DH_MISSING(1)                      Debhelper                     DH_MISSING(1)

       dh_missing - check for missing files

       dh_missing [-Xitem] [--sourcedir=dir] [debhelperoptions]

       dh_missing compares the list of installed files with the files in the
       source directory. If any of the files (and symlinks) in the source
       directory were not installed to somewhere, it will warn on stderr about
       that (--list-missing) or fail (--fail-missing).  Please note that
       without either of these options, dh_missing will silently do nothing.

       This may be useful if you have a large package and want to make sure
       that you don't miss installing newly added files in new upstream

       Remember to test different kinds of builds (dpkg-buildpackage
       -A/-B/...) as you may experience varying results when only a subset of
       the packages are built.

           List the files that are deliberately not installed in any binary
           package.  Paths listed in this file are ignored by dh_missing.
           However, it is not a method to exclude files from being installed
           by any of the debhelper tool.  If you want a tool to not install a
           given file, please use its --exclude option (where available).

           dh_missing will expand wildcards in this file (since debhelper
           11.1).  Wildcards without matches will be ignored.

           Warn on stderr about source files not installed to somewhere.

           Note that files that are excluded from being moved via the -X
           option are not warned about.

           This is the default in compat 12 and later.

           This option is like --list-missing, except if a file was missed, it
           will not only list the missing files, but also fail with a nonzero
           exit code.


       This program is a part of debhelper.

       Michael Stapelberg <stapelberg@debian.org>

11.1.6ubuntu2                     2018-05-10                     DH_MISSING(1)
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