dcut [options] [host] [command [, command]]

       dcut -U filename [host]

       dcut  creates  and  / or uploads .commands files for the Debian FTP ar-
       chive upload queue.  It is a companion for dput and uses dput  configu-
       ration files.  As with dput, you can specify a host defined in the dput
       configuration file. In case your host is funnily named, i.e.  it  could
       mistaken for a command, you may also use a command line option to spec-
       ify the host.  In default operation mode (unless you request to  upload
       an  existing  file),  the host description is followed by a comma-sepa-
       rated list of commands. (Semicolons also work but require shell  escap-

       Presently  supported  commands are rm, reschedule and cancel. rm can be
       used to remove files from the UploadQueue directories.  dcut  generates
       commands that search the subdirectories automatically, but you can also
       specify --nosearchdirs and then target individual UploadQueue  directo-
       ries,  i.e.  either  filenames  without  path  for  regular incoming or
       DELAYED/#-day/filename. Wildcards are accepted. reschedule changes-file
       #-day  can  be  used to move an upload from any DEFERRED queue to #-day
       (use 0-day for immediate processing).  cancel changes-file  cancels  an
       upload from DEFERRED.  Both reschedule and cancel take a complete base-
       name of a changes file as argument and operate  on  the  whole  upload,
       they  process  the changes and all files mentioned by it.  The authora-
       tive  documentation  for  the  commands  interface  can  be  found   at

       The options try to resemble dput's to the extent possible.

       Note  that  dcut calls debsign to sign any commands file generated.  In
       particular, debsign does basic syntax  checking  on  the  commands  you

       -c filename, --config=filename
              Use config file filename.

       -d, --debug
              Print debug messages.

       -h, --help
              Print help information and exit.

              Upload  to  host (as found in the dput configuration).  Use this
              if your host is named like one of the commands.

       -m maintainer, --maintainer=maintainer
              Use maintainer (full email) for the uploader field and  gpg  key
              selection.  This has no effect when --upload is used.

       -s, --simulate
              Simulate an upload only.

       -U filename, --upload=filename
              Upload commands file. Note: No checks (syntax or presence/valid-
              ity of signature) are currently performed.

       -i filename, --input=filename
              Read an input changes file to create a commands  file  that  can
              remove  the  files  listed  in the .changes file from the upload

       -v, --version
              Print version information and exit.

       The program uses the environment variables DEBEMAIL or EMAIL  and  DEB-
       FULLNAME  to  populate  the uploader field. Also, environment variables
       may be used in search of a suitable place for temporary files.

       To upload a GPG signed commands file that removes dput_0.9.2.33_all.deb
       file from the queue, one would have to do

           $ dcut rm dput_0.9.2.33_all.deb

       This creates and uploads a commands file that looks like the following:

       Hash: SHA1

       Uploader: Foo Bar <foo@bar.org>
        rm dput_0.9.2.33_all.deb

       -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
       Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)

       -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

       To  upload  a  GPG  signed  commands  file  that removes files named in
       dput_0.9.4_i386.changes from the queue, one would have to do

           $ dcut --input dput_0.9.4_i386.changes

       This creates and uploads a commands file that looks like the following:

       Hash: SHA1

       -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

       If you've uploaded packages with  the  --delayed  option  (uploaded  to
       DEFERRED queue), then use the cancel command with a .changes file.

           $ dcut cancel dput_0.9.4_i386.changes

       This creates and uploads a commands file just like the other commands.

       This  program  is distributed under the terms of the Gnu General Public
       License, Version 2 or later.

       Please direct bug reports and comments to the author.  Your feedback is
       appreciated.   If  you're  using Debian packages, file bugs against the
       dput package.

       dcut makes use of the dput configuration files:

              System dput configuration file.

              User dput configuration file.

              Much helpful input and some stolen code from dput author  Chris-
              tian Kurz.

       dput(1), dput.cf(5)

       Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de>

                                 January 2004                          dcut(1)
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