APR-1-CONFIG(1)                  User Commands                 APR-1-CONFIG(1)

       apr-1-config - Return metainformation about apr library

       apr-1-config [OPTION]

       The apr-1-config program  is used to retrieve information about the apr
       library in the system.  It  is  typically  used  to  compile  and  link
       against the library.

       When linking with libtool, an application should do something like:

              APR_LIBS="`apr-1-config --link-libtool --libs`"

       or when linking directly:

              APR_LIBS="`apr-1-config --link-ld --libs`"

       An   application  should  use  the  results  of  --cflags,  --cppflags,
       --includes, and --ldflags in their build process.

       Known values for OPTION are:

              change prefix to DIR

              print location where binaries are installed

              print location where headers are installed

       --cc   print C compiler name

       --cpp  print C preprocessor name and any required options

              print C compiler flags

              print C preprocessor flags

              print include information

              print linker flags

       --libs print additional libraries to link against

              print APR source directory

       --installbuilddir print APR build helper directory

              print link switch(es) for linking to APR

              print the libtool inputs for linking to APR

              print the name of the shared library path env var

              print the path to the .la file, if available

              print the extensions of shared objects on this platform

              print the libtool target information

              print the path to APR's libtool

              print the APR's version as a dotted triple

       --help print the help

       This manual page was written by Vincent  Danjean  <Vincent.Danjean@ens-
       lyon.org> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

apr-1-config 1.2.2                March 2006                   APR-1-CONFIG(1)
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