MEWENCODE(1)                General Commands Manual               MEWENCODE(1)

       mewencode, mewdecode, mewcat - MIME encoder/decoder

       mewencode [-options] [infile [outfile]]
       mewdecode [-options] [infile [outfile]]
       mewcat [-options] [infile]

       The mewencode utility encode/decode MIME objects.

       The options are as follows:

       -e      Encoding.

       -d      Decoding.

       -8      See if any 8bit characters are contained.

       -b      MIME base64 en/decoding.

       -q      MIME quoted-printable en/decoding.

       -g      MIME gzip64 en/decoding(not yet specified in RFC).

       -z      The same as -g.

       -u      Uudecoding.

       -l length
               Line  length into which base64/quoted-printable/gzip64 encoding

       -t      On base64/gzip64 encoding, local newline is  treated  as  CRLF.
               On  base/gzip64  decoding, any newline is translated into local
               newline.  Specify this option only when the  input  is  a  line
               based  object(e.g.  Content-Type:  is  text/plain  or  applica-

       -h      Display this help message.

       -v      Display the version.

4th Berkeley Distribution       March 17, 2001                    MEWENCODE(1)
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