mewstunnel [options]

       The  mewstunnel  utility  is  a wrapper script for using stunnel.  This
       command is necessary for the mew-ssl feature to keep a process of stun-
       nel.   The  options  are  for  stunnel4  or  stunnel.   If  stunnel4 is
       installed, it is executed.  If stunnel4 is not  installed,  stunnel  is
       executed.   If  the MEW_PROG_STUNNEL environment variable is set, it is
       executed instead.

       Note that stunnel 5.x is provided by the stunnel4 package in Debian.

       This command is provided by Debian.  This command is not integrated  in
       the upstream source.

       stunnel4(8), stunnel(8)

                               September 3, 2014                 MEWSTUNNEL(1)
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