DESKTOP2MENU(1)                                                DESKTOP2MENU(1)

       desktop2menu - create a menu file skeleton from a desktop file

       desktop2menu --help|--version

       desktop2menu desktop file [package name]

       desktop2menu generates a skeleton menu file from the supplied desktop file.

       The package name to be used in the menu file may be passed as an
       additional argument. If it is not supplied then desktop2menu will
       attempt to derive the package name from the data in the desktop file.

       This program is Copyright (C) 2007 by Sune Vuorela
       <>. It was modified by Adam D. Barratt
       <> for the devscripts package.  This program
       comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  You are free to redistribute this
       code under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or

       Sune Vuorela <> with modifications by Adam D. Barratt

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