authentication attempts.

       Fail2Ban consists of a client, server and configuration files to  limit
       brute force authentication attempts.

       The  server  program  fail2ban-server is responsible for monitoring log
       files and issuing ban/unban commands.  It  gets  configured  through  a
       simple  protocol  by fail2ban-client, which can also read configuration
       files and issue corresponding configuration commands to the server.

       For details on the configuration of fail2ban see the jail.conf(5)  man-
       ual  page.   A  jail  (as  specified  in jail.conf) couples filters and
       actions definitions for any given list of files to get monitored.

       For details on the command-line  options  of  fail2ban-server  see  the
       fail2ban-server(1) manual page.

       For  details  on  the command-line options and commands for configuring
       the server via fail2ban-client see the fail2ban-client(1) manual page.

       For testing  regular  expressions  specified  in  a  filter  using  the
       fail2ban-regex  program  may be of use and its manual page is fail2ban-


       Manual page written by Daniel Black and Yaroslav Halchenko

       Report bugs to

       Copyright (C) 2013
       Copyright of modifications held by their respective authors.   Licensed
       under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).

       fail2ban-server(1) fail2ban-client(1) fail2ban-regex(1) jail.conf(5)

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