msgunfmt [OPTION] [FILE]...

       Convert binary message catalog to Uniforum style .po file.

       Mandatory  arguments  to  long  options are mandatory for short options

   Operation mode:
       -j, --java
              Java mode: input is a Java ResourceBundle class

              C# mode: input is a .NET .dll file

              C# resources mode: input is a .NET .resources file

       --tcl  Tcl mode: input is a tcl/msgcat .msg file

   Input file location:
       FILE ...
              input .mo files

       If no input file is given or if it is -, standard input is read.

   Input file location in Java mode:
       -r, --resource=RESOURCE
              resource name

       -l, --locale=LOCALE
              locale name, either language or language_COUNTRY

       The class name is determined  by  appending  the  locale  name  to  the
       resource  name,  separated  with  an  underscore.  The class is located
       using the CLASSPATH.

   Input file location in C# mode:
       -r, --resource=RESOURCE
              resource name

       -l, --locale=LOCALE
              locale name, either language or language_COUNTRY

       -d DIRECTORY
              base directory for locale dependent .dll files

       The -l and -d options are mandatory.  The .dll file  is  located  in  a
       subdirectory  of  the  specified  directory  whose  name depends on the

   Input file location in Tcl mode:

       The  results are written to standard output if no output file is speci-
       fied or if it is -.

   Output details:
              use colors and other text attributes always

              use colors and other text  attributes  if  WHEN.   WHEN  may  be
              'always', 'never', 'auto', or 'html'.

              specify CSS style rule file for --color

       -e, --no-escape
              do not use C escapes in output (default)

       -E, --escape
              use C escapes in output, no extended chars

              write PO file even if empty

       -i, --indent
              write indented output style

              write strict uniforum style

       -p, --properties-output
              write out a Java .properties file

              write out a NeXTstep/GNUstep .strings file

       -w, --width=NUMBER
              set output page width

              do  not  break  long  message lines, longer than the output page
              width, into several lines

       -s, --sort-output
              generate sorted output

   Informative output:
       -h, --help
              display this help and exit

       -V, --version
              output version information and exit

       -v, --verbose
       This is free software: you are free  to  change  and  redistribute  it.
       There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

       The  full documentation for msgunfmt is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
       If the info and msgunfmt programs are properly installed at your  site,
       the command

              info msgunfmt

       should give you access to the complete manual.

GNU gettext-tools 0.18.3          August 2013                      MSGUNFMT(1)
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