doveadm [-Dv] [-f formatter] director command [OPTIONS] [ARGUMENTS]

       doveadm director can be used to manage and query the status of the list
       of backend mail servers where Dovecot proxy  can  redirect  connections

       Global doveadm(1) options:

       -D     Enables verbosity and debug messages.

       -f formatter
              Specifies  the  formatter  for formatting the output.  Supported
              formatters are:

              flow   prints each line with key=value pairs.

              pager  prints each key: value pair on its own line and separates
                     records with form feed character (^L).

              tab    prints  a  table  header  followed by tab separated value

              table  prints a table header followed by adjusted value lines.

       -o setting=value
              Overrides  the  configuration  setting  from  /etc/dovecot/dove-
              cot.conf  and from the userdb with the given value.  In order to
              override multiple settings, the -o option may be specified  mul-
              tiple times.

       -v     Enables verbosity, including progress counter.

       Command specific options:

       -a director_socket_path
              This  option  is  used  to  specify  an alternative socket.  The
              option's argument is either an absolute path  to  a  local  UNIX
              domain  socket, or a hostname and port (hostname:port), in order
              to connect a remote host via a TCP socket.

              By  default  doveadm(1)  will  use  the  socket   /var/run/dove-
              cot/director-admin.  The socket may be located in another direc-
              tory, when  the  default  base_dir  setting  was  overridden  in

       host   A mail server's hostname or IP address.

       ip     A director's IP address.

       port   The TCP port, on which the director server is listening for con-
              nections.  The default port is the same as what the local direc-

       doveadm director add [-a director_socket_path] host [vhost_count]

       The command's tasks are:

       *   assign a new mail server to the director.

       *   increase/decrease the vhost_count of an already assigned server.

   director dump
       doveadm director dump [-a director_socket_path]

       Dump the current host configuration as doveadm commands. These commands
       can  be easily run after a full director cluster restart to get back to
       the dumped state.

   director flush
       doveadm director flush [-a director_socket_path] host|all

       doveadm director flush drops all  user  associations  either  from  the
       given  host  or all hosts.  This command is intended mainly for testing

   director kick
       doveadm director kick [-a director_socket_path] user

       Kick the specified user from the entire Dovecot cluster.  This is simi-
       lar  to  doveadm proxy kick, but this command needs to be run only once
       instead of in each director server.

   director map
       doveadm director map [-a director_socket_path] [-f users_file]  [-h|-u]

       The  command  doveadm director map is used to list current user -> host
       mappings. Note that the director works using 32bit hashes  which  makes
       collisions  quite  likely,  so this command can't reliably list exactly
       which users have recently logged in.

       -f users_file
              Path to a file containing all user names (one per  line).   When
              given no userdb lookup will be performed.  This may be a helpful
              alternative when for example the network connection to the  LDAP
              or SQL server is slow.

       -h     Output all usernames, which match the given hash.

       -u     Output hash for the given username.

       host   Specify a server's IP address or hostname, to list only mappings
              of the given host.

   director move
       doveadm director move [-a director_socket_path] user host

   director ring remove
       doveadm director ring remove [-a director_socket_path] ip [port]

       Remove a director from the ring.

   director ring status
       doveadm director ring status [-a director_socket_path]

       Show the status of all the directors currently in the ring.

   director status
       doveadm director status [-a director_socket_path] [user]

       This  command  is  used  to show the current usage of all assigned mail
       When a user name is given, this command shows which server the user  is
       currently  assigned  to, where the user will be assigned after the cur-
       rent saved assignment gets removed and where the user would be assigned
       to if the whole proxy cluster was restarted fresh.

              Dovecot's main configuration file.

              Director specific settings.

       Add  a  director  with  vhost count 150 (or change existing one's vhost
       count to 150):

       doveadm -v director add 150
       2001:db8:543:6861:143::1357: OK

       Remove a director:

       doveadm director remove

       Query the status of mail hosts in a director:

       doveadm director status
       mail server ip       vhosts  users            100    125            100    144            100    115

       Query the status of a user's assignment:

       doveadm director status
       Current: (expires 2010-06-18 20:17:04)
       Initial config:



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