dehtmldiff [file...]

       dehtmldiff {[--help] | [--version]}

       dehtmldiff creates usable diff files from HTML pages. This is useful in
       the scenario where a patch has been posted to a mailing list viewable
       via a web page.

       The corrected diff is sent to standard output. Note that you will
       probably need to use the -l option when applying the patch, in order to
       ignore any whitespace differences there may be.

           Display a short usage message.

           Display the version number of dehtmldiff.

       The way this command works is fairly primitive; it boils down to some
       simple text replacements, followed by an unwrapdiff pass. As a result,
       all of the limitations that apply to unwrapdiff also apply to

       Tim Waugh <>
           Package maintainer

patchutils                      17 January 2003                  DEHTMLDIFF(1)
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