lneato [ -V ] [ file ]

       lneato  is  a graph editor for the X Window System.  It may be run as a
       standalone editor, or as a front end for applications that use  graphs.
       It can control multiple windows viewing different graphs.

       lneato  is  written on top of neato and lefty.  lefty is a general-pur-
       pose programmable editor for technical pictures.  It has  an  interpre-
       tive programming language similar to AWK and C.  The user interface and
       graph editing operations of lneato  are  written  as  lefty  functions.
       Programmer-defined  graph operations may be loaded as well.  Graph lay-
       outs are made by neato, which runs as a separate process that  communi-
       cates with lefty through pipes.

       The file name is optional. If present, the graph contained in that file
       is displayed in the lneato window.

       -V     Prints the version.

       neato(1), lefty(1), dotty(1),
       dotty user guide.

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