dovecot [-Fp] [-c config-file]
       dovecot -a [-c config-file]
       dovecot -n [-c config-file]
       dovecot --build-options
       dovecot --help
       dovecot --hostdomain
       dovecot --version
       dovecot reload
       dovecot stop

       Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 server for Linux/UNIX-like sys-
       tems, written with security primarily in mind.  Dovecot is an excellent
       choice  for  both  small and large installations.  It's fast, simple to
       set up, requires no special administration and it uses very little mem-

       -a     Dump all configuration settings to stdout and exit successfully.
              The same as doveconf -a.

       -c config-file
              Start dovecot with an alternative configuration.

       -F     Run dovecot in foreground, do not daemonize.

       -n     Dump non-default settings to stdout and exit successfully.   The
              same as doveconf -n.

       -p     Prompt  for  the  ssl key password for the configured ssl_key on

              Show Dovecot's build options and exit successfully.

       --help Print a usage message to stdout and exit successfully.

              Shows the current host.domain name of the system.  If the domain
              lookup  should  fail  for some reason, only the hostname will be

              Show Dovecot's version and exit successfully.

       reload Force dovecot to reload its configuration.

       stop   Shutdown dovecot and all its child processes.

       When shutdown_clients is set to no, existing sessions will continue  to
       use  the  old settings, after a dovecot reload.  Also all sessions will
       USR1   Force dovecot to reopen  all  configured  log  files  (log_path,
              info_log_path and debug_log_path).

       The signals ALARM and PIPE are ignored.

              Dovecot's main configuration file.

              Dovecot's LDAP authdb/userdb module configuration file.

              Dovecot's SQL authdb/userdb module configuration file.

              Dovecot's dict configuration with SQL-backend.

              Configuration files of different authentication modules.

              Configuration files of different services and settings.

       Report  bugs, including doveconf -n output, to the Dovecot Mailing List
       <>.  Information about reporting bugs  is  available

       Dovecot  <>  and its manual pages were written by the
       Dovecot authors <>, mainly Timo  Sirainen
       <tss  at>,  and  are  licensed  under  the terms of the MIT and
       LGPLv2.1 licenses, see <> for details.

       doveadm(1), doveconf(1), dovecot-lda(1), dsync(1)

Dovecot v2.2                      2013-08-06                        DOVECOT(1)
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