mcomp file-on-floppy local-file

       mcomp  compares two files, the first one must be on a floppy disk so it
       can be accesed via mtools.  It is  not  strictly  necessary  on  Debian
       GNU/Linux, because the diffutils cmp(1) program provides the same capa-
       bility after copying the file locally with

       mcopy file destination

       but this utility is provided in the mtools package for other  platforms
       and is retained here for completeness.

       Luis  Bustamante  <>  wrote  this  page  for the
       Debian/GNU mtools package.

       mtools(1), cmp(1), mcopy(1)

                         Mon Mar  3 11:58:15 COT 2003                 MCOMP(1)
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