This file contains instructions how to build Perl for Haiku and lists
       known problems.

       The build procedure is completely standard:

         ./Configure -de
         make install

       Make perl executable and create a symlink for libperl:

         chmod a+x /boot/common/bin/perl
         cd /boot/common/lib; ln -s perl5/5.22.1/BePC-haiku/CORE/ .

       Replace 5.22.1 with your respective version of Perl.

       The following problems are encountered with Haiku revision 28311:

       o   Perl cannot be compiled with threading support ATM.

       o   The ext/Socket/t/socketpair.t test fails. More precisely: the
           subtests using datagram sockets fail. Unix datagram sockets aren't
           implemented in Haiku yet.

       o   A subtest of the ext/Sys/Syslog/t/syslog.t test fails. This is due
           to Haiku not implementing /dev/log support yet.

       o   The tests lib/Net/Ping/t/450_service.t and
           lib/Net/Ping/t/510_ping_udp.t fail. This is due to bugs in Haiku's
           network stack implementation.

       For Haiku specific problems contact the HaikuPorts developers:

       The initial Haiku port was done by Ingo Weinhold

       Last update: 2008-10-29

perl v5.22.1                      2018-11-19                      PERLHAIKU(1)
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