pastebinit [-abfhiljmrtup]

       This manual page documents briefly the pastebinit commands

       pastebinit reads text and sends it to a "pastebin" on the internet,
       returning the URL to the user.

       It allows the text to be passed through a pipe (|) or from files as

   Optional arguments (not supported by all pastebins)
       -a [author] (default: $USER)

       -b [pastebin url] (default is distro-specific with a fallback to

       -E Print the content to stdout too

       -f [format for syntax-highlighting] (default: text) (check pastebin's
       website for complete list, example: python)

       -h Help screen

       -i [filename] Use filename for input

       -l List all the supported pastebins

       -j [jabberid] (default: none)

       -m [permatag] (default: none)

       -t [title of paste] (default: none)

       -P [private] (default: 1)

       -u [username] (default: none)

       -p [password] (default: none)

       -v Version number

       If a .pastebinit.xml file is found in the user's home directory,
       pastebinit will use it for its configuration.

       Here's an example file:

            <author>Stephane Graber</author>

       Copyright (C) 2007-2014 Stephane Graber

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