grub-glue-efi [OPTION...] [OPTIONS]

       grub-glue-efi  processes  ia32  and  amd64  EFI  images  and glues them
       according to Apple format.

       Glue 32-bit and 64-bit binary into Apple universal one.

       -3, --input32=FILE
              set input filename for 32-bit part.

       -6, --input64=FILE
              set input filename for 64-bit part.

       -o, --output=FILE
              set output filename. Default is STDOUT

       -v, --verbose
              print verbose messages.

       -?, --help
              give this help list

              give a short usage message

       -V, --version
              print program version

       Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also  mandatory  or
       optional for any corresponding short options.

       Report bugs to <>.

       The  full  documentation  for  grub-glue-efi is maintained as a Texinfo
       manual.  If the info and grub-glue-efi programs are properly  installed
       at your site, the command

              info grub-glue-efi

       should give you access to the complete manual.

grub-glue-efi (GRUB) 2.02~beta2-36Aprilu2019                  GRUB-GLUE-EFI(1)
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