL, SOH, STX,
                                    ETX, EOT, ENQ, ACK, BEL, BS, HT, LF, VT,
                                    FF, CR, SO, SI, DLE, DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4,
                                    NAK, SYN, ETB, CAN, EOM, SUB, ESC, FS,
                                    GS, RS, US, and DEL (33)
          \p{PosixDigit}          [0-9] (10)
          \p{PosixGraph}          [-!"#$%&'()*+,./:;<>?@[\\]^_`{|}~0-9A-Za-
                                    z] (94)
          \p{PosixLower}          [a-z] (/i= PosixAlpha) (26)
          \p{PosixPrint}          [- 0-9A-Za-
                                    z!"#$%&'()*+,./:;<>?@[\\]^_`{|}~] (95)
          \p{PosixPunct}          [-!"#$%&'()*+,./:;<>?@[\\]^_`{|}~] (32)
          \p{PosixSpace}          \t, \n, \cK, \f, \r, and ' '.  (\cK is
                                    vertical tab) (6)
          \p{PosixUpper}          [A-Z] (/i= PosixAlpha) (26)
          \p{PosixWord}           \p{PerlWord} (63)
          \p{PosixXDigit}         \p{ASCII_Hex_Digit=Y} [0-9A-Fa-f] (Short:
                                    \p{AHex}) (22)
        T \p{Present_In: 1.1}     \p{Age=V1_1} (Short: \p{In=1.1}) (Perl
                                    extension) (33_979)
        T \p{Present_In: 2.0}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    2.0 or earlier (Short: \p{In=2.0}) (Perl
                                    extension) (178_500)
        T \p{Present_In: 2.1}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    2.1 or earlier (Short: \p{In=2.1}) (Perl
                                    extension) (178_502)
        T \p{Present_In: 3.0}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    3.0 or earlier (Short: \p{In=3.0}) (Perl
                                    extension) (188_809)
        T \p{Present_In: 3.1}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    3.1 or earlier (Short: \p{In=3.1}) (Perl
                                    extension) (233_787)
        T \p{Present_In: 3.2}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    3.2 or earlier (Short: \p{In=3.2}) (Perl
                                    extension) (234_803)
        T \p{Present_In: 4.0}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    4.0 or earlier (Short: \p{In=4.0}) (Perl
                                    extension) (236_029)
        T \p{Present_In: 4.1}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    4.1 or earlier (Short: \p{In=4.1}) (Perl
                                    extension) (237_302)
        T \p{Present_In: 5.0}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    5.0 or earlier (Short: \p{In=5.0}) (Perl
                                    extension) (238_671)
        T \p{Present_In: 5.1}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    5.1 or earlier (Short: \p{In=5.1}) (Perl
                                    extension) (240_295)
        T \p{Present_In: 5.2}     Code point's usage introduced in version
                                    5.2 or earlier (Short: \p{In=5.2}) (Perl
                                    extension) (246_943)
                                    characters (but no controls) (247_583)
          \p{Private_Use}         \p{General_Category=Private_Use} (Short:
                                    \p{Co}; NOT \p{Private_Use_Area})
        X \p{Private_Use_Area}    \p{Block=Private_Use_Area} (Short:
                                    \p{InPUA}) (6400)
          \p{Prti}                \p{Inscriptional_Parthian} (= \p{Script=
                                    Inscriptional_Parthian}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Inscriptional_Parthian}) (30)
          \p{Ps}                  \p{Open_Punctuation} (=
        X \p{PUA}                 \p{Private_Use_Area} (= \p{Block=
                                    Private_Use_Area}) (6400)
          \p{Punct}               \p{General_Category=Punctuation} (Short:
                                    \p{P}; NOT \p{General_Punctuation}) (632)
          \p{Punctuation}         \p{Punct} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Punctuation}) (NOT
                                    \p{General_Punctuation}) (632)
          \p{Qaac}                \p{Coptic} (= \p{Script=Coptic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Coptic}) (137)
          \p{Qaai}                \p{Inherited} (= \p{Script=Inherited})
          \p{QMark}               \p{Quotation_Mark} (= \p{Quotation_Mark=
                                    Y}) (29)
          \p{QMark: *}            \p{Quotation_Mark: *}
          \p{Quotation_Mark}      \p{Quotation_Mark=Y} (Short: \p{QMark})
          \p{Quotation_Mark: N*}  (Short: \p{QMark=N}, \P{QMark}) (1_114_083)
          \p{Quotation_Mark: Y*}  (Short: \p{QMark=Y}, \p{QMark}) (29)
          \p{Radical}             \p{Radical=Y} (329)
          \p{Radical: N*}         (Single: \P{Radical}) (1_113_783)
          \p{Radical: Y*}         (Single: \p{Radical}) (329)
          \p{Rejang}              \p{Script=Rejang} (Short: \p{Rjng}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Rejang}) (37)
          \p{Rjng}                \p{Rejang} (= \p{Script=Rejang}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Rejang}) (37)
        X \p{Rumi}                \p{Rumi_Numeral_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Rumi_Numeral_Symbols}) (32)
        X \p{Rumi_Numeral_Symbols} \p{Block=Rumi_Numeral_Symbols} (Short:
                                    \p{InRumi}) (32)
          \p{Runic}               \p{Script=Runic} (Short: \p{Runr}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Runic}) (78)
          \p{Runr}                \p{Runic} (= \p{Script=Runic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Runic}) (78)
          \p{S}                   \p{Symbol} (= \p{General_Category=Symbol})
          \p{Samaritan}           \p{Script=Samaritan} (Short: \p{Samr}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Samaritan}) (61)
          \p{Samr}                \p{Samaritan} (= \p{Script=Samaritan})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Samaritan}) (61)
          \p{Sarb}                \p{Old_South_Arabian} (= \p{Script=
                                    Old_South_Arabian}) (32)
          \p{Saur}                \p{Saurashtra} (= \p{Script=Saurashtra})
          \p{Script: Armn}        \p{Script=Armenian} (91)
          \p{Script: Avestan}     (Short: \p{Sc=Avst}, \p{Avst}) (61)
          \p{Script: Avst}        \p{Script=Avestan} (61)
          \p{Script: Bali}        \p{Script=Balinese} (121)
          \p{Script: Balinese}    (Short: \p{Sc=Bali}, \p{Bali}) (121)
          \p{Script: Bamu}        \p{Script=Bamum} (657)
          \p{Script: Bamum}       (Short: \p{Sc=Bamu}, \p{Bamu}) (657)
          \p{Script: Batak}       (Short: \p{Sc=Batk}, \p{Batk}) (56)
          \p{Script: Batk}        \p{Script=Batak} (56)
          \p{Script: Beng}        \p{Script=Bengali} (92)
          \p{Script: Bengali}     (Short: \p{Sc=Beng}, \p{Beng}) (92)
          \p{Script: Bopo}        \p{Script=Bopomofo} (70)
          \p{Script: Bopomofo}    (Short: \p{Sc=Bopo}, \p{Bopo}) (70)
          \p{Script: Brah}        \p{Script=Brahmi} (108)
          \p{Script: Brahmi}      (Short: \p{Sc=Brah}, \p{Brah}) (108)
          \p{Script: Brai}        \p{Script=Braille} (256)
          \p{Script: Braille}     (Short: \p{Sc=Brai}, \p{Brai}) (256)
          \p{Script: Bugi}        \p{Script=Buginese} (30)
          \p{Script: Buginese}    (Short: \p{Sc=Bugi}, \p{Bugi}) (30)
          \p{Script: Buhd}        \p{Script=Buhid} (20)
          \p{Script: Buhid}       (Short: \p{Sc=Buhd}, \p{Buhd}) (20)
          \p{Script: Cakm}        \p{Script=Chakma} (67)
          \p{Script: Canadian_Aboriginal} (Short: \p{Sc=Cans}, \p{Cans})
          \p{Script: Cans}        \p{Script=Canadian_Aboriginal} (710)
          \p{Script: Cari}        \p{Script=Carian} (49)
          \p{Script: Carian}      (Short: \p{Sc=Cari}, \p{Cari}) (49)
          \p{Script: Chakma}      (Short: \p{Sc=Cakm}, \p{Cakm}) (67)
          \p{Script: Cham}        (Short: \p{Sc=Cham}, \p{Cham}) (83)
          \p{Script: Cher}        \p{Script=Cherokee} (85)
          \p{Script: Cherokee}    (Short: \p{Sc=Cher}, \p{Cher}) (85)
          \p{Script: Common}      (Short: \p{Sc=Zyyy}, \p{Zyyy}) (6413)
          \p{Script: Copt}        \p{Script=Coptic} (137)
          \p{Script: Coptic}      (Short: \p{Sc=Copt}, \p{Copt}) (137)
          \p{Script: Cprt}        \p{Script=Cypriot} (55)
          \p{Script: Cuneiform}   (Short: \p{Sc=Xsux}, \p{Xsux}) (982)
          \p{Script: Cypriot}     (Short: \p{Sc=Cprt}, \p{Cprt}) (55)
          \p{Script: Cyrillic}    (Short: \p{Sc=Cyrl}, \p{Cyrl}) (417)
          \p{Script: Cyrl}        \p{Script=Cyrillic} (417)
          \p{Script: Deseret}     (Short: \p{Sc=Dsrt}, \p{Dsrt}) (80)
          \p{Script: Deva}        \p{Script=Devanagari} (151)
          \p{Script: Devanagari}  (Short: \p{Sc=Deva}, \p{Deva}) (151)
          \p{Script: Dsrt}        \p{Script=Deseret} (80)
          \p{Script: Egyp}        \p{Script=Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} (1071)
          \p{Script: Egyptian_Hieroglyphs} (Short: \p{Sc=Egyp}, \p{Egyp})
          \p{Script: Ethi}        \p{Script=Ethiopic} (495)
          \p{Script: Ethiopic}    (Short: \p{Sc=Ethi}, \p{Ethi}) (495)
          \p{Script: Geor}        \p{Script=Georgian} (127)
          \p{Script: Georgian}    (Short: \p{Sc=Geor}, \p{Geor}) (127)
          \p{Script: Glag}        \p{Script=Glagolitic} (94)
          \p{Script: Glagolitic}  (Short: \p{Sc=Glag}, \p{Glag}) (94)
          \p{Script: Goth}        \p{Script=Gothic} (27)
          \p{Script: Gothic}      (Short: \p{Sc=Goth}, \p{Goth}) (27)
          \p{Script: Hebr}        \p{Script=Hebrew} (133)
          \p{Script: Hebrew}      (Short: \p{Sc=Hebr}, \p{Hebr}) (133)
          \p{Script: Hira}        \p{Script=Hiragana} (91)
          \p{Script: Hiragana}    (Short: \p{Sc=Hira}, \p{Hira}) (91)
          \p{Script: Imperial_Aramaic} (Short: \p{Sc=Armi}, \p{Armi}) (31)
          \p{Script: Inherited}   (Short: \p{Sc=Zinh}, \p{Zinh}) (523)
          \p{Script: Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (Short: \p{Sc=Phli}, \p{Phli})
          \p{Script: Inscriptional_Parthian} (Short: \p{Sc=Prti}, \p{Prti})
          \p{Script: Ital}        \p{Script=Old_Italic} (35)
          \p{Script: Java}        \p{Script=Javanese} (91)
          \p{Script: Javanese}    (Short: \p{Sc=Java}, \p{Java}) (91)
          \p{Script: Kaithi}      (Short: \p{Sc=Kthi}, \p{Kthi}) (66)
          \p{Script: Kali}        \p{Script=Kayah_Li} (48)
          \p{Script: Kana}        \p{Script=Katakana} (300)
          \p{Script: Kannada}     (Short: \p{Sc=Knda}, \p{Knda}) (86)
          \p{Script: Katakana}    (Short: \p{Sc=Kana}, \p{Kana}) (300)
          \p{Script: Kayah_Li}    (Short: \p{Sc=Kali}, \p{Kali}) (48)
          \p{Script: Khar}        \p{Script=Kharoshthi} (65)
          \p{Script: Kharoshthi}  (Short: \p{Sc=Khar}, \p{Khar}) (65)
          \p{Script: Khmer}       (Short: \p{Sc=Khmr}, \p{Khmr}) (146)
          \p{Script: Khmr}        \p{Script=Khmer} (146)
          \p{Script: Knda}        \p{Script=Kannada} (86)
          \p{Script: Kthi}        \p{Script=Kaithi} (66)
          \p{Script: Lana}        \p{Script=Tai_Tham} (127)
          \p{Script: Lao}         (Short: \p{Sc=Lao}, \p{Lao}) (67)
          \p{Script: Laoo}        \p{Script=Lao} (67)
          \p{Script: Latin}       (Short: \p{Sc=Latn}, \p{Latn}) (1272)
          \p{Script: Latn}        \p{Script=Latin} (1272)
          \p{Script: Lepc}        \p{Script=Lepcha} (74)
          \p{Script: Lepcha}      (Short: \p{Sc=Lepc}, \p{Lepc}) (74)
          \p{Script: Limb}        \p{Script=Limbu} (66)
          \p{Script: Limbu}       (Short: \p{Sc=Limb}, \p{Limb}) (66)
          \p{Script: Linb}        \p{Script=Linear_B} (211)
          \p{Script: Linear_B}    (Short: \p{Sc=Linb}, \p{Linb}) (211)
          \p{Script: Lisu}        (Short: \p{Sc=Lisu}, \p{Lisu}) (48)
          \p{Script: Lyci}        \p{Script=Lycian} (29)
          \p{Script: Lycian}      (Short: \p{Sc=Lyci}, \p{Lyci}) (29)
          \p{Script: Lydi}        \p{Script=Lydian} (27)
          \p{Script: Lydian}      (Short: \p{Sc=Lydi}, \p{Lydi}) (27)
          \p{Script: Malayalam}   (Short: \p{Sc=Mlym}, \p{Mlym}) (98)
          \p{Script: Mand}        \p{Script=Mandaic} (29)
          \p{Script: Mandaic}     (Short: \p{Sc=Mand}, \p{Mand}) (29)
          \p{Script: Meetei_Mayek} (Short: \p{Sc=Mtei}, \p{Mtei}) (79)
          \p{Script: Merc}        \p{Script=Meroitic_Cursive} (26)
          \p{Script: Mero}        \p{Script=Meroitic_Hieroglyphs} (32)
          \p{Script: Meroitic_Cursive} (Short: \p{Sc=Merc}, \p{Merc}) (26)
          \p{Script: Meroitic_Hieroglyphs} (Short: \p{Sc=Mero}, \p{Mero})
          \p{Script: Miao}        (Short: \p{Sc=Miao}, \p{Miao}) (133)
          \p{Script: Mlym}        \p{Script=Malayalam} (98)
          \p{Script: Mong}        \p{Script=Mongolian} (153)
          \p{Script: Mongolian}   (Short: \p{Sc=Mong}, \p{Mong}) (153)
          \p{Script: Old_South_Arabian} (Short: \p{Sc=Sarb}, \p{Sarb}) (32)
          \p{Script: Old_Turkic}  (Short: \p{Sc=Orkh}, \p{Orkh}) (73)
          \p{Script: Oriya}       (Short: \p{Sc=Orya}, \p{Orya}) (90)
          \p{Script: Orkh}        \p{Script=Old_Turkic} (73)
          \p{Script: Orya}        \p{Script=Oriya} (90)
          \p{Script: Osma}        \p{Script=Osmanya} (40)
          \p{Script: Osmanya}     (Short: \p{Sc=Osma}, \p{Osma}) (40)
          \p{Script: Phag}        \p{Script=Phags_Pa} (56)
          \p{Script: Phags_Pa}    (Short: \p{Sc=Phag}, \p{Phag}) (56)
          \p{Script: Phli}        \p{Script=Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (27)
          \p{Script: Phnx}        \p{Script=Phoenician} (29)
          \p{Script: Phoenician}  (Short: \p{Sc=Phnx}, \p{Phnx}) (29)
          \p{Script: Plrd}        \p{Script=Miao} (133)
          \p{Script: Prti}        \p{Script=Inscriptional_Parthian} (30)
          \p{Script: Qaac}        \p{Script=Coptic} (137)
          \p{Script: Qaai}        \p{Script=Inherited} (523)
          \p{Script: Rejang}      (Short: \p{Sc=Rjng}, \p{Rjng}) (37)
          \p{Script: Rjng}        \p{Script=Rejang} (37)
          \p{Script: Runic}       (Short: \p{Sc=Runr}, \p{Runr}) (78)
          \p{Script: Runr}        \p{Script=Runic} (78)
          \p{Script: Samaritan}   (Short: \p{Sc=Samr}, \p{Samr}) (61)
          \p{Script: Samr}        \p{Script=Samaritan} (61)
          \p{Script: Sarb}        \p{Script=Old_South_Arabian} (32)
          \p{Script: Saur}        \p{Script=Saurashtra} (81)
          \p{Script: Saurashtra}  (Short: \p{Sc=Saur}, \p{Saur}) (81)
          \p{Script: Sharada}     (Short: \p{Sc=Shrd}, \p{Shrd}) (83)
          \p{Script: Shavian}     (Short: \p{Sc=Shaw}, \p{Shaw}) (48)
          \p{Script: Shaw}        \p{Script=Shavian} (48)
          \p{Script: Shrd}        \p{Script=Sharada} (83)
          \p{Script: Sinh}        \p{Script=Sinhala} (80)
          \p{Script: Sinhala}     (Short: \p{Sc=Sinh}, \p{Sinh}) (80)
          \p{Script: Sora}        \p{Script=Sora_Sompeng} (35)
          \p{Script: Sora_Sompeng} (Short: \p{Sc=Sora}, \p{Sora}) (35)
          \p{Script: Sund}        \p{Script=Sundanese} (72)
          \p{Script: Sundanese}   (Short: \p{Sc=Sund}, \p{Sund}) (72)
          \p{Script: Sylo}        \p{Script=Syloti_Nagri} (44)
          \p{Script: Syloti_Nagri} (Short: \p{Sc=Sylo}, \p{Sylo}) (44)
          \p{Script: Syrc}        \p{Script=Syriac} (77)
          \p{Script: Syriac}      (Short: \p{Sc=Syrc}, \p{Syrc}) (77)
          \p{Script: Tagalog}     (Short: \p{Sc=Tglg}, \p{Tglg}) (20)
          \p{Script: Tagb}        \p{Script=Tagbanwa} (18)
          \p{Script: Tagbanwa}    (Short: \p{Sc=Tagb}, \p{Tagb}) (18)
          \p{Script: Tai_Le}      (Short: \p{Sc=Tale}, \p{Tale}) (35)
          \p{Script: Tai_Tham}    (Short: \p{Sc=Lana}, \p{Lana}) (127)
          \p{Script: Tai_Viet}    (Short: \p{Sc=Tavt}, \p{Tavt}) (72)
          \p{Script: Takr}        \p{Script=Takri} (66)
          \p{Script: Takri}       (Short: \p{Sc=Takr}, \p{Takr}) (66)
          \p{Script: Tale}        \p{Script=Tai_Le} (35)
          \p{Script: Talu}        \p{Script=New_Tai_Lue} (83)
          \p{Script: Tamil}       (Short: \p{Sc=Taml}, \p{Taml}) (72)
          \p{Script: Taml}        \p{Script=Tamil} (72)
          \p{Script: Tavt}        \p{Script=Tai_Viet} (72)
          \p{Script: Telu}        \p{Script=Telugu} (93)
          \p{Script: Telugu}      (Short: \p{Sc=Telu}, \p{Telu}) (93)
          \p{Script: Vaii}        \p{Script=Vai} (300)
          \p{Script: Xpeo}        \p{Script=Old_Persian} (50)
          \p{Script: Xsux}        \p{Script=Cuneiform} (982)
          \p{Script: Yi}          (Short: \p{Sc=Yi}, \p{Yi}) (1220)
          \p{Script: Yiii}        \p{Script=Yi} (1220)
          \p{Script: Zinh}        \p{Script=Inherited} (523)
          \p{Script: Zyyy}        \p{Script=Common} (6413)
          \p{Script: Zzzz}        \p{Script=Unknown} (1_003_930)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Arab} \p{Script_Extensions=Arabic} (1262)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Arabic} (Short: \p{Scx=Arab}) (1262)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Armenian} (Short: \p{Scx=Armn}) (92)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Armi} \p{Script_Extensions=Imperial_Aramaic}
          \p{Script_Extensions: Armn} \p{Script_Extensions=Armenian} (92)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Avestan} (Short: \p{Scx=Avst}) (61)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Avst} \p{Script_Extensions=Avestan} (61)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bali} \p{Script_Extensions=Balinese} (121)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Balinese} (Short: \p{Scx=Bali}) (121)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bamu} \p{Script_Extensions=Bamum} (657)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bamum} (Short: \p{Scx=Bamu}) (657)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Batak} (Short: \p{Scx=Batk}) (56)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Batk} \p{Script_Extensions=Batak} (56)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Beng} \p{Script_Extensions=Bengali} (94)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bengali} (Short: \p{Scx=Beng}) (94)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bopo} \p{Script_Extensions=Bopomofo} (306)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bopomofo} (Short: \p{Scx=Bopo}) (306)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Brah} \p{Script_Extensions=Brahmi} (108)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Brahmi} (Short: \p{Scx=Brah}) (108)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Brai} \p{Script_Extensions=Braille} (256)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Braille} (Short: \p{Scx=Brai}) (256)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Bugi} \p{Script_Extensions=Buginese} (30)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Buginese} (Short: \p{Scx=Bugi}) (30)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Buhd} \p{Script_Extensions=Buhid} (22)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Buhid} (Short: \p{Scx=Buhd}) (22)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cakm} \p{Script_Extensions=Chakma} (67)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Canadian_Aboriginal} (Short: \p{Scx=Cans})
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cans} \p{Script_Extensions=
                                    Canadian_Aboriginal} (710)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cari} \p{Script_Extensions=Carian} (49)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Carian} (Short: \p{Scx=Cari}) (49)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Chakma} (Short: \p{Scx=Cakm}) (67)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cham} (Short: \p{Scx=Cham}) (83)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cher} \p{Script_Extensions=Cherokee} (85)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cherokee} (Short: \p{Scx=Cher}) (85)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Common} (Short: \p{Scx=Zyyy}) (6057)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Copt} \p{Script_Extensions=Coptic} (137)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Coptic} (Short: \p{Scx=Copt}) (137)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cprt} \p{Script_Extensions=Cypriot} (112)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cuneiform} (Short: \p{Scx=Xsux}) (982)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cypriot} (Short: \p{Scx=Cprt}) (112)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cyrillic} (Short: \p{Scx=Cyrl}) (419)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Cyrl} \p{Script_Extensions=Cyrillic} (419)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Deseret} (Short: \p{Scx=Dsrt}) (80)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Glagolitic} (Short: \p{Scx=Glag}) (94)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Goth} \p{Script_Extensions=Gothic} (27)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Gothic} (Short: \p{Scx=Goth}) (27)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Greek} (Short: \p{Scx=Grek}) (515)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Grek} \p{Script_Extensions=Greek} (515)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Gujarati} (Short: \p{Scx=Gujr}) (94)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Gujr} \p{Script_Extensions=Gujarati} (94)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Gurmukhi} (Short: \p{Scx=Guru}) (91)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Guru} \p{Script_Extensions=Gurmukhi} (91)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Han} (Short: \p{Scx=Han}) (76_218)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hang} \p{Script_Extensions=Hangul} (11_971)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hangul} (Short: \p{Scx=Hang}) (11_971)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hani} \p{Script_Extensions=Han} (76_218)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hano} \p{Script_Extensions=Hanunoo} (23)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hanunoo} (Short: \p{Scx=Hano}) (23)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hebr} \p{Script_Extensions=Hebrew} (133)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hebrew} (Short: \p{Scx=Hebr}) (133)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hira} \p{Script_Extensions=Hiragana} (356)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Hiragana} (Short: \p{Scx=Hira}) (356)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Imperial_Aramaic} (Short: \p{Scx=Armi}) (31)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Inherited} (Short: \p{Scx=Zinh}) (459)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (Short: \p{Scx=Phli})
          \p{Script_Extensions: Inscriptional_Parthian} (Short: \p{Scx=
                                    Prti}) (30)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Ital} \p{Script_Extensions=Old_Italic} (35)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Java} \p{Script_Extensions=Javanese} (91)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Javanese} (Short: \p{Scx=Java}) (91)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kaithi} (Short: \p{Scx=Kthi}) (76)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kali} \p{Script_Extensions=Kayah_Li} (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kana} \p{Script_Extensions=Katakana} (565)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kannada} (Short: \p{Scx=Knda}) (86)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Katakana} (Short: \p{Scx=Kana}) (565)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kayah_Li} (Short: \p{Scx=Kali}) (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Khar} \p{Script_Extensions=Kharoshthi} (65)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kharoshthi} (Short: \p{Scx=Khar}) (65)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Khmer} (Short: \p{Scx=Khmr}) (146)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Khmr} \p{Script_Extensions=Khmer} (146)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Knda} \p{Script_Extensions=Kannada} (86)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Kthi} \p{Script_Extensions=Kaithi} (76)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lana} \p{Script_Extensions=Tai_Tham} (127)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lao} (Short: \p{Scx=Lao}) (67)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Laoo} \p{Script_Extensions=Lao} (67)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Latin} (Short: \p{Scx=Latn}) (1289)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Latn} \p{Script_Extensions=Latin} (1289)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lepc} \p{Script_Extensions=Lepcha} (74)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lepcha} (Short: \p{Scx=Lepc}) (74)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Limb} \p{Script_Extensions=Limbu} (66)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Limbu} (Short: \p{Scx=Limb}) (66)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Linb} \p{Script_Extensions=Linear_B} (268)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Linear_B} (Short: \p{Scx=Linb}) (268)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lisu} (Short: \p{Scx=Lisu}) (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lyci} \p{Script_Extensions=Lycian} (29)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Lycian} (Short: \p{Scx=Lyci}) (29)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Miao} (Short: \p{Scx=Miao}) (133)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Mlym} \p{Script_Extensions=Malayalam} (98)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Mong} \p{Script_Extensions=Mongolian} (156)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Mongolian} (Short: \p{Scx=Mong}) (156)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Mtei} \p{Script_Extensions=Meetei_Mayek} (79)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Myanmar} (Short: \p{Scx=Mymr}) (188)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Mymr} \p{Script_Extensions=Myanmar} (188)
          \p{Script_Extensions: New_Tai_Lue} (Short: \p{Scx=Talu}) (83)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Nko} (Short: \p{Scx=Nko}) (59)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Nkoo} \p{Script_Extensions=Nko} (59)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Ogam} \p{Script_Extensions=Ogham} (29)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Ogham} (Short: \p{Scx=Ogam}) (29)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Ol_Chiki} (Short: \p{Scx=Olck}) (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Olck} \p{Script_Extensions=Ol_Chiki} (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Old_Italic} (Short: \p{Scx=Ital}) (35)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Old_Persian} (Short: \p{Scx=Xpeo}) (50)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Old_South_Arabian} (Short: \p{Scx=Sarb}) (32)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Old_Turkic} (Short: \p{Scx=Orkh}) (73)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Oriya} (Short: \p{Scx=Orya}) (92)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Orkh} \p{Script_Extensions=Old_Turkic} (73)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Orya} \p{Script_Extensions=Oriya} (92)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Osma} \p{Script_Extensions=Osmanya} (40)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Osmanya} (Short: \p{Scx=Osma}) (40)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Phag} \p{Script_Extensions=Phags_Pa} (59)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Phags_Pa} (Short: \p{Scx=Phag}) (59)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Phli} \p{Script_Extensions=
                                    Inscriptional_Pahlavi} (27)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Phnx} \p{Script_Extensions=Phoenician} (29)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Phoenician} (Short: \p{Scx=Phnx}) (29)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Plrd} \p{Script_Extensions=Miao} (133)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Prti} \p{Script_Extensions=
                                    Inscriptional_Parthian} (30)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Qaac} \p{Script_Extensions=Coptic} (137)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Qaai} \p{Script_Extensions=Inherited} (459)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Rejang} (Short: \p{Scx=Rjng}) (37)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Rjng} \p{Script_Extensions=Rejang} (37)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Runic} (Short: \p{Scx=Runr}) (78)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Runr} \p{Script_Extensions=Runic} (78)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Samaritan} (Short: \p{Scx=Samr}) (61)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Samr} \p{Script_Extensions=Samaritan} (61)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sarb} \p{Script_Extensions=
                                    Old_South_Arabian} (32)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Saur} \p{Script_Extensions=Saurashtra} (81)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Saurashtra} (Short: \p{Scx=Saur}) (81)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sharada} (Short: \p{Scx=Shrd}) (83)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Shavian} (Short: \p{Scx=Shaw}) (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Shaw} \p{Script_Extensions=Shavian} (48)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Shrd} \p{Script_Extensions=Sharada} (83)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sinh} \p{Script_Extensions=Sinhala} (80)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sinhala} (Short: \p{Scx=Sinh}) (80)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sora} \p{Script_Extensions=Sora_Sompeng} (35)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sora_Sompeng} (Short: \p{Scx=Sora}) (35)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Sund} \p{Script_Extensions=Sundanese} (72)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Takri} (Short: \p{Scx=Takr}) (78)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tale} \p{Script_Extensions=Tai_Le} (35)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Talu} \p{Script_Extensions=New_Tai_Lue} (83)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tamil} (Short: \p{Scx=Taml}) (72)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Taml} \p{Script_Extensions=Tamil} (72)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tavt} \p{Script_Extensions=Tai_Viet} (72)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Telu} \p{Script_Extensions=Telugu} (93)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Telugu} (Short: \p{Scx=Telu}) (93)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tfng} \p{Script_Extensions=Tifinagh} (59)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tglg} \p{Script_Extensions=Tagalog} (22)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Thaa} \p{Script_Extensions=Thaana} (65)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Thaana} (Short: \p{Scx=Thaa}) (65)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Thai} (Short: \p{Scx=Thai}) (86)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tibetan} (Short: \p{Scx=Tibt}) (207)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tibt} \p{Script_Extensions=Tibetan} (207)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Tifinagh} (Short: \p{Scx=Tfng}) (59)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Ugar} \p{Script_Extensions=Ugaritic} (31)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Ugaritic} (Short: \p{Scx=Ugar}) (31)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Unknown} (Short: \p{Scx=Zzzz}) (1_003_930)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Vai} (Short: \p{Scx=Vai}) (300)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Vaii} \p{Script_Extensions=Vai} (300)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Xpeo} \p{Script_Extensions=Old_Persian} (50)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Xsux} \p{Script_Extensions=Cuneiform} (982)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Yi} (Short: \p{Scx=Yi}) (1246)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Yiii} \p{Script_Extensions=Yi} (1246)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Zinh} \p{Script_Extensions=Inherited} (459)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Zyyy} \p{Script_Extensions=Common} (6057)
          \p{Script_Extensions: Zzzz} \p{Script_Extensions=Unknown}
          \p{Scx: *}              \p{Script_Extensions: *}
          \p{SD}                  \p{Soft_Dotted} (= \p{Soft_Dotted=Y}) (46)
          \p{SD: *}               \p{Soft_Dotted: *}
          \p{Sentence_Break: AT}  \p{Sentence_Break=ATerm} (4)
          \p{Sentence_Break: ATerm} (Short: \p{SB=AT}) (4)
          \p{Sentence_Break: CL}  \p{Sentence_Break=Close} (177)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Close} (Short: \p{SB=CL}) (177)
          \p{Sentence_Break: CR}  (Short: \p{SB=CR}) (1)
          \p{Sentence_Break: EX}  \p{Sentence_Break=Extend} (1649)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Extend} (Short: \p{SB=EX}) (1649)
          \p{Sentence_Break: FO}  \p{Sentence_Break=Format} (137)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Format} (Short: \p{SB=FO}) (137)
          \p{Sentence_Break: LE}  \p{Sentence_Break=OLetter} (97_841)
          \p{Sentence_Break: LF}  (Short: \p{SB=LF}) (1)
          \p{Sentence_Break: LO}  \p{Sentence_Break=Lower} (1933)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Lower} (Short: \p{SB=LO}) (1933)
          \p{Sentence_Break: NU}  \p{Sentence_Break=Numeric} (452)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Numeric} (Short: \p{SB=NU}) (452)
          \p{Sentence_Break: OLetter} (Short: \p{SB=LE}) (97_841)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Other} (Short: \p{SB=XX}) (1_010_273)
          \p{Sentence_Break: SC}  \p{Sentence_Break=SContinue} (26)
          \p{Sentence_Break: SContinue} (Short: \p{SB=SC}) (26)
          \p{Sentence_Break: SE}  \p{Sentence_Break=Sep} (3)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Sep} (Short: \p{SB=SE}) (3)
          \p{Sentence_Break: Sp}  (Short: \p{SB=Sp}) (21)
                                    \p{Block=Sharada}) (83)
          \p{Sinh}                \p{Sinhala} (= \p{Script=Sinhala}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Sinhala}) (80)
          \p{Sinhala}             \p{Script=Sinhala} (Short: \p{Sinh}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Sinhala}) (80)
          \p{Sk}                  \p{Modifier_Symbol} (=
          \p{Sm}                  \p{Math_Symbol} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Math_Symbol}) (952)
        X \p{Small_Form_Variants} \p{Block=Small_Form_Variants} (Short:
                                    \p{InSmallForms}) (32)
        X \p{Small_Forms}         \p{Small_Form_Variants} (= \p{Block=
                                    Small_Form_Variants}) (32)
          \p{So}                  \p{Other_Symbol} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Other_Symbol}) (4404)
          \p{Soft_Dotted}         \p{Soft_Dotted=Y} (Short: \p{SD}) (46)
          \p{Soft_Dotted: N*}     (Short: \p{SD=N}, \P{SD}) (1_114_066)
          \p{Soft_Dotted: Y*}     (Short: \p{SD=Y}, \p{SD}) (46)
          \p{Sora}                \p{Sora_Sompeng} (= \p{Script=
                                    Sora_Sompeng}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Sora_Sompeng}) (35)
          \p{Sora_Sompeng}        \p{Script=Sora_Sompeng} (Short: \p{Sora};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Sora_Sompeng}) (35)
          \p{Space}               \p{White_Space=Y} \s including beyond
                                    ASCII and vertical tab (26)
          \p{Space: *}            \p{White_Space: *}
          \p{Space_Separator}     \p{General_Category=Space_Separator}
                                    (Short: \p{Zs}) (18)
          \p{SpacePerl}           \p{XPerlSpace} (26)
          \p{Spacing_Mark}        \p{General_Category=Spacing_Mark} (Short:
                                    \p{Mc}) (353)
        X \p{Spacing_Modifier_Letters} \p{Block=Spacing_Modifier_Letters}
                                    (Short: \p{InModifierLetters}) (80)
        X \p{Specials}            \p{Block=Specials} (16)
          \p{STerm}               \p{STerm=Y} (83)
          \p{STerm: N*}           (Single: \P{STerm}) (1_114_029)
          \p{STerm: Y*}           (Single: \p{STerm}) (83)
          \p{Sund}                \p{Sundanese} (= \p{Script=Sundanese})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Sundanese}) (72)
          \p{Sundanese}           \p{Script=Sundanese} (Short: \p{Sund}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Sundanese}) (72)
        X \p{Sundanese_Sup}       \p{Sundanese_Supplement} (= \p{Block=
                                    Sundanese_Supplement}) (16)
        X \p{Sundanese_Supplement} \p{Block=Sundanese_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InSundaneseSup}) (16)
        X \p{Sup_Arrows_A}        \p{Supplemental_Arrows_A} (= \p{Block=
                                    Supplemental_Arrows_A}) (16)
        X \p{Sup_Arrows_B}        \p{Supplemental_Arrows_B} (= \p{Block=
                                    Supplemental_Arrows_B}) (128)
        X \p{Sup_Math_Operators}  \p{Supplemental_Mathematical_Operators} (=
        X \p{Superscripts_And_Subscripts} \p{Block=
                                    Superscripts_And_Subscripts} (Short:
                                    \p{InSuperAndSub}) (48)
        X \p{Supplemental_Arrows_A} \p{Block=Supplemental_Arrows_A} (Short:
                                    \p{InSupArrowsA}) (16)
        X \p{Supplemental_Arrows_B} \p{Block=Supplemental_Arrows_B} (Short:
                                    \p{InSupArrowsB}) (128)
        X \p{Supplemental_Mathematical_Operators} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InSupMathOperators}) (256)
        X \p{Supplemental_Punctuation} \p{Block=Supplemental_Punctuation}
                                    (Short: \p{InSupPunctuation}) (128)
        X \p{Supplementary_Private_Use_Area_A} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InSupPUAA}) (65_536)
        X \p{Supplementary_Private_Use_Area_B} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InSupPUAB}) (65_536)
          \p{Surrogate}           \p{General_Category=Surrogate} (Short:
                                    \p{Cs}) (2048)
          \p{Sylo}                \p{Syloti_Nagri} (= \p{Script=
                                    Syloti_Nagri}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Syloti_Nagri}) (44)
          \p{Syloti_Nagri}        \p{Script=Syloti_Nagri} (Short: \p{Sylo};
                                    NOT \p{Block=Syloti_Nagri}) (44)
          \p{Symbol}              \p{General_Category=Symbol} (Short: \p{S})
          \p{Syrc}                \p{Syriac} (= \p{Script=Syriac}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Syriac}) (77)
          \p{Syriac}              \p{Script=Syriac} (Short: \p{Syrc}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Syriac}) (77)
          \p{Tagalog}             \p{Script=Tagalog} (Short: \p{Tglg}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tagalog}) (20)
          \p{Tagb}                \p{Tagbanwa} (= \p{Script=Tagbanwa}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tagbanwa}) (18)
          \p{Tagbanwa}            \p{Script=Tagbanwa} (Short: \p{Tagb}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tagbanwa}) (18)
        X \p{Tags}                \p{Block=Tags} (128)
          \p{Tai_Le}              \p{Script=Tai_Le} (Short: \p{Tale}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tai_Le}) (35)
          \p{Tai_Tham}            \p{Script=Tai_Tham} (Short: \p{Lana}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tai_Tham}) (127)
          \p{Tai_Viet}            \p{Script=Tai_Viet} (Short: \p{Tavt}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tai_Viet}) (72)
        X \p{Tai_Xuan_Jing}       \p{Tai_Xuan_Jing_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Tai_Xuan_Jing_Symbols}) (96)
        X \p{Tai_Xuan_Jing_Symbols} \p{Block=Tai_Xuan_Jing_Symbols} (Short:
                                    \p{InTaiXuanJing}) (96)
          \p{Takr}                \p{Takri} (= \p{Script=Takri}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Takri}) (66)
          \p{Takri}               \p{Script=Takri} (Short: \p{Takr}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Takri}) (66)
          \p{Tale}                \p{Tai_Le} (= \p{Script=Tai_Le}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Telugu}) (93)
          \p{Term}                \p{Terminal_Punctuation} (=
                                    \p{Terminal_Punctuation=Y}) (176)
          \p{Term: *}             \p{Terminal_Punctuation: *}
          \p{Terminal_Punctuation} \p{Terminal_Punctuation=Y} (Short:
                                    \p{Term}) (176)
          \p{Terminal_Punctuation: N*} (Short: \p{Term=N}, \P{Term})
          \p{Terminal_Punctuation: Y*} (Short: \p{Term=Y}, \p{Term}) (176)
          \p{Tfng}                \p{Tifinagh} (= \p{Script=Tifinagh}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tifinagh}) (59)
          \p{Tglg}                \p{Tagalog} (= \p{Script=Tagalog}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tagalog}) (20)
          \p{Thaa}                \p{Thaana} (= \p{Script=Thaana}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Thaana}) (50)
          \p{Thaana}              \p{Script=Thaana} (Short: \p{Thaa}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Thaana}) (50)
          \p{Thai}                \p{Script=Thai} (NOT \p{Block=Thai}) (86)
          \p{Tibetan}             \p{Script=Tibetan} (Short: \p{Tibt}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tibetan}) (207)
          \p{Tibt}                \p{Tibetan} (= \p{Script=Tibetan}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tibetan}) (207)
          \p{Tifinagh}            \p{Script=Tifinagh} (Short: \p{Tfng}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Tifinagh}) (59)
          \p{Title}               \p{Titlecase} (/i= Cased=Yes) (31)
          \p{Titlecase}           (= \p{Gc=Lt}) (Short: \p{Title}; /i=
                                    Cased=Yes) (31)
          \p{Titlecase_Letter}    \p{General_Category=Titlecase_Letter}
                                    (Short: \p{Lt}; /i= General_Category=
                                    Cased_Letter) (31)
        X \p{Transport_And_Map}   \p{Transport_And_Map_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Transport_And_Map_Symbols}) (128)
        X \p{Transport_And_Map_Symbols} \p{Block=Transport_And_Map_Symbols}
                                    (Short: \p{InTransportAndMap}) (128)
        X \p{UCAS}                \p{Unified_Canadian_Aboriginal_Syllabics}
                                    (= \p{Block=
        X \p{UCAS_Ext}            \p{Unified_Canadian_Aboriginal_Syllabics_-
                                    Extended} (= \p{Block=
                                    Extended}) (80)
          \p{Ugar}                \p{Ugaritic} (= \p{Script=Ugaritic}) (NOT
                                    \p{Block=Ugaritic}) (31)
          \p{Ugaritic}            \p{Script=Ugaritic} (Short: \p{Ugar}; NOT
                                    \p{Block=Ugaritic}) (31)
          \p{UIdeo}               \p{Unified_Ideograph} (=
                                    \p{Unified_Ideograph=Y}) (74_617)
          \p{UIdeo: *}            \p{Unified_Ideograph: *}
          \p{Unassigned}          \p{General_Category=Unassigned} (Short:
                                    \p{Cn}) (864_414)
        X \p{Unified_Canadian_Aboriginal_Syllabics} \p{Block=
                                    (Short: \p{InUCAS}) (640)

          \p{Uppercase}           \p{Upper} (= \p{Uppercase=Y}) (/i= Cased=
                                    Yes) (1483)
          \p{Uppercase: N*}       (Short: \p{Upper=N}, \P{Upper}; /i= Cased=
                                    No) (1_112_629)
          \p{Uppercase: Y*}       (Short: \p{Upper=Y}, \p{Upper}; /i= Cased=
                                    Yes) (1483)
          \p{Uppercase_Letter}    \p{General_Category=Uppercase_Letter}
                                    (Short: \p{Lu}; /i= General_Category=
                                    Cased_Letter) (1441)
          \p{Vai}                 \p{Script=Vai} (NOT \p{Block=Vai}) (300)
          \p{Vaii}                \p{Vai} (= \p{Script=Vai}) (NOT \p{Block=
                                    Vai}) (300)
          \p{Variation_Selector}  \p{Variation_Selector=Y} (Short: \p{VS};
                                    NOT \p{Variation_Selectors}) (259)
          \p{Variation_Selector: N*} (Short: \p{VS=N}, \P{VS}) (1_113_853)
          \p{Variation_Selector: Y*} (Short: \p{VS=Y}, \p{VS}) (259)
        X \p{Variation_Selectors} \p{Block=Variation_Selectors} (Short:
                                    \p{InVS}) (16)
        X \p{Variation_Selectors_Supplement} \p{Block=
                                    Variation_Selectors_Supplement} (Short:
                                    \p{InVSSup}) (240)
        X \p{Vedic_Ext}           \p{Vedic_Extensions} (= \p{Block=
                                    Vedic_Extensions}) (48)
        X \p{Vedic_Extensions}    \p{Block=Vedic_Extensions} (Short:
                                    \p{InVedicExt}) (48)
        X \p{Vertical_Forms}      \p{Block=Vertical_Forms} (16)
          \p{VertSpace}           \v (7)
          \p{VS}                  \p{Variation_Selector} (=
                                    \p{Variation_Selector=Y}) (NOT
                                    \p{Variation_Selectors}) (259)
          \p{VS: *}               \p{Variation_Selector: *}
        X \p{VS_Sup}              \p{Variation_Selectors_Supplement} (=
                                    Variation_Selectors_Supplement}) (240)
          \p{WB: *}               \p{Word_Break: *}
          \p{White_Space}         \p{White_Space=Y} (Short: \p{WSpace}) (26)
          \p{White_Space: N*}     (Short: \p{Space=N}, \P{WSpace})
          \p{White_Space: Y*}     (Short: \p{Space=Y}, \p{WSpace}) (26)
          \p{Word}                \w, including beyond ASCII; = \p{Alnum} +
                                    \pM + \p{Pc} (103_406)
          \p{Word_Break: ALetter} (Short: \p{WB=LE}) (24_941)
          \p{Word_Break: CR}      (Short: \p{WB=CR}) (1)
          \p{Word_Break: EX}      \p{Word_Break=ExtendNumLet} (10)
          \p{Word_Break: Extend}  (Short: \p{WB=Extend}) (1649)
          \p{Word_Break: ExtendNumLet} (Short: \p{WB=EX}) (10)
          \p{Word_Break: FO}      \p{Word_Break=Format} (136)
          \p{Word_Break: Format}  (Short: \p{WB=FO}) (136)
          \p{Word_Break: KA}      \p{Word_Break=Katakana} (310)
          \p{Word_Break: Katakana} (Short: \p{WB=KA}) (310)
          \p{Word_Break: LE}      \p{Word_Break=ALetter} (24_941)
          \p{Word_Break: LF}      (Short: \p{WB=LF}) (1)
          \p{Word_Break: MB}      \p{Word_Break=MidNumLet} (8)
          \p{Word_Break: MidLetter} (Short: \p{WB=ML}) (8)
          \p{WSpace}              \p{White_Space} (= \p{White_Space=Y}) (26)
          \p{WSpace: *}           \p{White_Space: *}
          \p{XDigit}              \p{Hex_Digit=Y} (Short: \p{Hex}) (44)
          \p{XID_Continue}        \p{XID_Continue=Y} (Short: \p{XIDC})
          \p{XID_Continue: N*}    (Short: \p{XIDC=N}, \P{XIDC}) (1_010_776)
          \p{XID_Continue: Y*}    (Short: \p{XIDC=Y}, \p{XIDC}) (103_336)
          \p{XID_Start}           \p{XID_Start=Y} (Short: \p{XIDS}) (101_217)
          \p{XID_Start: N*}       (Short: \p{XIDS=N}, \P{XIDS}) (1_012_895)
          \p{XID_Start: Y*}       (Short: \p{XIDS=Y}, \p{XIDS}) (101_217)
          \p{XIDC}                \p{XID_Continue} (= \p{XID_Continue=Y})
          \p{XIDC: *}             \p{XID_Continue: *}
          \p{XIDS}                \p{XID_Start} (= \p{XID_Start=Y}) (101_217)
          \p{XIDS: *}             \p{XID_Start: *}
          \p{Xpeo}                \p{Old_Persian} (= \p{Script=Old_Persian})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Old_Persian}) (50)
          \p{XPerlSpace}          \s, including beyond ASCII (Short:
                                    \p{SpacePerl}) (26)
          \p{XPosixAlnum}         \p{Alnum} (102_619)
          \p{XPosixAlpha}         \p{Alpha} (= \p{Alphabetic=Y}) (102_159)
          \p{XPosixBlank}         \p{Blank} (19)
          \p{XPosixCntrl}         \p{Cntrl} (= \p{General_Category=Control})
          \p{XPosixDigit}         \p{Digit} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Decimal_Number}) (460)
          \p{XPosixGraph}         \p{Graph} (247_565)
          \p{XPosixLower}         \p{Lower} (= \p{Lowercase=Y}) (/i= Cased=
                                    Yes) (1934)
          \p{XPosixPrint}         \p{Print} (247_583)
          \p{XPosixPunct}         \p{Punct} + ASCII-range \p{Symbol} (641)
          \p{XPosixSpace}         \p{Space} (= \p{White_Space=Y}) (26)
          \p{XPosixUpper}         \p{Upper} (= \p{Uppercase=Y}) (/i= Cased=
                                    Yes) (1483)
          \p{XPosixWord}          \p{Word} (103_406)
          \p{XPosixXDigit}        \p{XDigit} (= \p{Hex_Digit=Y}) (44)
          \p{Xsux}                \p{Cuneiform} (= \p{Script=Cuneiform})
                                    (NOT \p{Block=Cuneiform}) (982)
          \p{Yi}                  \p{Script=Yi} (1220)
        X \p{Yi_Radicals}         \p{Block=Yi_Radicals} (64)
        X \p{Yi_Syllables}        \p{Block=Yi_Syllables} (1168)
          \p{Yiii}                \p{Yi} (= \p{Script=Yi}) (1220)
        X \p{Yijing}              \p{Yijing_Hexagram_Symbols} (= \p{Block=
                                    Yijing_Hexagram_Symbols}) (64)
        X \p{Yijing_Hexagram_Symbols} \p{Block=Yijing_Hexagram_Symbols}
                                    (Short: \p{InYijing}) (64)
          \p{Z}                   \p{Separator} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Separator}) (20)
          \p{Zinh}                \p{Inherited} (= \p{Script=Inherited})
          \p{Zl}                  \p{Line_Separator} (= \p{General_Category=
                                    Line_Separator}) (1)
          \p{Zp}                  \p{Paragraph_Separator} (=
                                    stable) (= \p{Canonical_Combining_Class=
                                    Above}) (349)

   Legal "\p{}" and "\P{}" constructs that match no characters
       Unicode has some property-value pairs that currently don't match
       anything.  This happens generally either because they are obsolete, or
       they exist for symmetry with other forms, but no language has yet been
       encoded that uses them.  In this version of Unicode, the following
       match zero code points:


Properties accessible through Unicode::UCD
       All the Unicode character properties mentioned above (except for those
       marked as for internal use by Perl) are also accessible by
       "prop_invlist()" in Unicode::UCD.

       Due to their nature, not all Unicode character properties are suitable
       for regular expression matches, nor "prop_invlist()".  The remaining
       non-provisional, non-internal ones are accessible via "prop_invmap()"
       in Unicode::UCD (except for those that this Perl installation hasn't
       included; see below for which those are).

       For compatibility with other parts of Perl, all the single forms given
       in the table in the section above are recognized.  BUT, there are some
       ambiguities between some Perl extensions and the Unicode properties,
       all of which are silently resolved in favor of the official Unicode
       property.  To avoid surprises, you should only use "prop_invmap()" for
       forms listed in the table below, which omits the non-recommended ones.
       The affected forms are the Perl single form equivalents of Unicode
       properties, such as "\p{sc}" being a single-form equivalent of
       "\p{gc=sc}", which is treated by "prop_invmap()" as the "Script"
       property, whose short name is "sc".  The table indicates the current
       ambiguities in the INFO column, beginning with the word "NOT".

       The standard Unicode properties listed below are documented in
       <>; Perl_Decimal_Digit is
       documented in "prop_invmap()" in Unicode::UCD.  The other Perl
       extensions are in "Other Properties" in perlunicode;

       The first column in the table is a name for the property; the second
       column is an alternative name, if any, plus possibly some annotations.
       The alternative name is the property's full name, unless that would
       simply repeat the first column, in which case the second column
       indicates the property's short name (if different).  The annotations
       are given only in the entry for the full name.  If a property is
       obsolete, etc, the entry will be flagged with the same characters used
       in the table in the section above, like D or S.

          NAME                      INFO

          Bc                      Bidi_Class
          Bidi_C                  Bidi_Control
          Bidi_Class              (Short: bc)
          Bidi_Control            (Short: Bidi_C)
          Bidi_M                  Bidi_Mirrored
          Bidi_Mirrored           (Short: Bidi_M)
          Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph    (Short: bmg)
          Blank                   (Perl extension).  \h, Horizontal white
          Blk                     Block
          Block                   (Short: blk)
          Bmg                     Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph
          Canonical_Combining_Class (Short: ccc)
          Case_Folding            (Short: cf)
          Case_Ignorable          (Short: CI)
          Category                General_Category
          Ccc                     Canonical_Combining_Class
          CE                      Composition_Exclusion
          Cf                      Case_Folding; NOT 'cf' meaning
          Changes_When_Casefolded (Short: CWCF)
          Changes_When_Casemapped (Short: CWCM)
          Changes_When_Lowercased (Short: CWL)
          Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded (Short: CWKCF)
          Changes_When_Titlecased (Short: CWT)
          Changes_When_Uppercased (Short: CWU)
          CI                      Case_Ignorable
          Cntrl                   General_Category=Cntrl.  (Perl extension).
                                  Control characters
          Comp_Ex                 Full_Composition_Exclusion
          Composition_Exclusion   (Short: CE)
          CWCF                    Changes_When_Casefolded
          CWCM                    Changes_When_Casemapped
          CWKCF                   Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded
          CWL                     Changes_When_Lowercased
          CWT                     Changes_When_Titlecased
          CWU                     Changes_When_Uppercased
          Decomposition_Mapping   (Short: dm)
          Decomposition_Type      (Short: dt)
          Default_Ignorable_Code_Point (Short: DI)
          Dep                     Deprecated
          Deprecated              (Short: Dep)
          DI                      Default_Ignorable_Code_Point
          Dia                     Diacritic
          Diacritic               (Short: Dia)
          Digit                   General_Category=Digit.  (Perl extension).
                                  [0-9] + all other decimal digits
          Dm                      Decomposition_Mapping
          Dt                      Decomposition_Type
          Ea                      East_Asian_Width
          East_Asian_Width        (Short: ea)
          Ext                     Extender
          Hangul_Syllable_Type    (Short: hst)
          Hex                     Hex_Digit
          Hex_Digit               (Short: Hex)
          HorizSpace              Blank.  (Perl extension)
          Hst                     Hangul_Syllable_Type
        D Hyphen                  Supplanted by Line_Break property values;
          ID_Continue             (Short: IDC)
          ID_Start                (Short: IDS)
          IDC                     ID_Continue
          Ideo                    Ideographic
          Ideographic             (Short: Ideo)
          IDS                     ID_Start
          IDS_Binary_Operator     (Short: IDSB)
          IDS_Trinary_Operator    (Short: IDST)
          IDSB                    IDS_Binary_Operator
          IDST                    IDS_Trinary_Operator
          In                      Present_In.  (Perl extension)
          Isc                     ISO_Comment; NOT 'isc' meaning
          ISO_Comment             (Short: isc)
          Jg                      Joining_Group
          Join_C                  Join_Control
          Join_Control            (Short: Join_C)
          Joining_Group           (Short: jg)
          Joining_Type            (Short: jt)
          Jt                      Joining_Type
          Lb                      Line_Break
          Lc                      Lowercase_Mapping; NOT 'lc' meaning
          Line_Break              (Short: lb)
          LOE                     Logical_Order_Exception
          Logical_Order_Exception (Short: LOE)
          Lower                   Lowercase
          Lowercase               (Short: Lower)
          Lowercase_Mapping       (Short: lc)
          Na                      Name
          Na1                     Unicode_1_Name
          Name                    (Short: na)
          NChar                   Noncharacter_Code_Point
          NFC_QC                  NFC_Quick_Check
          NFC_Quick_Check         (Short: NFC_QC)
          NFD_QC                  NFD_Quick_Check
          NFD_Quick_Check         (Short: NFD_QC)
          NFKC_Casefold           (Short: NFKC_CF)
          NFKC_CF                 NFKC_Casefold
          NFKC_QC                 NFKC_Quick_Check
          NFKC_Quick_Check        (Short: NFKC_QC)
          NFKD_QC                 NFKD_Quick_Check
          NFKD_Quick_Check        (Short: NFKD_QC)
          Noncharacter_Code_Point (Short: NChar)
          Nt                      Numeric_Type
          PosixAlnum              (Perl extension).  [A-Za-z0-9]
          PosixAlpha              (Perl extension).  [A-Za-z]
          PosixBlank              (Perl extension).  \t and ' '
          PosixCntrl              (Perl extension).  ASCII control
                                  characters: NUL, SOH, STX, ETX, EOT, ENQ,
                                  ACK, BEL, BS, HT, LF, VT, FF, CR, SO, SI,
                                  DLE, DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4, NAK, SYN, ETB,
                                  CAN, EOM, SUB, ESC, FS, GS, RS, US, and DEL
          PosixDigit              (Perl extension).  [0-9]
          PosixGraph              (Perl extension).  [-
          PosixLower              (Perl extension).  [a-z]
          PosixPrint              (Perl extension).  [- 0-9A-Za-
          PosixPunct              (Perl extension).  [-
          PosixSpace              (Perl extension).  \t, \n, \cK, \f, \r,
                                  and ' '.  (\cK is vertical tab)
          PosixUpper              (Perl extension).  [A-Z]
          PosixWord               PerlWord.  (Perl extension)
          PosixXDigit             (Perl extension).  [0-9A-Fa-f]
          Present_In              (Short: In).  (Perl extension)
          Print                   (Perl extension).  Characters that are
                                  graphical plus space characters (but no
          Punct                   General_Category=Punct.  (Perl extension)
          QMark                   Quotation_Mark
          Quotation_Mark          (Short: QMark)
          SB                      Sentence_Break
          Sc                      Script; NOT 'sc' meaning
          Scf                     Simple_Case_Folding
          Script                  (Short: sc)
          Script_Extensions       (Short: scx)
          Scx                     Script_Extensions
          SD                      Soft_Dotted
          Sentence_Break          (Short: SB)
          Sfc                     Simple_Case_Folding
          Simple_Case_Folding     (Short: scf)
          Simple_Lowercase_Mapping (Short: slc)
          Simple_Titlecase_Mapping (Short: stc)
          Simple_Uppercase_Mapping (Short: suc)
          Slc                     Simple_Lowercase_Mapping
          Soft_Dotted             (Short: SD)
          Space                   White_Space
          SpacePerl               XPerlSpace.  (Perl extension)
          Stc                     Simple_Titlecase_Mapping
          Suc                     Simple_Uppercase_Mapping
          Tc                      Titlecase_Mapping
          Term                    Terminal_Punctuation
          Terminal_Punctuation    (Short: Term)
          Title                   Titlecase.  (Perl extension)
          VS                      Variation_Selector
          WB                      Word_Break
          White_Space             (Short: WSpace)
          Word                    (Perl extension).  \w, including beyond
                                  ASCII; = \p{Alnum} + \pM + \p{Pc}
          Word_Break              (Short: WB)
          WSpace                  White_Space
          XDigit                  (Perl extension)
          XID_Continue            (Short: XIDC)
          XID_Start               (Short: XIDS)
          XIDC                    XID_Continue
          XIDS                    XID_Start
          XPerlSpace              (Perl extension).  \s, including beyond
          XPosixAlnum             Alnum.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixAlpha             Alpha.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixBlank             Blank.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixCntrl             General_Category=Cntrl.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixDigit             General_Category=Digit.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixGraph             Graph.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixLower             Lower.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixPrint             Print.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixPunct             (Perl extension).  \p{Punct} + ASCII-range
          XPosixSpace             Space.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixUpper             Upper.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixWord              Word.  (Perl extension)
          XPosixXDigit            XDigit.  (Perl extension)

Properties accessible through other means
       Certain properties are accessible also via core function calls.  These

        Lowercase_Mapping          lc() and lcfirst()
        Titlecase_Mapping          ucfirst()
        Uppercase_Mapping          uc()

       Also, Case_Folding is accessible through the "/i" modifier in regular
       expressions, the "\F" transliteration escape, and the "fc" operator.

       And, the Name and Name_Aliases properties are accessible through the
       "\N{}" interpolation in double-quoted strings and regular expressions;
       and functions "charnames::viacode()", "charnames::vianame()", and
       "charnames::string_vianame()" (which require a "use charnames ();" to
       be specified.

       Finally, most properties related to decomposition are accessible via

Unicode character properties that are NOT accepted by Perl
       Perl will generate an error for a few character properties in Unicode
       when used in a regular expression.  The non-Unihan ones are listed
       below, with the reasons they are not accepted, perhaps with work-
       arounds.  The short names for the properties are listed enclosed in
           being used.  For example, a UTF-8 encoded character may expand to a
           different number of bytes than a UTF-32 encoded character.

       Grapheme_Link (Gr_Link)
           Deprecated by Unicode:  Duplicates ccc=vr

       Indic_Matra_Category (InMC)
       Indic_Syllabic_Category (InSC)

       Jamo_Short_Name (JSN)
       Other_Alphabetic (OAlpha)
       Other_Default_Ignorable_Code_Point (ODI)
       Other_Grapheme_Extend (OGr_Ext)
       Other_ID_Continue (OIDC)
       Other_ID_Start (OIDS)
       Other_Lowercase (OLower)
       Other_Math (OMath)
       Other_Uppercase (OUpper)
           Used by Unicode internally for generating other properties and not
           intended to be used stand-alone

       Script=Katakana_Or_Hiragana (sc=Hrkt)
           Obsolete.  All code points previously matched by this have been
           moved to "Script=Common".  Consider instead using
           "Script_Extensions=Katakana" or "Script_Extensions=Hiragana" (or

       Script_Extensions=Katakana_Or_Hiragana (scx=Hrkt)
           All code points that would be matched by this are matched by either
           "Script_Extensions=Katakana" or "Script_Extensions=Hiragana"

       An installation can choose to allow any of these to be matched by
       downloading the Unicode database from <>
       to $Config{privlib}/unicore/ in the Perl source tree, changing the
       controlling lists contained in the program
       $Config{privlib}/unicore/mktables and then re-compiling and installing.
       (%Config is available from the Config module).

Other information in the Unicode data base
       The Unicode data base is delivered in two different formats.  The XML
       version is valid for more modern Unicode releases.  The other version
       is a collection of files.  The two are intended to give equivalent
       information.  Perl uses the older form; this allows you to recompile
       Perl to use early Unicode releases.

       The only non-character property that Perl currently supports is Named
       Sequences, in which a sequence of code points is given a name and
       generally treated as a single entity.  (Perl supports these via the
       "\N{...}" double-quotish construct, "charnames::string_vianame(name)"
       in charnames, and "namedseq()" in Unicode::UCD.

       Below is a list of the files in the Unicode data base that Perl doesn't
           Validation Tests

           Maps the kRSUnicode property values to corresponding code points

           Maps certain Unicode code points to their legacy Japanese cell-
           phone values

           Alphabetical index of Unicode characters

           Provisional; for the analysis and processing of Indic scripts

           Named sequences proposed for inclusion in a later version of the
           Unicode Standard; if you need them now, you can append this file to
           NamedSequences.txt and recompile perl

           Annotated list of characters

           Documentation of corrections already incorporated into the Unicode
           data base

           Only in very early releases; is a subset of PropList.txt (which is
           used instead)


           Certain glyph variations for character display are standardized.
           This lists the non-Unihan ones; the Unihan ones are also not used
           by Perl, and are in a separate Unicode data base

           Documentation of status and cross reference of proposals for
           encoding by Unicode of Unihan characters

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