LINUX-CHECK-REMOVAL(1)      General Commands Manual     LINUX-CHECK-REMOVAL(1)

       linux-check-removal - check whether removal of a kernel is safe

       linux-check-removal VERSION

       linux-check-removal  is intended to be called from the prerm maintainer
       scripts of Linux kernel packages.

       The VERSION argument must be the kernel  version  string  as  shown  by
       uname -r and used in filenames.

       If  the  currently  running kernel matches VERSION, linux-check-removal
       normally prompts the user to confirm this potentially dangerous  action
       and  fails  if  the user chooses to abort.  There are two exceptions to
       this behaviour:

       o If the current environment is a chroot or container,  it  is  assumed
         that  the running kernel is independent of any installed kernel pack-
         age and the command always quietly succeeds

       o If debconf prompts are disabled, the command warns  if  removing  the
         running kernel but always succeeds

              Name  of the preferred debconf front-end.  If set to noninterac-
              tive,  debconf  prompts  are  disabled  and  linux-check-removal
              always quietly succeeds.
              Name of the package to be removed, automatically set by dpkg.

       linux-check-removal  and this manual page were written by Ben Hutchings
       as part of the Debian linux-base package.

                                  6 June 2016           LINUX-CHECK-REMOVAL(1)
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