MYSQL_TZINFO_TO_SQL(1)       MySQL Database System      MYSQL_TZINFO_TO_SQL(1)

       mysql_tzinfo_to_sql - load the time zone tables

       mysql_tzinfo_to_sql arguments

       The mysql_tzinfo_to_sql program loads the time zone tables in the mysql
       database. It is used on systems that have a zoneinfo database (the set
       of files describing time zones). Examples of such systems are Linux,
       FreeBSD, Solaris, and macOS. One likely location for these files is the
       /usr/share/zoneinfo directory (/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo on Solaris). If
       your system does not have a zoneinfo database, you can use the
       downloadable package described in Section 5.1.13, "MySQL Server Time
       Zone Support".

       mysql_tzinfo_to_sql can be invoked several ways:

           mysql_tzinfo_to_sql tz_dir
           mysql_tzinfo_to_sql tz_file tz_name
           mysql_tzinfo_to_sql --leap tz_file

       For the first invocation syntax, pass the zoneinfo directory path name
       to mysql_tzinfo_to_sql and send the output into the mysql program. For

           mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root mysql

       mysql_tzinfo_to_sql reads your system's time zone files and generates
       SQL statements from them.  mysql processes those statements to load the
       time zone tables.

       The second syntax causes mysql_tzinfo_to_sql to load a single time zone
       file tz_file that corresponds to a time zone name tz_name:

           mysql_tzinfo_to_sql tz_file tz_name | mysql -u root mysql

       If your time zone needs to account for leap seconds, invoke
       mysql_tzinfo_to_sql using the third syntax, which initializes the leap
       second information.  tz_file is the name of your time zone file:

           mysql_tzinfo_to_sql --leap tz_file | mysql -u root mysql

       After running mysql_tzinfo_to_sql, it is best to restart the server so
       that it does not continue to use any previously cached time zone data.

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