echo commands | debconf-communicate [options] [package]

       debconf-communicate allows you to communicate with debconf on the fly,
       from the command line. The package argument is the name of the package
       which you are pretending to be as you communicate with debconf, and it
       may be omitted if you are lazy. It reads commands in the form used by
       the debconf protocol from stdin. For documentation on the available
       commands and their usage, see the debconf specification.

       The commands are executed in sequence. The textual return code of each
       is printed out to standard output.

       The return value of this program is the numeric return code of the last
       executed command.

        echo get debconf/frontend | debconf-communicate

       Print out the value of the debconf/frontend question.

       This program should never be used from a maintainer script of a package
       that uses debconf! It may however, be useful in debugging.


       Joey Hess <>

                                  2019-05-06            DEBCONF-COMMUNICATE(1)
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