MAKEGLOSSARIES(1)         makeglossaries Perl Script         MAKEGLOSSARIES(1)

       makeglossaries  - Calls makeindex/xindy for LaTeX documents using
       glossaries package

       makeglossaries [-o file] [-q] [-Q] [-k] [-n] [-s file] [-t file] [-L
       language] [-c] [-g] [-l] [-p num] [-r] [-d aux dir] [-m file] [-x file]
       [--version] [--help] basename

       makeglossaries is designed for use with LaTeX documents that use the
       glossaries package. The mandatory argument basename should be the name
       of the LaTeX document without the .tex extension.  makeglossaries will
       read the auxiliary file to determine whether makeindex or xindy should
       be called. All the information required to be passed to the relevant
       indexing application should also be contained in the auxiliary file,
       but may be overridden by the option arguments to makeglossaries.

       -q  Quiet mode. Reduces chatter to standard output.

       -Q  Silences warning about being unable to fork.

       -k  Don't try forking with piped redirection. (Lessens the effect of

       -n  Print the commands that would normally be executed but don't run

       -o file
           Use file as the output file. (Only suitable for documents
           containing a single glossary, otherwise each glossary will be

       -s file
           Use file as the style file. Note that if you use this option, you
           need to know whether makeindex or xindy will be called, as they
           have different style files.

       -t file
           Use file as the transcript file.

       -l  Letter ordering.

       -L language
           This option only has an effect if xindy is called. Sets the
           language. See xindy documentation for further details.

       -c  Compress intermediate blanks (makeindex only).

       -g  Employ German word ordering (makeindex only).

       -p num
           Sets the starting page number to be num (makeindex only).

       -r  Disable implicit page range formation (makeindex only).

       -d aux dir
           Specify the directory the .aux, .glo etc files are located.
           Defaults to the parent directory of the base file filename.

       -m file
           Specify the full path name for makeindex to file in the event that
           makeindex isn't on the operating system's path.

       -x file
           Specify the full path name for xindy to file in the event that
           xindy isn't on the operating system's path.

           Prints version number and exits.

           Prints help message and exits.

       Perl, Getopt::Std, and makeindex or xindy (depending on glossaries
       package options).

       This is free software distributed under the LaTeX Project Public
       License. There is NO WARRANTY.  See
       <> for details.

       Nicola L. C. Talbot, <>

       The glossaries manual:

               texdoc glossaries

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