munin-run [options] <plugin> [ config | autoconf | snmpconf | suggest ]

       --config <configfile>
            Use <file> as configuration file. [/etc/munin/munin-node.conf]

       --servicedir <dir>
            Use <dir> as plugin dir. [/etc/munin/plugins/]

       --sconfdir <dir>
            Use <dir> as plugin configuration dir. [/etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/]

       --sconffile <file>
            Use <file> as plugin configuration. Overrides sconfdir.

            Only run plugins owned by root and check permissions.  [disabled]

            View this help message.

            Print debug messages.  Debug messages are sent to STDOUT and are
            prefixed with "#" (this makes it easier for other parts of munin
            to use munin-run and still have --debug on).  Only errors go to

            Plugin debug.  Sets the environment variable MUNIN_DEBUG to 1 so
            that plugins may enable debugging.  [disabled]

            Show version information.

       munin-run is a script to run Munin plugins from the command-line.  It's
       useful when debugging plugins, as they are run in the same conditions
       as they are under munin-node.


       This is munin-node v1.4.6

       Audun Ytterdal, Jimmy Olsen, Tore Anderson, Nicolai Langfeldt.
       This program is released under the GNU General Public License

perl v5.14.2                      2013-12-18                     MUNIN-RUN(1p)
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