mergechanges [-f] file1 file2 [file...]

       mergechanges  merges  two or more .changes files, merging the Architec-
       ture, Description and Files (and Checksums-*, if present) fields of the
       two.   There  are checks made to ensure that the changes files are from
       the same source package and version and use the same changes file  For-
       mat.   The  first changes file is used as the basis and the information
       from the later ones is merged into it.

       The output is normally written to stdout.  If the -f option  is  given,
       the  output is written to package_version_multi.changes instead, in the
       same directory as the first changes file listed.

       Gergely Nagy  <>,  modifications  by  Julian  Gilbey
       <> and Adam D. Barratt <>.

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