dh_pypy -p PACKAGE [-V [X.Y][-][A.B]] DIR [-X REGEXPR]

          o build-depend on pypy and dh-python,

          o add ${pypy:Depends} to Depends

          o build module/application using its standard build system,

          o install files to the standard locations,

          o add pypy to dh's --with option, or:

          o call dh_pypy in the binary-* target,

       dh_pypy tries to translate Python dependencies  from  the  requires.txt
       file  to  Debian  dependencies.  In  many cases, this works without any
       additional configuration because dh_pypy comes with a build-in  mapping
       of Python module names to Debian packages that is periodically regener-
       ated from the Debian archive. By default, the  version  information  in
       the  Python  dependencies is discarded. If you want dh_pypy to generate
       more strict dependencies (e.g. to avoid ABI problems), or if the  auto-
       matic  mapping  does  not  work correctly for your package, you have to
       provide dh_pypy with additional rules for  the  translation  of  Python
       module to Debian package dependencies.

       For  a  package  pypy-foo that depends on a package pypy-bar, there are
       two files that may provide such rules:

       1. If the pypy-foo source package ships  with  a  debian/pypy-overrides
          file, this file is used by dh_pypy during the build of pypy-foo.

       2. If  the  pypy-bar source package ships with a debian/pypy-bar.pydist
          file (and uses dh_pypy), this file will be included  in  the  binary
          package as /usr/share/dh-python/dist/pypy/pypy-bar. During the build
          of pypy-foo, dh_pypy will then find and use the file.

       Both    files     have     the     same     format     described     in
       /usr/share/doc/dh-python/README.PyDist.  If all you want is to generate
       versioned dependencies (and assuming that the pypy-bar package provides
       the  pybar  Python  module), in most cases it will be sufficient to put
       the line pybar pypy-bar; PEP386 into either of the above files.

   private dirs
       /usr/share/foo,      /usr/share/games/foo,       /usr/lib/foo       and
       /usr/lib/games/foo  private directories are scanned for Python files by
       default (where foo is binary package name). If your package is shipping
       Python  files  in  some  other  directory,  add another dh_pypy call in
       debian/rules with directory name as an argument - you can use different
       set  of  options in this call. If you need to change options for a pri-
       default one (f.e. to build a package that includes symlinks  for  older
       version  of  PyPy  or compile .py files only for given interpreter ver-
       sion), you can do that  via  DEBPYPY_SUPPORTED  and/or  DEBPYPY_DEFAULT
       env. variables.

              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show help message and exit

              disable guessing dependencies

              do not remove any files from debug packages

       --no-ext-rename do not add magic tags nor multiarch tuples to extension
       file names

              do not rewrite shebangs

              don't check private directories

       -v, --verbose
              turn verbose mode on

       -i, --indep
              act on architecture independent packages

       -a, --arch
              act on architecture dependent packages

       -q, --quiet
              be quiet

       -p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE
              act on the package named PACKAGE

       -N NO_PACKAGE, --no-package=NO_PACKAGE
              do not act on the specified package

       -X REGEXPR, --exclude=REGEXPR
              exclude items that match given REGEXPR. You may use this  option
              multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude.

              compile all files from given private directory in postinst/rtup-
              date not just the ones provided by the package (i.e. do not pass
              the --package parameter to py3compile/py3clean)

              translate  requirements from given file(s) into Debian dependen-
              cies and add them to ${pypy:Depends}

              use given command as shebang in scripts

              do not translate shebangs into Debian dependencies

       o /usr/share/doc/dh-python/README.PyDist

       o pybuild(1)

       o http://deb.li/dhpy - most recent version of this document

       Piotr Oarowski, 2013

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